Different Types Of Sports Bags

Athletes definitely need sports bag to carry with them when they have practices or games. Even non athletes or just a big sports fan look for quality sports bag to store different sports equipments that they need. However, with the number of sports gear and equipments that athletes and sports fans need to practice and play with their chosen sport, a good quality bag or sports bag is required. There are types of sports bags according to your need, just like the basketball bags, baseball bags or football bags.

various types of sports bags

Types Of Sports Bags And Their Unique Features


Backpacks are typically used because they are carried on one’s back with two straps. Backpackers can carry it in one shoulder if it is not that heavy. It can be referred to as handbags because it carries heavy loads of equipments and gears in sports. Prior to purchasing a backpack, try many different styles as you can before you make a decision. One of the famous backpacks is Jan Sport because they are available everywhere and they take their quality seriously. They also come in different colors and styles which is ideal for every personality. You may be choosing basketball bags and a backpack is a primary choice.

Grip Bags, Duffel Bags Or Gym Bag/Sack

This type of sports bag is made of cloth, or other fabric. It has gained popularity as more people take them to gyms. It can be small in size, but other duffel bags are huge and used by many travellers. On the other hand, it has been around a long time since the US Army duffel bags. Other types of this sport bag can be rolled or with wheels. The David King & Co. and Nike is well-known because of the material which is leather and has a number of pockets. Nike, on the other hand, uses polyester and has a ventilated shoe compartment.

Bum/Waist Or Running Bags

Bum/Waist or running bags are ideal for runners or for joggers. They do not need to carry huge or heavy loaded bags in the gym. You can adjust the straps according to your desired length and fitness. The material depends according to brand because others use leather, nylon or cotton. It is common to have many pockets, where you can store practically everything. Adidas and Nike are two of the famous brands selling this type of sports bag.

Outdoor Bags

Outdoor bags are like travel bags too or a split level of a trolley bag. Others add wheels especially for users who tend to travel for long hours for sports or other outdoor activities. It has multiple storage pockets and a shoe pocket. Check on Caribee Scarecrow brand or High Sierra because they are not only offering durable bags but also comes in various sizes and colors to match a users personality.

Shoe Bag

A shoe bag is one of the types of sports bags that athletes need to have. This bag is designed to protect shoes from dirt and scuffs. Adidas have the simplest look of a shoe bag made in 100% polyester. Other brands are made of nylon, with webbing handles.

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The types of sports bags available in the market can be confusing to choose from. On the other hand, you just need to remember what you are going to use it for and if you have heavy gears to carry with you. These types of sports bags are helpful not only to athletes or when going to the gym, but can also be beneficial for those who need a bag with large compartments.

Sports Bags – An Athlete’s Must Have

Everyone wants to make a statement with their sports bags irrespective of what sport you are undertaking. Getting the right type of sports bags can sometimes be a little bit tricky due to numerous colors and designs that they come with. This is why it is essential to have an idea of purchasing tips first before getting one for yourself.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing any Type of Sports Bag

  • First, you need to analyze how much equipment you will be carrying. This will help you know what size of the bag to buy. Amount of equipments varies with different games so it is hard to do guessing work.

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  • Different sports come with different types of bags and have different compartments in which different sports gears are stored. They perfectly fit all equipments that will be carried along for that specific sport. One example of this are basketball bags that are strictly used by basket ball players.
  • You might need to purchase separate bags for some of your sporting equipments, this commonly applies to hockey or baseball sports, where you might need an extra bag for sticks and also bats.
  • If you are a person who loves uniqueness, you can purchase personalized sports bags. Advantage of these types of bags is that they give room for your personal taste to be added. This can either be your name, your photo or even your team’s name.

must have personalized sports bags

  • Getting sports bags at cheaper prices can sometimes prove to be a hard task, but if you come up as a team and purchase wholesale sports bags, you can be assured of buying them at lower and discounted price and each team member will end up gaining since you will have saved a few dollars.

shopping wholesale sports bags

  • Mesh sports bags are ideal to let the air circulate inside. This will make unnecessary smell stay inside the bag due to sweat or germs that has been accumulated during the game.

all purpose mesh sports bags

Among popular brands of sports bags include Nike and Adidas. These are among the best places for sourcing your sports bag. When you have perfect sports bags, you can be assured of having enough confidence due to the fact that all your sporting gear and uniforms will be well stored in your sports bag. The materials used for these bags are very durable to withstand the nonstop action from these active athletes going for their goals.

