Health Risks Of Frequent Use Of Ear Phones

Teenagers love to complain when their parents tell them to turn down the music. The old saying, “If it’s too loud, you’re too old” is popular among anyone under the age of 40. Listening to music too loudly, though, particularly on headphones, can actually be detrimental to your health. Learn the health risks of frequent use of ear phones to prevent unnecessary damage. Whether you have a no-name pair of headphones you got from an airline or a brand new pair of Bose MIE21, the health risks of frequent use of ear phones are the same.

Why Is There a Risk?

As newer headphones and music players are coming on the market, the quality and volume of music are both rising. The better the music quality, the louder listeners want to play music. Also, the better the music player and headphones, the louder the volume can go. While some headphone designers have attempted to make a “safe” headset, there really isn’t any replacement for lowering the volume.

dangerous health risks of frequent use of ear phones

Health Risks of Frequent Use of Ear Phones

It’s estimated that up to 10% of personal music player listeners risk hearing loss for life if they listen to high volume music on headphones for over one hour every day for five years. While this may sound like a lot of listening, it’s common for students and business professionals who commute to school or work. Certain job duties, like being a messenger in an urban setting, also promotes listening to music on headphones.

The damage occurs when a lot of loud noise comes directly in contact with the ear. The inner ear’s hair cells can be damaged, which may lead to permanent hearing loss. Aside from losing your hearing, which is severe enough, exposure to loud music via headphones can also result in a tumor.

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The tumor can, in turn, cause hearing loss as well. The types of tumors that can occur from exposure to loud music grow slowly, eventually putting pressure on the cranial nerve, which is what’s responsible for sensing sound. The cranial nerve is also responsible for balance.

As if hearing loss and a potential tumor weren’t enough, other associated health risks with headphones include heart attack and high blood pressure.

Other Types of Headphones

Headphones aren’t only associated with music players. Most cell phones come with headphones or wireless headsets. Business professionals who often listen to meetings or conference calls on their phone’s headsets are also exposed to the health risks of frequent use of ear phones.

Types Of Audio Ear Pieces

There are several types of audio ear pieces, also called radio earpieces, on the market today. From brand new BlueTooth devices to expensive Bose MIE2I earpieces, the types of audio ear pieces available to consumers are virtually never ending. Headphones were among the first ear pieces sold, and they became popular in the 80s for listening to music. Since then, this technology has advanced greatly. There are every two-way audio devices that allow you to both listen and talk at the same time.

Kinds of Ear Piece Sets

  • Headphones

different types of audio ear pieces

The most basic types of audio ear pieces are simple headphones. This technology has been around forever, but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t improved over the years. Headphones allow the user to have sound in both ears instead of just one, like many other earpieces. Plus, headphones will reduce the noise around you so that you can better hear what you’re trying to listen to.

Headphones can connect to your computer, MP3 player, cell phone and other electronic devices. They’re often used for music industry professionals who need to listen to tracks on quality earpieces and without background noise getting in the way. This is the same reason why many consumers purchase expensive headphones as well. Plus, they stay on the head and connected to the ears easier than other earpiece devices.

  • Ear Buds

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Ear buds were first used by security professionals to receive information without it being obvious that they were listening to something. Today, ear buds are among the most popular and cheapest types of audio ear pieces you can find. They’re sold in virtually every airport, convenience store and gas station so that people can quickly purchase a pair if they forgot their better quality headphones at home.

Since ear buds are typically inexpensive, they’re great to stash in your car or bag so that you always have a listening device with you. Since ear buds don’t cancel out the noise around you, they’re safer to use when working with machinery or when exercising than headphones. You can still stay tuned in to what’s going on while listening to music.

  • Two-Way Earpieces

One of the best advances in technology is the two-way earpiece. BlueTooth devices are the most common type of two-way audio devices. You can listen and talk to someone without having to use your hands. This means that this device is perfect for people who need to talk on the phone while working with their hands, exercising or driving.

Quality Bose Earbuds for Great Music

There are no other earphones brands that can give great sounds like Bose earbuds. Bose Mie2i is the defining earbuds in the market today for those who prioritize audio quality more than anything. This Bose earbuds review will give you an in-depth analysis about this masterpiece.


  • Those who are looking for a bargain can stay away from Bose earbuds. This is because Bose instruments are not known for their cheap prices.

  • Bose Mie2i earbuds are also not noise cancelling earbuds. Even though it will block some surrounding noises, the earbuds will not be able to block loud noises.

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  • These earbuds are fragile, so basically they can break easily especially that they are small and can be stepped on without even noticing them. However, all earbuds are prone to this disadvantage.


  • The best thing about these earbuds is that they have cool designs that are suitable with today’s fashion. These earbuds will be able to complement any type of clothes that you wear, making you look cooler and more glamorous.

  • Bose earbuds are also comfortable for long usage, which is rare for in ear headphones.

  • The sound breakdowns from the headphones are simply revolutionary and most people will be stunned with its quality. The smooth and soft bass will be able to bring out the beauty of any music genres without the need to put the volumes to the max.

  • The clarity of the sound is also something that you can only experience with this type of headphones. All in all, Bose Mie2i is a work of art in the audio instruments industry.

