Top Brands of Rain Boots

Rain can sometimes limit the style we don. For some it can be an annoying season, for others it can be a blessing; but for all that it is, the fashion scene have came up with various styles to make this season something to look forward when it comes to dressing up.

If you are the type of people who always choose to be fashionable, you can always step out of your house into the wet and cold weather in style! The following are a few of the top brands of the best rain boots you can wear:

cole haan air chatham rain boots

Manufacturers of the Best Rain Boots

1) Cole Haan

Most people cannot deny the fact that Cole Haan has been and is still most peoples’ preferred brand. This range is without any doubt one of the most appreciated market leaders. When you choose to buy Cole Haan rain boots, you choose to buy quality and style.

  • This range of rain boots are made of leather and suede and they are water-proof.
  • They are made using the Nike Air technology to give you the maximum comfort.
  • If you wish to have comfort and style during extreme wet weather, this brand will definitely give you that.

2) Kamik

Cole Haan is not the only rain boots brand many people love. Kamik, which is popular for its trademark rugged rain boot is without a doubt a brand of choice for millions of people.

  • This range of rain boots is custom-made to give different people just what they need.
  • Apart from protecting your legs from rain water, your Kamik rain boots will give you comfort. They usually have a spongy in-sole and flexible latex to make the wearer comfortable.
  • You can select a perfect boot from the brightly colored, stylish and uniquely patterned range today.

3) Hunter

Hunter has for many years topped the list of top brands of rain boots. Having been in the market for many years now, this brand has become a force to reckon with for most shoe companies.

  • Hunter is one of the brands that are popular for quality, latex-dipped rain boots.
  • The Hunter range of boots will provide you with a variety of seamless boots that match your needs.
  • If you are thinking of investing in a pair of rain boots to last you for a long time, this brand should be considered during shopping.
  • You can always buy winter inserts for your Hunter rain boots if you wish to.

small wedge heel and sharp toe

Buying rain boots should not always be stressful! When you are planning to invest in rain boots, you should always have quality and durability in mind. The above are some of the few brands of rain boots that combine, quality, style, durability and customization. The next time you need to go for shopping, make sure that you remember to check what these brands have in store for you!

Best Qualities for Your Rain Boots

It has always been everyone desire to look stunning irrespective of the weather condition. When you are purchasing rain boots there are a number of factors that you should keep in mind to ensure that you buy the best rain boots. A number of companies have been credited with producing high quality boots and therefore, it is recommended that you consider purchasing their products.

It is quite imperative to consider the best design that will offer you maximum comfort in a rainy weather. Poor quality rain boots will embarrass you and won’t serve you for a longer period. Even though the quality rain boots are expensive they are worth your money.

dolce & gabbana brown leopard white patent trim tall boots

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Rain Boots

The following are some of the most important qualities that you should consider when purchasing your rain boots.

Heels of the Rain Boots

  • One of the most important aspect to be considered is the heel of the boot. The heel should be made from rubber which ensures that rain boot does not absorb water when you wear it during the rainy season.
  • This may make the rain boot expensive but at the same time it will last for a longer period compared with other boots made from different materials.
  • The bottom line here is that the materials which have been used in the making of the boot should be water proof.

Stitching of the Rain Boots

  • The stitching of your boot should be in such away that it cannot let water pass through even when there are floods.
  • This ensures that your legs remain dry and therefore, cannot contract diseases, which are associated with staying in a wet environment for long.

Size of the Rain Boots

  • If the rain boots are meant for your kid it is essential to purchase a pair that is bigger in size. This is because the kid is growing and you might find that the rain boots that he was wearing in the past rainy period cannot fit him anymore.
  • The sole should be textured to ensure that the boot has a firm grip when it comes in contact with the ground. This is important to avoid falling, now especially if the ground is slippery.

womens sorel perfect fall footwear

Apart from that, if you don’t know the brand which offers a size that can fit you it is important to test whether the rain boots can fit you. This is due to the fact that different brands will vary in size such that you can have two size 8 pairs which are not the same.