The Reliable Duffel Bags

The term duffel bags refer to large bags, usually cylindrical in shape, made from a piece of tough cloth that has a draw string closure for security purpose at its top. This bag is mainly used by sports enthusiasts and people who are fond of going for hikes for which a lot of luggage is required hence packed in the bags. Sport duffel bags, for example, refer to bags used in storage of sporting attire and accessories. The name of these bags originated from the word “duffel”, a town in Belgium. This town is where the first bag was made thus tracing its origin.

reliable sport duffel bags

Different Applications of Duffel Bags

Duffel bags today are used by different groups of people. These bags are being used for their own specific conveniences.

  • By military personnel – these are people who travel through rough terrains such as swamps, deserts and rocky mountains. They use duffel bags to carry all their necessities during their course in different rugged environments. This does not mean that these bags are the standard issues for military personnel. They only serve as a secondary means of travelling accessory.
  • By sailors or seamen – these are individuals who stay away from the mainland for long periods of time while sailing. For this reason, when leaving the main land, sailors need to carry all things they would need during their time sailing, hence the use of duffel bags. They are very ideal because most of these bags are made of materials that are water resistant and very durable.
  • Outdoor junkies – Outdoor activities demands supply that can last for weeks and even months. Hikers need supplies that ranges from medical kits to portable necessities. Spelunkers brave places that no one has set foot before. They go through narrow gaps that most often rip their clothes and gears. The last thing that they want are spilled supplies which make the duffel bags ideal because of its durable material.

armored rolling duffel bags

Rolling duffel bags refer to duffel bags with installed wheels for ease of movement. The wheels are usually present on bigger sizes of these bags. Since duffel bags are usually used to carry a lot of things in them, they tend to be quite heavy. Wheels come in handy in reducing the effort used in handling the luggage around places. Kids duffel bags come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and prints. These duffel bags for kids are guaranteed to attract attention because of their bold colours and playful prints that kids are crazy about. Children could carry these bags to gyms or PE classes and use them in the safe keeping of their personal belongings when they change to their play clothes.

customized kids duffel bags

What are the most frequent athletes where duffel bags are always used? None other than your favorite basketball icons and superstars. So these basketball bags are just one of the variants of versatile bags. Because of its versatility they are also the main choice of fitness enthusiasts. You can always see them in the locker rooms of fitness gyms and spas.

versatile basketball bags

Taking a closer look with these duffel bags, they are actually used with various daily activities. They are durable and have its own fashion effect to the wearer as they serve as an accessory.  All in all, they are a great item to have for convenient purposes.

Popular Styles Of Basketball Bags

If you love the game of basketball, then you can probably use a basketball bag. The best thing about basketball bags is that you can get them in different shapes, styles, colors and even get them customized. Now, if you are looking to get custom basketball bags they will cost a little more, however, they are well worth it. Just know that basketball bags are not just there to hold your basketball shoes and attire, they also hold your basketball as well. This is why many people get basketball bags since basketballs are not cheap.

best custom basketball bags

Popular Basketball Bag Styles

  • Duffle Bag

If you prefer basketball duffle bags, then you will have a lot of options to choose from. A lot of people prefer to have a duffle bag as it will be able to hold their basketball, shorts, shirts, shoes and any other gear they may have. What you need to know regarding a duffle bag is that they will cost more than some other options out there but they work much better.

ideal basketball duffle bags

  • Ball Only Bag

The ball only bag is one that a lot of people like as it is very small and holds any regulation size basketball. Being that a lot of people want to protect their basketball, this is one of the best and cheapest ways to go about doing that.

  • Basketball Backpack

Do you want to have a backpack that you can use to hold your basketball? If so, then you are in luck because that is another popular style. Another thing you might like is that you can find basketball backpacks with brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armor and even the NBA brand.

Quality Basketball Bags

These are some of the more popular style of basketball bags out there and you will find that each one of these has its own set of benefits. What you must keep in mind is that every basketball bag is different, so make sure you get one that suits you best and fills every need that you have. Now, if you don’t know what bag will work best for you then here are some shopping tips to get you started.

Shopping Tips

  • Buy Basketball Bags Online

One tip when it comes to buying basketball bags is to buy them on the internet in order to get a better deal. Being that there are also more items online, you will get the bag that you want as opposed to just a bag that was available.

  • Get Everything You Want

One recommendation is to not settle on something because of the price. You must get a bag that has everything that you want and need. Think about it; don’t buy a bag that only has the basketball holder when you need room for shoes and other gear.

  • Brand Does Not Matter

It is understandable that you want to get a brand name basketball bag such as; Nike or Adidas. Just know that the features matter more than the brand does.

useful basketball gym bags

If you are ready to go and buy a basketball bag, then start looking right now. The sooner you can find the basketball bags that you like, the sooner you will be able to use it. Just remember, there are a lot of basketball gym bags out there, so take your time and choose one that is everything that you need and more.