Born Free Bottles: The Safest Feeding Bottles For Babies

Many people are now embracing less man-made and more natural products. The public is increasingly becoming conscious of all the chemicals that may be going into our body regularly. Nowhere is the concern more profound than in children, which could be the reason why Born Free bottles have become very popular with many parents.

Outstanding Features Of The Born Free Bottles

Completely Safe Born Free Bottles

Born Free baby bottles, as well as other product lines from the company, are made from plastics that are free from BPA or Bisphenol A. It is a chemical that is widely utilized for manufacturing hard plastics, the same materials that are usually found in feeding bottles and food keepers.

Although there is no conclusive evidence that BPA be transferred from plastic to food and drink, there is a concern that the chemical compound can result to developmental delays in children.

Born Free bottles are actually made from glass but their vent free system and collars are constructed from hard BPA-free plastic. Born Free bottles reviews all rave about the “mix and match” system, which allow you to have a 5 or 9 ounce bottle, a venting and leak proof system and any of the 5 nipple designs. Each design was made to give the correct flow rate of breast or formula milk for the baby.

Some Born Free Bottles Review

Each nipple level is designed for a particular age range and provides a precise flow rate, which are slow, medium and fast. The nipples are also incorporated with variable flow rate and Y cut designs which provide everything that you could possibly need to feed your baby correctly.

Born Free Bottles versus Dr. Brown Bottles

If you are big on washing your baby bottles, Dr. Brown may not be the brand for you. Dr. Brown bottles have an internal vent system that makes it more comfortable for the baby to feed but it can be a pain to wash them. The Born Free bottle and cap can just be opened and rinsed while Dr. Brown bottle needs to be taken apart first.

Born Free Bottles versus Avent Bottles

All About Born Free Baby Bottles

The best characteristic of Avent bottles is their silicone and wide nipples. They are shaped to imitate a real breast so the brand is a good choice if you want to switch from breast feeding to bottle feeding. However, Avent does not produce BPA free bottles so if you are concerned about chemicals, you would do better with Born Free bottles. Both bottles are actually similar to each other except that Born Free bottles are incorporated with air vent system that reduces air intake. Those who have used Born Free bottles found that they do not leak as compared to Avent, which can leak a little. Born Free nipples might be quite slower than Avent’s. This difference is noticeable in level 1 nipples but this could be because they have been designed to be slower.

Born Free bottles might be a bit costly than other brands but you may find great savings through Born Free bottles coupons that are available online.

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