Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural and precious gifts a mother can give to her child. Science has proven breastmilk to be highly-nutritious because it contains antibodies and other exclusive nutrients the baby needs in order to grow healthy and smart. If the baby has not been breastfed, he is not likely to prevent himself from childhood diseases, unlike with the babies who have been given breastmilk for at least 6 months.

In this modern society, breastfeeding is becoming neglected by more mothers. And with lots of infant formula coming out in the market today, new mothers can easily replace breastmilk as they think it is more convenient and as good as the nutrients that the natural milk can give. But the whopping truth is, it cannot be replaced even by the most expensive milk, vitamins, and food supplements there is. Both mother and child benefit from the wonders of breastfeeding.

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Mother Breastfeeding Baby In Nursery

  • The baby gets complete nutrients and antibodies from the mother’s milk.
  • Breastmilk is versatile – it keeps up with the changing needs and growth level of the child.
  • Studies conducted in the US prove that breastfed children have lower chances of vomiting and diarrhea.
  • The mother’s milk protects the baby from gastroenteritis, allergies, eczema, and asthma
  • It also reduce the risks of stomach-related difficulties, such as: childhood diabetes, chronic constipation, colic, and the like.
  • Your child has lower chances of having cavities during breastfeeding.
  • It also protects your baby against sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
  • Nursing aids in better facial structure development, improving speech, as well as straightening the arrangement of your child’s teeth.
  • It also increases your child’s bone density.
  • Breastfeeding is also an important factor in the spiritual and emotional development of your child.


  • Breastfeeding reduces the risk of getting cancer, such as: ovarian, cervical, breast, and endometrial.
  • It also reduces the risk of anemia and mortality among women with rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Women are less likely to get pregnant while breastfeeding because it delays fertility.
  • Women are also protected from osteoporosis and hip fracture as they get older when they have breastfed.
  • It also promotes weight loss, faster recovery, and stronger emotional relationship with the child.
  • It also helps the uterus to contract faster in order to control postpartum bleeding.
  • Moms are less likely to take a day off from work since the baby rarely gets sick. Because the baby rarely gets sick, healthcare expenses are waived.
  • And most importantly, breastmilk is free. This will save you a lot of money from years of buying infant formula.

Despite of increased awareness on breastfeeding brought to us by health practitioners, some moms are still unable to succeed. This is the time when they need the help of feeding bottles. And when it comes to feeding bottle brands, the Born Free Bottles are most trusted. They offer a lot of options for you – from different feeding bottle sizes to other baby essentials like nipples, accessories, pacifiers, and toddler cups – they got them all covered.

Vented Born Free Bottles

Top Brands of Baby Bottles

Feeding bottles are one of the most important baby must-haves. So moms, especially first-timers, would want to know the best and reliable brand there is. Some brands claim that they have the features similar to that of breastfeeding, while others brag about having pure components. Today, this feeding device comes in all shapes and sizes.

Some babies are rather choosy when it comes to feeding bottle types, so after having searched and tested all the brands in the market today, here are the ones that made it on top.

1. BORN FREE BOTTLES (Best Baby Bottle in General)

This brand is available for the price of $9 per 5-ounce single bottle, but you can also get it in 9-ounce type. You can get this bottle from store locally and on the internet, depending on which may be more convenient for you.

Interchangeable Born Free Bottles


  • Born Free is one of the first companies who introduced BPA-free products, which means that the materials used in making Born Free bottles are safe enough for baby’s frequent use.
  • This brand gained popularity because it has a unique venting system which was proven effective in reducing gas and spitting up.
  • Because its venting system comes in two parts, plus the nipple and top of the feeding bottle, you may find it a bit difficult to clean.
  • Born Free’s company doesn’t make its own bottle warmer, so you have to find a different brand that will suit these bottles, or you can simply warm them using the old-fashioned way.


  • Because its venting system comes in two parts, plus the nipple and top of the feeding bottle, you may find it a bit difficult to clean.
  • Born Free’s company doesn’t make its own bottle warmer, so you have to find a different brand that will suit these bottles, or you can simply warm them using the old-fashioned way.

2. THE FIRST YEARS BREASTFLOW BOTTLES (Best Bottle for Eliminating Nipple Confusion)

You can buy a 3-piece set of 5-ounce bottles for $13, and it is the only size available.


  • This bottle is the best option for breastfed babies who are having difficulties in switching from breast to feeding bottles. Its nipple is designed to imitate the structure of the mother’s nipple, to encourage similar latch and sucking tactics that are previously used when the baby is still breastfeeding.
  • Because of its low price, it becomes more affordable and accessible.
  • There had been complaints that these bottles leak.
  • Some also claims that it doesn’t have a good venting system that reduces gas.
  • And because you cannot get it in singles, you will have to wash several bottles from time to time.


