Top Brands Of Watches Preferred By Consumers

Consumers look for watches that have excellent quality and style. They invest on a particular watch that they believe can provide numerous benefits. Those who shop for a bracelet watch prefer to buy a brand that is notable for durability.

Several people also choose to buy a watch that their favorite celebrities advertise. Many watch brands have become popular because of the actors that have worn the watch in some films. In terms of quality and appeal, the following are the top brands of watches that many shoppers prefer to purchase.

Finest Bracelet Watch

Bestselling Brands of Watches

1) Rolex

  • Those who have money to burn invest on this reputable brand of watch. Rolex is the first watch brand that has released a line of waterproof timepieces adored by many people.
  • Aside from this feature, consumers rely on the market value of this brand. Even when consumers have used the watch for several years, the value of the item does not diminish.
  • Rolex watches are very pricey, but people can expect outstanding quality from such costly product.

2) Omega

  • The brand of wristwatch is notable for accuracy and durability.
  • Omega has obtained numerous chronometer certificates. This is a type of award received by watch brands that are recognized by a prestigious chronometer testing company, in Switzerland.
  • The high quality of Omega watches is among the reasons why the 2010 Olympics used the brand as official timekeeper.

3) Breitling

  • Consumers engaged in the aviation and marine industry prefer Breitling watches.
  • They purchase the watch because of the reliable chronographs featured in the watch brand.
  • Aside from the outstanding features, the brand is also reputable because of superior durability.

4) Panerai

  • Water sports enthusiasts such as divers consider Panerai as the ideal brand of watch.
  • In fact, several World War II commando frogmen wore the watch brand that withstood deep waters.
  • Famous celebrities also glamorized Panerai watches when they fashioned the timepiece brand in their films.

5) Titoni

  • When it comes to unique and reliable mechanisms, Titoni ranks as one of the best brands of watches. The company has produced watch mechanisms that have surpassed other brands.
  • Moreover, the timepiece is notable for excellent shock absorbers, escapements, and springs.
  • Those who look for a watch brand that is ideal when used in harsh conditions purchase a Titoni watch.

6) Tissot

  • This watch brand has introduced novel features that many consumers adore.
  • For instance, Tissot has created the first watch with antimagnetic features.
  • There are also Tissot watches that can present time that exist in two, different time zones.
  • The styles of watch by Tissot vary in material such as wood, stone, and plastic.

7) Mido

  • Fashion enthusiasts are amazed by the outstanding designs of watches by Mido.
  • The brand features futuristic and art-deco styles in timepieces.
  • Several consumers appreciate the unique sense of elegance and flair found in this watch brand.

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These brands of watches are popular because of durability, elegance, and fabulous features. Even when some of these brands were manufactured centuries ago, many consumers still recognize the unparalleled beauty and charm of the watch brands.

Features Of The Different Styles Of Watches

Watches are available in different styles. People use a pocket watch, stopwatch, and several other types of watches depending on the purpose. The wrist or bracelet watch is a popular and functional accessory used by many people. The production of wristwatches began many centuries ago. In the United States, for instance, some companies have produced watches in the 1850’s.

Back then, the designs and mechanisms of a wristwatch have limited features. Nowadays, people can avail of watches with innovative functions and lavish styles. The following are among the different styles of watches that people purchase.

Elegant Designer Bracelet Watch

Popular Styles of Watches


  • The wristwatch comes with straps made from various types of material. The straps of watches are made from leather, plastic, metal, and cloth.
  • People who need a watch for casual or daily use prefer to wear a wristwatch with plastic or cloth strap.
  • Wristwatches for formal events have metal straps in silver, yellow-gold, or white gold material.
  • Leather-strapped watches are also ideal for casual or formal wear.
  • The watches may also have several features such as glow-in-the-dark, timer, and alarm. Consumers can find multi-functional watches that they need.

Pocket Watch

  • Companies have started manufacturing pocket watches in the 1500’s. Typically, this type of watch is placed in the pocket and comes with classic and old-fashioned appeal.
  • Those who have read Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll could remember this watch used by the White Rabbit.
  • Aside from the classic look of the watch, this accessory is inefficient for people to use.
  • The watch does not have straps, so the user cannot wear the watch on the wrist.
  • The watch needs regular winding, although some pocket watches are available with self-winding features.

