Top 5 Best-Selling Blenders for Smoothies

Are you still one of them who is trying hard to make great smoothies at home? If yes, it is time to know the secret behind making smooth textured smoothies. Smoothies are yummy tasting delicious drinks that contain milk, ice, sugar and natural flavors obtained from fruits and raw vegetables. Smoothies are loved by all age groups.

Electrical home appliances like mixer-grinders are generally found in each and every household and people tend to use them for making smoothies. What can be the result? Of course, they end up complaining about their failure to prepare soft textured smoothie. The possible reason for such failure is that the regular mixer grinders are not capable enough to blend well the smoothie ingredients. In such cases, it becomes vital to get the best blender for smoothies.

best working blender for smoothies

Top 5 Brands of the Best Blenders for Smoothies

Several branded home appliances are today available in the market. Depending upon the requirement and budget of an individual, choice can be made for a smoothie blender. Looking to the features they offer and solutions they deliver, top blenders could be narrowed down into the list mentioned below:

1) The Vitamix 5200c

Smoothie blender from the house of Vitamix is an ultimate solution for all your kitchen blending needs.

  • Fitted with 2 peak output horsepower powerful motor that is capable to drive the blades up to 240 mph for hard grinding.

  • Variable speed control is smartly designed to manage speed at high and low levels for maximum processing.

  • The blender comes with a 48-ounce jar with comfortable and easy to use, 2 part lid.

  • Company gives a warranty of 7 years on The Vitamix 5200c blender.

2) Oster Classic Beehive blender

Oster, a well-known brand in the market of home appliances has introduced Oster classic beehive blender which is a great blend of style and performance.

  • The blender is fitted with a powerful 500-watt motor capable enough to crush hard ice and frozen fruits that is essential for smoothie making.

  • The device comes with 2 speed functions for smooth blending and it has pulse function to control blending.

  • The 40 ounce blender jar is made of toughened glass to handle harsh crushing.

  • The device sails with a 1 year product warranty and in case of repairs, the replacement parts are easily available in the market.

3) Back to Basics Smoothie Express Lifestyle

Another gem in the smoothie blenders list is from world renowned Back to Basics brand.

  • The 400-watt motor is effective in smoothly blending smoothie ingredients especially ice and fruits.

  • The blender sails with 26-ounce heavy insulated pitcher with extra lid for your convenience to carry while on move.

  • The blender comes with 3 speed smart controls necessary for different kinds of blending needs.

  • The blender is dishwasher-safe and is one of the most economical blenders available in the market.

best Top 5 Best-Selling Blenders for Smoothies

4) Cusinart Smart Power Duet Blender

One of the best in its series of blenders introduced by Cuisinart. It is a perfect blend of smoothie blender and food processor.

  • The blender is fitted with a 500-watt powerful motor and heavy duty 40 ounce blender jars.

  • The device is capable for meeting harsh blending requirements in making smoothies at home.

  • Again, it is smart power duet blender packed with other features that includes ease of shredding, chopping and slicing.

5) Black and Decker Crush Master

  • BL10450HB crush master from Black and Decker features 450 watt motor and 10 speed settings including pulse and ice crushing is a known name in top smoothie blenders list.

  • Multi level stainless steel blades fitted in the blender are powerful and durable for long time working doing functions like chopping, blending and pureeing.

  • With dishwasher safe parts, the blender is also safeguarded with motor overheat safety system.

Kinds of Fruit Smoothies and their Health Benefits

Smoothies are scrumptious and mouth-watering drinks that are full of health benefits. Smoothies are usually made by blending milk, sugar, ice and natural flavors like fruits or raw vegetables, or even chocolate or coffee. Fruit smoothies are the best versions of smoothies that contain highest health goodies like vitamins, fiber, minerals, manganese, calcium and enzymes that can do wonders to your health.

Different kinds of fruit smoothies and their health benefits have attracted millions of population around the world to make smoothies a vital part of their healthy diet. Great smoothies can be prepared at home. All you need is the best blender for smoothies along with handful of ingredients that are usually available in every household.

best Kinds of Fruit Smoothies and their Health Benefits

Types of Fruit Smoothies

Usually fruits are loved by all age groups and for those who are not great fans of fruits, smoothies can make them consume fruit in the form of yummy and healthy drinks. Basic fruit smoothies aim at delivering quick energy, brain-power boosting, quick snack and some can even deliver a low-carbohydrate diet.

Some of the popular healthy fruit smoothies are:

Antioxidant-enriched smoothies

It is a popular knowing that all berry fruits like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and cranberries are great source of nutritional elements like antioxidants and radical absorption ability of oxygen that is important to safeguard human body from free radicals found in atmosphere. Berries have natural colors that they get from plant pigmentation.

  • Popular fruit smoothies high in antioxidants include strawberry banana smoothie, blueberry smoothie, peach-mango fizz and cranberry smoothie.