  • There had been complaints that these bottles leak.
  • Some also claims that it doesn’t have a good venting system that reduces gas.
  • And because you cannot get it in singles, you will have to wash several bottles from time to time.


Get this glass bottle at $12 for a 4-ounce bottle size. This brand also sells 9-ounce bottles.

Must Try Lifefactory Glass Bottle


  • If you do not like plastic bottles much, then this bottle is the one for you.
  • Its unique design protects the bottles from sudden breakage, so that you won’t have to buy one again and again.
  • It also has a sleeve that allows babies to learn how to hold their own bottle faster.
  • It is more costly than other feeding bottle brands.
  • Lifefactory bottles are not available at most baby stores, so you will have to order them online.




Get three 8-ounce bottles for only $20. You may also get it at 4-ounce and 8-ounce bottles.


  • It is the first bottle to have the patented vent system.
  • Its smaller nipples might work if your baby is not used to nipples with wider base.
  • It is more affordable than other brands.
  • Because it has a good venting system, it also has a lot of parts to clean.


Baby Bottle Reviews: A Guide for Choosy Moms

Baby bottle reviews are somehow a bit confusing to the readers. Some will give you a positive feedback however some also negates every possible good comments given. To give you a comprehensive overview of baby bottle reviews, browse through this article and find out which one suits best for your little ones.

Glass vs Plastic Bottles

 Reading Glass Baby Bottles Review

Which type of baby bottle should your baby have? This is a question between choosing a glass baby bottle or a plastic baby bottle. Exactly why some moms refer to baby bottle reviews. Decades ago, baby bottles were made out of glass. At this present age, companies have invented baby bottles made out of plastic. Let us enumerate the pros and cons of these two.

Glass Baby Bottles

  • Pros:

1.)  Environmental friendly and free from harmful chemicals that may mix with the baby’s formula milk

2.)  Sturdy

3.)  Expensive

  • Cons:

1.)  Too heavy for babies to carry or hold

2.)  Highly breakable

3.)  Unnoticed shards are very harmful to babies

Plastic Baby Bottles

  • Pros:

1.)  Does not weigh as much as glass baby bottles

2.)  Durable, thus long lasting

3.)  Unbreakable

  • Cons:

1.)  Contains BPA, a chemical that may potentially risk the baby’s development

2.)  Cannot be heated in the microwave

3.)  Prone to leaking

Discover the Best Baby Bottle Reviews

A number of consumers who are basically mothers want what’s the best for their baby and would really scour the entire market just to find one. Between a glass and a plastic baby bottle, most of the time glass baby bottle reviews rave about the safety of this choice. Though breakable, a glass bottle is said to be he safer between the two, which always wins the hearts of the consumers.

BPA-Free Plastic Bottles

Sweet Pea 051

However, spendthrift consumers would also choose a durable plastic baby bottle that will last longer to save some cash. There are a lot of these plastic baby bottles made from safer materials and BPA-free. Here are some of BPA-free baby bottle ratings based from the best baby bottle reviews:

1.)    Avent:

These baby bottles are BPAfree and very durable. This is a very popular brand nowadays and has gained the trust of mothers.

2.)    Dr. Brown’s:

These baby bottles are not only safe but also is true to its promise to reduce colic amongst babies. It has been proven and is widely known for its effectivity.

3.)    Born Free Bisphenol-A Free:

Born free bottles are another brand which reviews are raving about because of its effectiveness in reducing colic. It has a specialized active flow venting technology to reduce colic in babies.

Highly Recommended Born Free Bottles

4.)    Wee-Go Glass Bottle:

Many of the reviews regarding this baby bottle is focused mainly on its design. A lot of moms love its stylish shapes and designs, though a lot of moms whose babies are gasprone isn’t impressed with this brand.

In conclusion, to feel secure about the choice you make, consider checking out as many baby bottle reviews as you can. In this manner, you will be assured in giving the best for your babies.

Bottle Feeding As Alternative To Breast Feeding

Bottle feeding is an alternative for breast feeding when a mother cannot provide breast milk or chooses not to breast feed. Doctors usually advise mothers to breast feed a full term newborn baby until up to at least six months. However, this is not easy to follow because every situation is different. For a domestic mom, breast feeding is achievable since the mother stays at home most of the time. But for career women who need to go to an 8-hour job every week, breast feeding could be compromised. Thus, bottle feeding a newborn is practical and convenient. It is vital though that the baby’s nutrition and welfare will be the priority even with bottle feeding.