Analog Watch

  • An analog watch may have two or three hands.
  • Some types of this watch may display numbers that indicate the time.
  • Analog watches use mechanical gears for the functions, and users cannot store information on the timepiece.
  • The watch is available in various sizes, colors, and styles that consumers will appreciate.
  • This is among the most preferred types of watches by many consumers because of the accuracy of the timepiece.
  • The watch operates with the aid of a quartz piece that oscillates at a reliable speed.
  • Those who purchase a quartz watch believe that the item is very economical because the battery needs replacement after a minimum of one year.

Quartz Watch

  • This is among the most preferred types of watches by many consumers because of the accuracy of the timepiece.
  • The watch operates with the aid of a quartz piece that oscillates at a reliable speed.
  • Those who purchase a quartz watch believe that the item is very economical because the battery needs replacement after a minimum of one year.

Digital Watch

  • Digital watches can store numbers that users are able to manipulate.
  • Moreover, many people think that the watch is interesting because of the words, sounds, and pictures that can be translated and processed by any computer.
  • The watch is popular among athletes that need to use a timer or stopwatch, so that they can measure their speed in a particular sport.

Casual and Trendy Bracelet Watch

Consumers can find a number of designs of watches. They can choose the kind of timepiece they prefer depending on their needs. In addition, people have numerous options when they shop for watches according to size, function, and design.

Timeless Wrist Watch Pieces

A wrist watch is a common possession for anybody. Not only does it add as an accessory to one’s outfit, but it also equates as a necessity, obviously for telling time. Fashion has evolved through the years and so is a watch since it was invented in the seventeenth century. Pocket watches were the trend before wrist watch gained its popularity in the 1920s. However, soldiers find it impractical to carry a pocket watch, hence the brilliant wrist watch was born. Nowadays, wrist watch has taken its features to another notch from merely using it as a timekeeping device to giving directions.

Essential GPS Wrist Watch

Yes, that was right. There is now a type of watch that could function as a navigator or a gps wrist watch, which gives very specific coordinates. This is an important feature for people who love hiking or mountain climbing.

Common Wrist Watch Bands

Unique in Style Wrist Watch Bands

1.)  Leather Strap:

This is the conventional choice of most especially those whose fashion style range from formal to casual. This type of band is very popular because it is soft to the skin and is not heavy. The durability of this band is dependent on the type of leather used, though. Prices may range from affordable man made leather, to a costly alligator skin leather. One disadvantage of a leather strap is that it could get stained easily when doing menial tasks, like accidentally dripping soy sauce on it.

2.)  Rubber or Silicone Strap:

Rubber straps clearly complete any ruggedlook inspired outfit. This strap is great because it comes in different colors from pastel to loud neon that        easily catches attention. The problem with this strap though is that some people are allergic to rubber and may cause sensitivity to the skin.

3.)  Metal (Stainless Steel):

Fashionable Bracelet Watch

This is also known as a bracelet watch because of its look which is inspired from a bracelet. This type of band is the common choice for those who belong to the corporate world. A bracelet watch looks appropriate when working on firms or banks since it adds a classy vibe on the whole outfit. It also looks good when worn together with a business suit. However, metal straps are made up of tiny materials like pins, hence there is the risk of unpredictably falling off from the wrist. There will also be times when this wrist watch type pinches your skin when worn tightly.

Reading the Best Wrist Watch Reviews

Check any wrist watch reviews and you will see mixed views of watch aficionados as to which type of strap to own. The choices of wrist watch bands though would still depend on what you like. Since a wrist watch is a classic accessory, any band would still go with whatever you are wearing especially now that the market sells a good range of styles for any wrist watch bands.

Pocket Watch: Not Just Another Collection

A pocket watch is a watch that is meant to be carried in a pocket rather than the conventional bracelet watch which is worn on the wrist. This was one of the first creations on the evolution of watches. During the first half of the eighteenth century, watches are considered as luxuries and only a few of the elite class owns a pocket watch because of its high price. As it gains fame by the end of the century because of its uses and reliability, cheap pocket watch surfaced in the market. The demand to own a pocket watch is increasing rapidly. In fact, the American Watch Company produces more than 50,000 reliable watches every year since 1865.