Low carb smoothies

Low-carb smoothies are best for people who are on low carb diet. With increased number of obese population, people have become more health conscious and have started looking for different kind of diet programs that aim at losing weight yet keeping health intact.

  • Fruit based low carb smoothies include: strawberry smoothie, lime-raspberry smoothie, peach yoghurt smoothie, banana yoghurt and banana orange smoothie made using soy milk, stevia or sugar free sweetener and low fat yoghurt.

best reliable blender for smoothies

Protein smoothies

There are very few fruits that are high in protein content. Protein enriched diet is important for people who plan to reduce weight by putting efforts in gym and by consuming balanced diet. Proteins are building blocks of human body and they are vital in breaking additional fats. Some popular protein enriched smoothies along with protein rich fruits may contain protein in form of protein powder or whey protein.

  • Some popular protein rich fruits are avocado, coconut milk, banana, papaya, apricots and kiwi.

  • Popular protein smoothies include raspberry-avocado smoothie, banana yoghurt smoothie and berries banana peach smoothie.

The Best Brands of Smoothie Maker

Delicious and yummy smoothies are loved by people of all age groups. Smoothies are a great combination of the goodness of milk and the different flavors that are added in the form of fruits, coffee or cocoa powder. Smoothies could be easily made at home using handful of ingredients and a good smoothie maker. This will make everyone at home enjoy the lip-smacking flavors of smoothies.

Smoothies can be easily made home using a smoothie maker with a powerful motor. In order to get the best results in making smoothies at home, one should go in for the best smoothie maker.

best durable smoothie maker

Popular Models of Back to Basics Smoothie Maker

Among the popular brands of smoothie maker, best blender for smoothies is manufactured by Back to basics, a subsidiary of Westbend – leading manufacturer of electrical kitchen appliances.

Back to basics range of smoothie maker includes some of the popular models like:

SE3000 – Smoothie Express Lifestyle

Smoothie Express Lifestyle is one of the most handy and efficient smoothie maker from Back to basics.

  • The Smoothie Express Lifestyle is fitted with 400 watts plus power motor which is capable to handle harsh ice crushing which plays a vital role in smoothie making.

  • The 26 ounce pitcher is made using heavy insulated material that comes along with extra spill-proof lid to be used as a travel mug when you are on move.

  • The blades fitted in the jar are made out of premium graded stainless steel which makes it efficient enough to blend and crush ice or other frozen ingredients.

  • This smoothie maker is available in tomato red color and it comes with 3 speed operation controls suitable for different blending requirements.

SE2000B Smoothie Elite Maker Brushed Chrome

best smoothie maker

The Elite maker is considered to be one of the best blender for smoothies that is economical and can meet daily requirements of making smoothies at home.

  • Smoothie Elite maker from Back to basics is another gem in the range fitted with powerful 500 watts pulse motor with 3 speed operation controls for mix, smooth and pulse.

  • Smoothie Elite smoothie maker comes with 56 ounce jar with measuring marks with liquid dispensable valve.

  • The efficient ice crushing blades are designed for delivering better textured smoothies.

SJR1Y – Smoothie Swirl

  • Smoothie swirl is a basic smoothie maker with convenient 1-2-3 on/off controls for easy blending.

  • The appliance is fitted with 400 watts powerful motor and is best suited for convenient smoothie making for a small family.

  • The plastic jar is of 40 ounce capacity and the smoothie swirl jar comes with dispensing valve.

Back to Basics Smoothie Maker Parts

In case of any repairs or replacements, Back to Basics smoothie maker parts are easily available in the market. These smoothie maker parts are genuine and can save your money on buying a brand new smoothie appliance.

Smoothie Recipes: Healthy Alternatives for Sugar-Laden Drinks

Smoothies and milkshakes are always preferred over fizzy drinks that are full of sugar and chemicals that provide them aeration. Smoothie recipes are delicious and yummy options to replace lunch or dinner for those who are planning to be on a diet. It can replace any meal, snack or drink. Smoothies are loved by all age groups in all seasons especially in hot summer days.

Recipes for smoothies are mostly looked for over the net because they are quick and easy to make without much ingredients and appliances required for its preparation. Smoothie recipes can deliver the most delicious and healthy eating option in today’s fast moving world.

delicious smoothie recipes

On Making Smoothie Recipes

The best smoothies can be made using smoothie recipes if made using appropriate smoothie blender. In order to choose the best blender for smoothies look for features like powerful motor with 500 watts or more, large jars, broad base for better grip and smart functions for blending.

  • Among the smoothie blenders that are available in the market, smoothie blenders from Braun, Cuisinart, Bosch, Black and Decker, Hamilton Beach and Oster are the most efficient options.

