A Review of Bose Headphones MIE2i

Bose headphones are known for their immense quality that gives quality audio to its users. Not only that the audio will be clearer and sound more natural, Bose in ear headphones also make sure that you would not be disturbed by the surrounding’s sounds. You can get deeply immersed in your own world with Bose MIE2i. This second edition of Bose noise cancelling headphones is appealing with their advanced design that will surely attract users who are searching for stylish headphones. The design is not the only thing that will make you fall in love with these headphones. There are several other features that will surely make Bose your favorite headphone company.

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Features of Bose Headphones

  • The headphones will fit into any types and sizes of ears thanks to the StayHear ear tips. These ear tips will significantly increase the in-ear headphones stability while you are using them. Feeling that your ears are a bit bigger than normal people? Do not worry! You will get three sets of StayHear tips in S, M and L sizes whenever you buy Bose headphones. You can easily change the silicone ear tips for a more personal fit. You can use them while doing any activities like running and cycling without worrying that it will fall from your ear.

  • Bose MIE2i headphones favor acoustic songs as well as normal ones. The exclusive TriPort headphone structure makes sure that you get a balanced audio with deep low tones. However, some said that the headphones are a bit heavy on bass but you will hardly realize it, thanks to the natural sound that the headphones produce.

  • Bose MIE2i is the only pair of headphones in this edition, which have compatibility for iPod or iPhone controls. Some even said that the controls are even better than standard iPhone earphones!

best bose noise cancelling headphones

  • Bose is also known for giving a lot of extras to their customers. Aside from the StayHear ear tips set that come in three different sizes, you will also get a protective carrying case that can store both the headphones and also your portable mp3 player. With this case, your mp3 player and headphones will be protected from any damages that you can think of.

All in all, Bose MIE2i headphones are one of the best headphones in its class. Even though the price is a bit steep, it is all worth it because Bose headphones are really durable and usable for a long time. You will be amazed with the sound quality of the headphones that you cannot find in other brands. It might not be as portable as a Bose wireless headphones but it is still a fantastic product. You cannot ask for greater headphones than this one.