One of the Best Brands for Earbuds

To conclude, it is hard to find another earbud that can bring the same quality as Bose Mie2i within the price range. To weigh the disadvantages and advantages, it clearly shows that this brand of earbuds is a must-have.

best bose earbuds review

Yes, they may be pricey but this is perfectly understandable because the earbuds are made from high quality materials and designed for those who want to look stylish without sacrificing audio quality. Not only that, you will also receive several items along with your earbuds’ purchase. The most common item that you will get is a protective case to store your earbuds alongside your mp3 player and also Bose replacement earbuds in case your current ones are damaged and unusable.

In addition, these earbuds may not be a noise cancelling earbuds mainly because the Bose earbuds are not designed for that purpose. Those who are looking for Bose noise cancelling earbuds can try buying Bose QuietComfort 15 or QuietComfort 3 instead.

Over-all Review

The cool looks and excellent fit into any ears are the main aesthetic advantage of the instruments. Its capability to produce good sounds in the other hand is simply divine and unchallenged by other types of earbuds. If you are someone who focuses on sound quality when buying new headphones, Bose earbuds will be the one you are looking for.

A Review of Bose Headphones MIE2i

Bose headphones are known for their immense quality that gives quality audio to its users. Not only that the audio will be clearer and sound more natural, Bose in ear headphones also make sure that you would not be disturbed by the surrounding’s sounds. You can get deeply immersed in your own world with Bose MIE2i. This second edition of Bose noise cancelling headphones is appealing with their advanced design that will surely attract users who are searching for stylish headphones. The design is not the only thing that will make you fall in love with these headphones. There are several other features that will surely make Bose your favorite headphone company.

best bose headphones

Features of Bose Headphones

  • The headphones will fit into any types and sizes of ears thanks to the StayHear ear tips. These ear tips will significantly increase the in-ear headphones stability while you are using them. Feeling that your ears are a bit bigger than normal people? Do not worry! You will get three sets of StayHear tips in S, M and L sizes whenever you buy Bose headphones. You can easily change the silicone ear tips for a more personal fit. You can use them while doing any activities like running and cycling without worrying that it will fall from your ear.

  • Bose MIE2i headphones favor acoustic songs as well as normal ones. The exclusive TriPort headphone structure makes sure that you get a balanced audio with deep low tones. However, some said that the headphones are a bit heavy on bass but you will hardly realize it, thanks to the natural sound that the headphones produce.

  • Bose MIE2i is the only pair of headphones in this edition, which have compatibility for iPod or iPhone controls. Some even said that the controls are even better than standard iPhone earphones!

best bose noise cancelling headphones

  • Bose is also known for giving a lot of extras to their customers. Aside from the StayHear ear tips set that come in three different sizes, you will also get a protective carrying case that can store both the headphones and also your portable mp3 player. With this case, your mp3 player and headphones will be protected from any damages that you can think of.

All in all, Bose MIE2i headphones are one of the best headphones in its class. Even though the price is a bit steep, it is all worth it because Bose headphones are really durable and usable for a long time. You will be amazed with the sound quality of the headphones that you cannot find in other brands. It might not be as portable as a Bose wireless headphones but it is still a fantastic product. You cannot ask for greater headphones than this one. 

All About The Bose MIE2i Headset

The Bose MIE2i headset is a high quality piece of audio kit designed for the on-the-go consumer. It carries the same high quality audio as home Bose audio products; however it is packed into the portable form of these Bose MIE2i headphones. The Bose brand is synonymous with the best audio quality in the business; they are pretty much unbeatable. For years they have invested a huge sum in research and development to create a crisp and resonant high quality audio sound. This attention to detail and relentless quest to have the highest quality possible has given consumers fantastic quality. The Bose brand is so far ahead of the competition that consumers hold their brand as the holy grail, and rightly so.

best Bose MIE2i

The Bose MIE2i is designed for use with mobile communication devices as they have a built in omni directional microphone for chatting. This high quality microphone allows the users to chat to callers and online users without having to hold or worry about the position of the microphone. Convenience is just as big a factor as quality in this model. The highlight features of the Bose MIE2i are featured below.

Outstanding Features Of The Bose MIE2i

  • Improved in ear stability from patented ear phone shape

  • Omni directional microphone for simple communication with friends, family and colleagues

  • One touch answer or end call button on the microphone

best bose mie2i review

  • Architecturally designed for better acoustic sound on the go

  • High quality cabling to ensure product longevity

The Bose MIE2i carries a patented in ear grip design which allows for more secure listening during exercise and high movement activity. This is a common problem for gym goers, runners and anyone who listens to music during exercise. Nothing disrupts a good exercise routine than your earphone flying out. It is really frustrating having to scramble and put earphones back in, especially if they are prone to falling back out again.

best bose mie2i headphones

The one touch answer or end call feature on the Bose MIE2i means that you do not need to scramble to get your phone or media device out of your pocket. The simple one touch system stops music and allows use of the microphone immediately. The placement of the microphone and the integrated technology means that no holding or direction of the microphone is necessary.

best bose mie2i headset

As mentioned above, Bose is renowned for high quality and well designed audio equipment. Well the Bose MIE2i is no different, the earphones have been specifically structurally designed to improve sound and acoustics. This technology is patented and so no other earphone on the market will be using it. In addition to this as you would expect the rest of the Bose MIE2i is of premium quality too including the cabling. It is near guaranteed that there will never be any loose connections or broken internal wiring.

Overall, the Bose MIE2i is a fantastic piece of portable audio kit. Reading Bose MIE2i review articles reveals that the general public thinks so too. The product is praised as a high quality and solid piece of kit for the price. If sound quality is important to you then this product can definitely be recommended over competitors.