Various Types of Smoothies

Many varieties of smoothies could be made using fruits, raw vegetables, cocoa powder and other ingredients that can taste delicious. Depending upon your taste and requirement, one can choose from many smoothie recipes mentioned below:

Healthy smoothies

The healthiest versions of smoothie recipes could include Green smoothie recipe made using raw fruits and green vegetables and some other healthier options are those that are replaced with stevia (natural sweetener) and soy milk instead of sugar and whole milk.

  • Popular green smoothie recipes are: kale-spinach smoothie, wheatgrass smoothie, spinach mango smoothie, green coconut smoothie, ginger green smoothie and pear kale mint smoothie.

Fruit based smoothies

Fruit Smoothie recipes are a great combination of milk and the goodness of fresh fruits. They are the most common forms of smoothie drunk by all age groups. Almost all any fruit can make a great fruit smoothie.

  • The most popular fruit smoothie recipes are: Banana split smoothie, strawberry smoothie, mango smoothie, kiwi smoothie, peach smoothie and many more.

Coffee or chocolate based smoothies

Huge part of the population of the world today loves anything that contains chocolate, coffee or cocoa taste. The smoothies that are enriched with the flavors of chocolate are loved a lot by all age groups.

  • Some of the most popular chocolate based smoothie recipes include: raspberry chocolate, chocolate banana, mint chocolate, berries chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, starbucks coffee smoothie, basic coffee smoothie and coffee chocolate combination smoothie.

best green smoothie recipes

Protein packed smoothies

Protein packed smoothies are made using protein enriched ingredients like tofu, raw eggs, peaches and blackberries. These smoothie recipes contain whey protein powder that stands ideal for all those who are looking for weight loss and intend to do daily workout.

  • Some of the popular protein packed smoothies include: banana bread smoothie, berries and cream smoothie, peanut butter banana recipe, and many other smoothie recipes.

Yoghurt based smoothie recipe

Smoothie recipes with yogurt can be made using low or high fat yoghurt. They can be flavored using a variety of ingredients.

  • Some of the most popular yoghurt based smoothie recipes include: banana raspberry yoghurt recipe, lemon basil smoothie, wheat germ smoothie, and vanilla yoghurt recipe.

Best Blender For Smoothies

There are plenty of people who made smoothies their daily habit. If you are one of them, choosing the best blender for smoothies should be your main concern. In order to obtain the most nutrients and the best taste from fruits and vegetables that you use, it is vital that you use the best blender for making smoothies.

A blender is a vital component in the preparation of smoothies. Without one, you will not have any smoothie to enjoy. It purees, mixes and liquefies anything that is put inside it. There are even people who use the blender in grinding dry ingredients. Choosing the best blender for green smoothies depends on the kind of work it will be used and the frequency. Getting the most expensive model does not mean that you will also have the best blender for your particular requirements.

Best Blender For Smoothies review

What is the best blender for smoothies then? There are certain features that you should look out for in shopping for the best blender for smoothies. Among them are the following important features and characteristics.

What To Look For

  • Wide and Sturdy Base – you should get a blender that is incorporated with wide and sturdy base, which will not vibrate while you are blending at high speeds. Some blenders have bases that are made from plastic while others are made of metal. In choosing your blender, select one that has a metal base as it is heavier, more durable and thus provides better stability.

best sturdy blender for green smoothies

  • Sufficient Power – the best blender for smoothies must have enough wattage or horsepower. If it is for home use, choose a model that has a minimum of 350 watts rated power. If you could afford one that has 500 watts, the better. Blenders that have lower power have to run at high rpm’s or revolution per minute. However, rpm is not an indicator of how good a blender is. If your blender has low power, adding ingredients will reduce the rpm significantly. In addition, making smoothies could require ice to be crushed and the blender must be able to do it efficiently, unless you like large ice chunks floating around in your drink. The best blender for smoothies should be capable of maintaining blade speed while mixing, no matter what the ingredients are.

  • Speed Settings – this feature differ among various brands but it ranges from a dual setting of low and high, to several speed variations. You do not really need to have multiple speeds to prepare great smoothies. However, it is essential that your blender has a pulse button, which will allow you to do quick power pulses while processing your drink.

best quality blender for making smoothies

  • Choose Glass – blender containers can either be made from plastic or glass. Some people prefer plastic because it will not easily break when accidentally dropped and its light weight. However, plastic is prone to scratches and it will not last a long time when repeatedly washed in a dishwasher. Plastic also absorbs the odor of ingredients placed in it and it will require several washing before it is eliminated.

know what is the best blender for smoothies

Aside from meticulously examining the features and characteristics listed above, it would also be helpful to get insights from reviews and consumer reports you can find online. There are actually dedicated third-party organizations that do benchmark tests on different brands and models to determine the best blender for smoothies. Such listings are also updated yearly as newer and better blenders arrive. Such reviews are great tools you can use to arrive with a sound purchasing conclusion regarding the best blender for smoothies you can buy today.