American Express Rates and Fees

American express rates and fees are well known to many Centurion card users. The company gives out several types of credit cards among which the black American express cards are the prominent ones. There are several rules and regulations to get this black card. But, the benefits which accompany it make it worthwhile for every penny paid.

American express interest rates and fees

American Express Basic Requirements

The black Centurion cards or Amex cards will be issued to a person if they have a:

  1. Very good credit history
  2. Valuable property assets
  3. If the person is a frequent flight traveler
  4. Annual spending capacity more than $250,000
  5. If the person has a celebrity status

A basic fee of $5000 should be paid once to get the black American express card. An additional $2500 should be paid annually to use the card.

Rates and Fees for Gold and Platinum Cards

black american express ultimate card

1. A black Centurion card holder can get up to 5 Amex cards by paying $1500 extra. They can upgrade these cards into Gold Amex cards or Platinum Amex cards without the initial $5000 payment. They just have to pay $175 for Platinum card upgrade. They have to pay annual fees of $450 for the Platinum card henceforth.

2.  Similarly, black Amex card users can get additional Gold cards for an extra charge of $45. They should continue to pay $175 annual fees for the Gold card.

3. The total amount incurred to get an black Amex card directly will be $7500. An additional $1545 should be paid for Gold card along with it with $175 annual fees. Similarly $1675 should be paid to get a Platinum card. The annual fee of that card would be $450.

4.  A person owning a basic Centurion black Amex card is free to have up to five additional cards. They should make sure they pay the $7500 charge for the basic card regularly to avail the discounts levied upon other cards.

5.  A person can directly apply for the Platinum or Gold cards instead of buying the black Amex card. They have to pay the initial amount of $5000 plus the annual $2500 charges stated above. They can choose to keep the additional cards which come with the Gold or Platinum cards as Centurion Amex cards. Some people buy extra cards, update them into Platinum or Gold cards and use them for gifting purpose.

American express rates and fees are a quite high compared to the other credit cards in the market. So are their benefits. People traveling abroad usually have all three Gold, Platinum and the Centurion black Amex cards with them as it helps them in several ways. These cards eliminated the need of foreign currency exchange by huge entrepreneurs who are always on the move.

How to Upgrade American Express Card

Owning a Centurion card from Amex is considered a privilege always. There were rumors that a person possessing a Centurion card is capable of purchasing anything and everything in the late 80’s. However, today’s modern youth understand the limitations of using the credit card well. The black American Express card is not issued to anyone who applies for it. A person should have good credit rate and be capable of spending more than a $250,000 every year to get the card. A question is then asked: how to upgrade American Express card?

Upgrading american express card

Upgrading To American Express Card

There are three types of Black Amex cards:

  1. The original Black Titanium card
  2. The Gold card
  3. The Platinum card

·        Regular Black Card Upgrade

People eligible to get these cards have to pay a massive annual fee for one time along with a minor annual subscription for each card. A person holding the regular black card can upgrade to the gold or platinum card in the following ways:

  1. Call the customer service number in the card and opt for an upgrade.
  2. Respond to their numerous email promotions to upgrade.
  3. Simply apply for the Gold or Platinum card in their website.

The company will check the credit history and the spending pattern of the person and process the upgrade in a very short period of time.

black american express upgrade card

·        Other Company Card Upgrade

Now, how to upgrade American Express card if you are using other company credit cards? You can simply surrender the other company’s card as the Black Amex cards take care of all your shopping and travel necessities. You can simply choose to have multiple credit cards too if you are ready to afford their charges. Holding or surrendering another company credit card does not affect you getting an Amex card unless you have a large outstanding debt with them.

·        Card Received As Gift

How to upgrade American Express card received as a gift, you may now ask. Some parents and companies gift their children and employees with supplementary Amex cards. A person holding an Amex card has the leverage to get complementary cards for additional fees. Parents gift such Black Amex cards to children for studies and employment. Company executives are given such cards. These cards can be upgraded with the consent of the master card holder. They can directly upgrade their supplementary cards or give a written consent for the beneficiaries to upgrade the card. The process is simple and non-complicated. The company checks the earning capacity of the applicant and grants them permission in no time for the upgrades.

Frequent flight travelers find these cards absolutely useful when it comes to fast airport clearance and accommodations in luxurious hotels. Even a personal concierge service is offered to people owning the card when they visit new countries. Details regarding how to upgrade American Express card can be found in their official website. Just register with them, and their expert executives will call you to explain the ample benefits of owning a Black Amex card.

American Express Black Card Requirements

Are you wondering about the American Express black card requirements? This exclusive credit card has mainly been used by the wealthy and elite. But just how attainable is the black card? If you have a good credit score and earn a nice annual income, you’re probably wondering how to get an American Express black card. The official name of the Black American Express card is the Centurion Card. This card is formed from titanium and was offered to customers for the first time in 1999.

requirements for  american express black card

How to Get a Centurion Card

The Centurion Card has the most prestigious American Express black card requirements. The only way to get this card is by invitation. The way the invitation is delivered is unknown. It may be delivered by mail or even in person.

Several of the American Express black card qualifications aren’t known and it’s difficult to tell how someone becomes eligible for the card. Most likely, candidates need to have a good credit score and earn a high income every year. American Express black card requirements probably require card holders to have a positive history with American Express. In order to get a Black Card, it’s suspected that you must have another American Express credit card for a minimum of one year.