The highest quality rain boots are made from rubber and the good thing about this is that they are not expensive. If your rain boot is made from plastic it will serve you for a very short time and therefore, not worth your money. The rain boot should offer you maximum protection from the rainy weather and can last a long time amidst various weather conditions.

Top Designer Rain Boots Today

Rain boots have never been out of trend especially on 4-seasoned countries. These are usually worn during spring time when the ground is rain and mud-laden. Many of the famous A-list celebrities have been seen wearing designer rain boots. These trendy rain boots are made of rubber or PVC to make it look better and stylish yet still able to endure and withstand harsh weather conditions. They have become popular even to fashion-trendy teens and are highly visible during many music festivals like Glastonbury and V Festival due to the muddy venues. These designer rain boots look really good when paired with a Mackintosh. Despite the pricey cost of these boots, manufacturers and designers are true to their words in delivering the most comfort in a chic way.

jimmy choo hunter rain boots

Examples of Designer Rain Boots

  • Jimmy Choo “Hunter” Rain Boots:

The must-have brand Jimmy Choo boasts a couture style Hunter Wellingtons made of black rubber with an embossed crocodile pattern and a gold tone buckle. The boot shaft extends just before the knees to keep you protected from the rain. The price for these boots is $400.

  • Burberry Rain Boots:

This pair of rain boots looks very elegant and trendy with its black PVC and gold tone jewelry chains. The price for these boots is $395.

  • Chanel Camelia Rain Boots:

This designer brand created a masterpiece when it launched an elegant looking pair of rain boots. It is made from black PVC material with cute flower designs and a white sole. The price for these boots is $395.

  • Gucci Devendra Rain Boots:

This pair of Gucci’s is a must-have for wellies lover. It looks very eloquent in a black PVC material with the patented GG design. The price for these boots is $280.

  • Dolce and Gabbana Women’s Leopard Print Rain Boots:

The Dolce and Gabbana pair of rain boots is a cute purple leopard PVC Wellingtons that transforms a rather boring rain boots to a high fashion foot wear. The price for these boots is $188.

dolce & gabbana brown leopard white patent trim tall boots

Buying Affordable Designer Rain Boots

These designer rain boots though seem very expensive to a minimum wage worker who craves for these elegant brands. However, many designer stores offer designer rain boots sale during the end of spring when the fashion trend starts to focus on summer wear.  By then, many cheap designer rain boots are widely available for everyone. Just be quick in heading to your favorite stores because most likely these designer rain boots on sale will be selling like hot cakes.

For a cheaper option of the best rain boots, there are many reliable brands that still promise comfort and style without compromising the price. These rain boots may not have the designer logo but they are actually tested and proven effective by consumers through the years. Here are some examples of high-street brands:

  • Hunter Original Tall Boot (Price: $115)
  • Western Chief Buckle Rain Boot (Price: $49.95)
  • Bogs Classic Cosmos Hight Style (Price: $88)
  • L.L. Beanie Wellie (Price: $59)

These selections of rain boots are considered by consumers as few of the best available in the market. Remember that when buying designer rain boots, you actually pay for the established brand as well. While opting for a cheaper ones will give you the best value of your money.

The All-Occasion Rain Boots for Men

Wellingtons, or simply called rain boots in America, are a type of shoes inspired by Hessian boots.  Rain boots for men were popularized during the 19th Century when the 1st Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, instructed his shoemaker to modify his Hessian boots to make it suitable for hard-wearing battle yet still comfortable as an evening wear. Since then, these rain boots became so popular that it turned to be a fashionable trend to all members of the aristocrat in London. The first rain boots were made of leather, until around 1853 when Hiram Hutchinson introduced a water proof rubber boot specifically made for farmers. Thus this marked the beginning of the footwear company, Aigle, which is literally the very first designer rain boots for men.

black stylish ankle boots

2 Major Classifications Of Boots

  1. Ankle-length BootsThe ankle-length rain boots are ideal for those who likes to dress casually. This type of boots never go out of style whatever the season is. It is trendy and can be worn all year-round because it is made to cater on different weather conditions. Even during the hot summer period, this type of boots is still appropriate to wear. Some of this type of boots though are made of leather and can be damaged during wet seasons.
  2. Tall BootsThe shaft of this type of boots extend up to about 16 inches from the ankle. The circumference of each boot opening is about 15 inches so that trousers can be tucked in it to prevent the feet to get wet. This type is the choice for industrial wear. This is also the choice for those men who have taller and thinner calves. This type of boot is mainly what comprises the different rain boots for men in the market. The most popular brand of tall boots at present is Hunter.

