Baby Bottle Reviews: A Guide for Choosy Moms

Baby bottle reviews are somehow a bit confusing to the readers. Some will give you a positive feedback however some also negates every possible good comments given. To give you a comprehensive overview of baby bottle reviews, browse through this article and find out which one suits best for your little ones.

Glass vs Plastic Bottles

 Reading Glass Baby Bottles Review

Which type of baby bottle should your baby have? This is a question between choosing a glass baby bottle or a plastic baby bottle. Exactly why some moms refer to baby bottle reviews. Decades ago, baby bottles were made out of glass. At this present age, companies have invented baby bottles made out of plastic. Let us enumerate the pros and cons of these two.

Glass Baby Bottles

  • Pros:

1.)  Environmental friendly and free from harmful chemicals that may mix with the baby’s formula milk

2.)  Sturdy

3.)  Expensive

  • Cons:

1.)  Too heavy for babies to carry or hold

2.)  Highly breakable

3.)  Unnoticed shards are very harmful to babies

Plastic Baby Bottles

  • Pros:

1.)  Does not weigh as much as glass baby bottles

2.)  Durable, thus long lasting

3.)  Unbreakable

  • Cons:

1.)  Contains BPA, a chemical that may potentially risk the baby’s development

2.)  Cannot be heated in the microwave

3.)  Prone to leaking

Discover the Best Baby Bottle Reviews

A number of consumers who are basically mothers want what’s the best for their baby and would really scour the entire market just to find one. Between a glass and a plastic baby bottle, most of the time glass baby bottle reviews rave about the safety of this choice. Though breakable, a glass bottle is said to be he safer between the two, which always wins the hearts of the consumers.

BPA-Free Plastic Bottles

Sweet Pea 051

However, spendthrift consumers would also choose a durable plastic baby bottle that will last longer to save some cash. There are a lot of these plastic baby bottles made from safer materials and BPA-free. Here are some of BPA-free baby bottle ratings based from the best baby bottle reviews:

1.)    Avent:

These baby bottles are BPAfree and very durable. This is a very popular brand nowadays and has gained the trust of mothers.

2.)    Dr. Brown’s:

These baby bottles are not only safe but also is true to its promise to reduce colic amongst babies. It has been proven and is widely known for its effectivity.

3.)    Born Free Bisphenol-A Free:

Born free bottles are another brand which reviews are raving about because of its effectiveness in reducing colic. It has a specialized active flow venting technology to reduce colic in babies.

Highly Recommended Born Free Bottles

4.)    Wee-Go Glass Bottle:

Many of the reviews regarding this baby bottle is focused mainly on its design. A lot of moms love its stylish shapes and designs, though a lot of moms whose babies are gasprone isn’t impressed with this brand.

In conclusion, to feel secure about the choice you make, consider checking out as many baby bottle reviews as you can. In this manner, you will be assured in giving the best for your babies.