Health Benefits of Bottle Feeding

Benefits of Bottle Feeding

Bottle feeding a newborn may raise a lot of eyebrows especially from health care professions. Proven articles discuss the importance of breast milk especially to newborn. However, mothers who choose to bottle feed their babies can still use their expressed breast milk and supply it in a feeding bottle. One example of the advantages of bottle feeding is that these bottles are accurately calibrated, thus making moms know exactly how much milk their babies are getting.

Here are other benefits of bottle feeding:

Best of Born Free Bottles

1.) Bottle feeding is suitable for moms who have a hard time producing breast milk.

2.) Moms can go back to work without worrying that their babies are getting hungry.

3.) Bottle feeding avoids embarrassment when breast feeding in a public place.

There are three different classes of formula milk you can mix for your baby. These are: the soy milk formula, cow’s milk formula, and iron-fortified formula. Now which is the best one for your baby? You need to consult your ob-gynecologist or your baby’s pediatrician for this.

Bottle Feeding a Newborn with Born Free Bottles

Best Bottles For Your Baby

Now, if you are a momonthego who relishes the idea of bottle feeding your baby, make sure you choose the best feeding bottle which is suitable for your child. There will be brands that promises you great quality and stylish designs. These are the three leading brands for feeding bottles:

1.)    Avent bottles:

These have been one of the widely used feeding bottles. Some reviews though complains about the bottle leaking.

2.)    Born Free Bottles:

Taking the Advantages of Bottle Feeding

The brand claims that their product is made from the safest material. It boasts of an air vent system that reduces air intake, thus reducing colic.

3.)    Dr. Brown Bottles:

These are similar to born free bottles, have a patented internal vent system that provides positive-pressure vacuum-free feeding.

Bottle feeding is a personal decision that only a mother can decide. Whatever the experts or the pediatricians advise is, it is still up to the mother to decide since she is the only one who knows what’s best for her body. Yes, it is important to consider the newborn’s health; however, the health of the mothers should also be taken care of.

Born Free Bottles: The Safest Feeding Bottles For Babies

Many people are now embracing less man-made and more natural products. The public is increasingly becoming conscious of all the chemicals that may be going into our body regularly. Nowhere is the concern more profound than in children, which could be the reason why Born Free bottles have become very popular with many parents.

Outstanding Features Of The Born Free Bottles

Completely Safe Born Free Bottles

Born Free baby bottles, as well as other product lines from the company, are made from plastics that are free from BPA or Bisphenol A. It is a chemical that is widely utilized for manufacturing hard plastics, the same materials that are usually found in feeding bottles and food keepers.

Although there is no conclusive evidence that BPA be transferred from plastic to food and drink, there is a concern that the chemical compound can result to developmental delays in children.

Born Free bottles are actually made from glass but their vent free system and collars are constructed from hard BPA-free plastic. Born Free bottles reviews all rave about the “mix and match” system, which allow you to have a 5 or 9 ounce bottle, a venting and leak proof system and any of the 5 nipple designs. Each design was made to give the correct flow rate of breast or formula milk for the baby.

Some Born Free Bottles Review

Each nipple level is designed for a particular age range and provides a precise flow rate, which are slow, medium and fast. The nipples are also incorporated with variable flow rate and Y cut designs which provide everything that you could possibly need to feed your baby correctly.

Born Free Bottles versus Dr. Brown Bottles

If you are big on washing your baby bottles, Dr. Brown may not be the brand for you. Dr. Brown bottles have an internal vent system that makes it more comfortable for the baby to feed but it can be a pain to wash them. The Born Free bottle and cap can just be opened and rinsed while Dr. Brown bottle needs to be taken apart first.

Born Free Bottles versus Avent Bottles

All About Born Free Baby Bottles

The best characteristic of Avent bottles is their silicone and wide nipples. They are shaped to imitate a real breast so the brand is a good choice if you want to switch from breast feeding to bottle feeding. However, Avent does not produce BPA free bottles so if you are concerned about chemicals, you would do better with Born Free bottles. Both bottles are actually similar to each other except that Born Free bottles are incorporated with air vent system that reduces air intake. Those who have used Born Free bottles found that they do not leak as compared to Avent, which can leak a little. Born Free nipples might be quite slower than Avent’s. This difference is noticeable in level 1 nipples but this could be because they have been designed to be slower.

Born Free bottles might be a bit costly than other brands but you may find great savings through Born Free bottles coupons that are available online.

Avail of Born Free Bottles Coupons