AMEX Required Fees

The lofty American Express black card requirements have their perks. The main benefit of this card is that it doesn’t have a spending limit. Everything you can think of can be charged to the Black Card.

  • AMEX Black Card requirements include an initiation fee of $5,000.
  • Black card holders must pay $2,500 annually.
  • While the black card does charge late fees, the fee itself is unknown. The American Express company also keeps the triggers for applying a late fee a secret.

qualifications for american express black card

Benefits of the Centurion Card

Aside from having an unlimited credit line, there are additional benefits to having a Centurion Card. Here are some of them.

  • For one, cardholders have special access to upgrades at hotels and on airlines.
  • Cardholders can gain access to airline lounges while traveling.
  • The best perk of having a Black Card is around-the-clock concierge service that comes along with it. This concierge service can be used to purchase tickets for events that are sold out; find collector’s items; and even to go shopping for you. The concierge service also reminds cardholders of important dates that are coming up.

For all of the American Express black card requirements, cardholders truly get a ton of benefits, which is why the card is a dream come true for most people.

Membership Rewards American Express

New card holders are probably wondering about the membership rewards American Express offers. American Express membership rewards points are a huge incentive to sign up for a new credit card today. From dining to traveling to foreign countries, black American Express rewards can help make your dreams come true.

american express membership shopping rewards

Types of Rewards

  • Once you rack up a certain amount of points on your American Express card, the points can be redeemed for rewards. The membership rewards American Express offers cover every base, from shoe shopping to international travel. The rewards program has a ton of perks for American Express customers.
  • Travel rewards include weekend getaways and even around-the-world trips.
  • American Express membership rewards shopping gives you discounts and special offers at several of your favorite stores.
  • Use the American Express membership rewards program for exclusive entertainment and dining rewards. Everything from sports and movies to the top hot spots in major cities can be yours with American Express membership rewards.

membership rewards points american express

How to Get Rewards

The membership rewards American Express offers are the same on every card in some cases. Every American Express credit card can gain unlimited reward points. Also, the points will never expire. You can continue to get points, save them up, and eventually cash in to buy yourself a huge gift.

  • For every dollar you spend on your American Express card, you’ll get one rewards point. To get the most membership rewards American Express can offer, use your card for everything from paying bills to grocery shopping.
  • Earn extra membership rewards American Express by purchasing certain brands. There are some brand names that have a deal with American Express. For example, instead of earning one point per dollar, purchasing some brand could mean earning more than one point per dollar.

American Express offers several different cards, and the rewards differ depending on the kind of card you have. Choose the card you want depending on the type of rewards you’ll benefit from the most. The membership rewards from the Blue Card, Optima Platinum Card and ZYNC Card can be used for brand name shopping, airline discounts, hotel rooms, vacations and limited-time offers. On the other hand, the Green Card, Gold Card, Premier Rewards Gold Card and Platinum Card can be used to book travel online and transfer points for Award Travel. Cardholders can also get Advance Points in order to buy a reward ahead of time.

Black American Express

The black American Express, sometimes referred to as the Centurion Card, is usually reserved for elite groups of people. There is a strict requirement that needs to be fulfilled before the black American Express credit card is issued to an individual. So far, there are several countries that issue this particular luxury card aside from the United States. Hong Kong, European countries, China, Japan, Taiwan, the Middle East and Australia, are among those that offer this particular credit card from American Express.

black american express card

Black American Express Card Benefits

There have been a lot of questions regarding the black American Express card benefits. Although there are not too many sites that provide the information you need, here are a few benefits that have been gleaned from other resources.

  • Communications – A black American Express card holder can immediately be taken care of by the concierge in any hotel around the world. Also, a cell phone that is for international use is issued to the cardholder where the fees that they only need to pay are for the calls they have made.
  • AirlinesChartered jets are made available to the holder of the Centurion card. They are also given first priority when it comes to boarding the plane.

benefits of black american express card

  • Cruises – Centurion card holders can receive invites to celebrity cruises as well as special deals in case they are going on a cruise.
  • Insurance – Members are guaranteed assistance on the road wherever they go, plus, protection plans in case a trip or event is canceled due to emergency reasons.
  • Hotels – One night stay in selected Mandarin Hotels is free of charge. Hotel accommodations will be upgraded for Centurion card holders.

These are but a few examples of the benefits that can be claimed by black American Express cardholders. There are more yet to come that will surely give you more satisfaction with your choice of credit card company.

card limit  black american express

Black American Express Card Minimum Requirements

If you want to obtain the said card, you should fulfill certain requirements like being an American Express credit card holder and should be spending around $250,000 every year. You should be able to pay your debts in time to keep a good credit rating. Once you have fulfilled all these requirements, you can stand to receive an invite for the black American Express card. Also, if you want to acquire this piece of plastic, you need to know the different fees you need to pay. There is the annual fee that you need to pay which is priced at $2,500. An added $1,500 is required if you want to get a complimentary card.

black american express credit card package

So far, there is still no clear answer to the black American express card limit, as the cardholder does seem to have endless benefits. What’s clear though is that so long as you keep a good credit standing record, you can enjoy the privileges attendant to owning the card, for as long as you want.