Rain boots for men became even more produced during the World War I when they became a requirement for battle. These rubber rain boots for men became the choice of many compared to leather Hessian boots because of their durability and ability to be impervious to water. Most of these rain boots come in a sizable amount for the reason of the materials used and the durability and effectiveness of these products.

christian louboutin suede sheep skin tall boots

If your budget is a bit tight, you can still buy cheap rain boots for men by choosing an old style or an outdated design. Anyway, these would not matter anymore when the shoe gets wet. As long as these shoes fit and the price is right for your budget, then by all means purchase them because these rain boots for men will always be in handy anytime of the year. Who knows, these might even be your best rain boots yet. The most important thing is your feet will not get wet during rainy days and the rain boots have served their purpose. Make sure to consider first the comfort of your feet and not the elegance of the design.

Tips On Getting The Best Rain Boots

Rain boots, which are also referred to as rubber boots are constructed from plastic or rubber material and are used to protect the feet from water and rain or even snow. Traditionally, rain boots are worn by farmers and fishermen to protect their feet from wetness. Those who are working in chemical factories also use the boots to keep dangerous chemicals from coming in contact with their feet. However, rain boots have recently become more fashionable and as commonly used as umbrellas and raincoats. If you are searching for the best rain boots to be worn by you and your family here are some pointers in making a wise purchase.

top pick kids rain boots


Buying The Best Rain Boots For Kids

If you are looking for the best rain boots for kids you need to consider several things:

  • The best rain boots for children should be made from waterproof material to make sure that your children’s feet are kept warm and dry. If there are stitches on the construction, the must be done in such a way as to prevent any water from coming in.
  • To offer protection, the rain boots must come up to the calves.
  • To prevent slips and falls, the boot sole must be made from textured rubber.
  • Kids grow quickly so purchase a pair that is one or two sizes bigger. This will prevent you from purchasing a pair each rainy season since the boots are big enough for several seasons. In addition, your kids can also tuck their jeans inside the boots easily to keep themselves dry.

wild leopard womens rain boots

Buying The Best Rain Boots For Women

If you are looking for the best rain boots for women, you may consider the following pointers:

  • If you are looking for the best rain boots for ladies on the internet, getting the right size can be a challenge. The best thing to do is to know the sizing quirks of various brands. Some brand sizes run larger while others tend to be wider. They also do not come in half sizes. The best way to do it is to read on product reviews available on high traffic sites.
  • Rain makes it slippery to walk around so make sure that the boots have a nice tread. For better support, try inserting insoles. This also make your rain boots more comfortable.

LL bean wellies rain boots

Buying The Best Rain Boots For Men

For the best rain boots for men, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Never think that you can only get the best rain boots by spending more. There are actually high quality brands that are less expensive. The key is to keep your choice simple. The best rain boots are made from rubber, which is a cheap material.
  • Always go for the correct size. Do not settle for just your sole size since you also have to consider your lower leg too.
  • The best rain boots are those that have superior foot contour. If you want to have a pair that will look good on you, pick one that contours better on your foot than on other parts of the leg. The more it flatters your foot, the better it will look.

colored painted rain boots

The wet weather wouldn’t only limit your fashion, it also comes with a set of danger when not equipped properly. Getting the best rain boots that provides the right function and protection is a must. Having it fashionable as well is just a bonus but must not be prioritized to the prior. Go shopping for the best rain boots online because the selection is wider here where there’s no sales personnel giving biased comments on products you are about to purchase. Online, you can ensure you get the best rain boots based on real reviews and genuine consumer reports.