Stylish Gemstone Bracelet Watch

Uses of a Pocket Watch

1.) Vintage Collection:

Pocket watch aficionados collect numerous of this piece as it really looks stylish and classy. No matter what the style is, it gives additional vintage points to every collection. It can be bought anywhere from Walmart to online shopping sites like Ebay or Amazon. This costs from around $10 to a whooping $200 in Amazon but could cost up to about $700 for a genuine Bernex Swiss Made pocket watch.

Learn How to Wear a Pocket Watch

2.) Timekeeping:

Many health care professionals own at least a pocket watch, specifically those in United Kingdom because of its stylish aura and accessibility. Yes, it can be said that an antique pocket watch is a great addition to a collection but why keep it in a glass cabinet for the purpose of viewing when you can actually make use of this device.

Timeless Antique Pocket Watch

3.) Gift Idea:

A pocket watch could also be a great gift idea. It is unique, handy and compact. It does not really have to be expensive since even cheap ones come in great style.

Classic Pocket Watch Necklace

For the new generation of the twenty-first century era, one might wonder how to wear a pocket watch since this is really not in fashion these days. There are two possible ways to wear a pocket watch, to say the least, and both ways involve a chain. It can be worn as a pocket watch necklace basically fashioned like a necklace. It can also be attached, using the chain, to the trousers’ belt part or on a vest.

So if you are fond of vintage fashions, why not use a pocket watch as opposed from a bracelet watch. After all, fashion, like history, repeats itself.

All About The Highly Stylish and Functional Bracelet Watches

Watches are classic accessories that should be an integral part of any wardrobe. However, they must have functionality and give a certain style to their wearer. For a long time, watches were used only for knowing the time of day but they have become more as accessorizing elements in recent years. With innovative new designs, watches have been ascribed new meanings. For these reasons, an entirely new category emerged known as the bracelet watch. Bracelet watch bands truly typify modern designs incorporated with the most advanced mechanics.

Modern Bracelet Watch Bands

The Fuss About Bracelet Watches

Thus, if you are looking for an accessory that is classy, extraordinary and can work well with any attire; pick your choice charm bracelet watch. So what makes it very distinctive? Here are some of the prominent features that made the bracelet watch so appealing to people of all culture.

Beautiful Charm Bracelet Watch

  • It can easily be personalized – no matter what you may like in your watch, the bracelet would always have the charms because it can be customized. As compared to other styles of watches that can be very confining in their looks, personalized bracelet watches are totally unique. Added with your choice of charms, it will go along nicely with your particular personality.
  • It is practical and attractive – these two characteristics are not usually seen in a typical wristwatch or bracelet. As compared to an ordinary bracelet, which could be purely attractive, a bracelet watch will tell you the time as well.

Uniqueness at its Best Bracelet Watch

  • It is best in any situation – bracelet watches can be worn in a graduation, birthday, anniversary or holiday without looking out of place.

Bracelet watches are commonly preferred by women because of their elegance and sleek appearance. They have the exotic shine and appeal that is similar to a jewelry item. Thus, women wear bracelet watches not just to know the time but to add to their attractiveness. Such watches are made by every major brand in the industry, with each designing its own exclusive creations not just for women but also for men.

Sporty Rubber Bracelet Watch

A typical bracelet watch is constructed with small joints, which are usually stainless steel or tungsten. Although you may find a rubber bracelet watch should you prefer not to wear metal, it is stainless steel that is the usual material of use. The reason is because of the extreme luster given off by the metal as well as its extreme durability. The next most common materials are Tungsten and ceramic, which have much similar characteristic.

Stainless steel has the additional characteristics of high malleability, ductility, resistance to corrosion, attractive shine and stain resistance. Comparable features can be found in gold, platinum and silver but these precious metals are expensive and a bracelet watch made out of them will fetch a great price that is not affordable to most people. This will prove to be a great disadvantage since bracelet watches are coveted by many. By making the item out of cheaper materials, the bracelet watch came to be worn by people of all ages in different countries and continents.