The Best Brands of Smoothie Maker

Delicious and yummy smoothies are loved by people of all age groups. Smoothies are a great combination of the goodness of milk and the different flavors that are added in the form of fruits, coffee or cocoa powder. Smoothies could be easily made at home using handful of ingredients and a good smoothie maker. This will make everyone at home enjoy the lip-smacking flavors of smoothies.

Smoothies can be easily made home using a smoothie maker with a powerful motor. In order to get the best results in making smoothies at home, one should go in for the best smoothie maker.

best durable smoothie maker

Popular Models of Back to Basics Smoothie Maker

Among the popular brands of smoothie maker, best blender for smoothies is manufactured by Back to basics, a subsidiary of Westbend – leading manufacturer of electrical kitchen appliances.

Back to basics range of smoothie maker includes some of the popular models like:

SE3000 – Smoothie Express Lifestyle

Smoothie Express Lifestyle is one of the most handy and efficient smoothie maker from Back to basics.

  • The Smoothie Express Lifestyle is fitted with 400 watts plus power motor which is capable to handle harsh ice crushing which plays a vital role in smoothie making.

  • The 26 ounce pitcher is made using heavy insulated material that comes along with extra spill-proof lid to be used as a travel mug when you are on move.

  • The blades fitted in the jar are made out of premium graded stainless steel which makes it efficient enough to blend and crush ice or other frozen ingredients.

  • This smoothie maker is available in tomato red color and it comes with 3 speed operation controls suitable for different blending requirements.

SE2000B Smoothie Elite Maker Brushed Chrome

best smoothie maker

The Elite maker is considered to be one of the best blender for smoothies that is economical and can meet daily requirements of making smoothies at home.

  • Smoothie Elite maker from Back to basics is another gem in the range fitted with powerful 500 watts pulse motor with 3 speed operation controls for mix, smooth and pulse.

  • Smoothie Elite smoothie maker comes with 56 ounce jar with measuring marks with liquid dispensable valve.

  • The efficient ice crushing blades are designed for delivering better textured smoothies.

SJR1Y – Smoothie Swirl

  • Smoothie swirl is a basic smoothie maker with convenient 1-2-3 on/off controls for easy blending.

  • The appliance is fitted with 400 watts powerful motor and is best suited for convenient smoothie making for a small family.

  • The plastic jar is of 40 ounce capacity and the smoothie swirl jar comes with dispensing valve.

Back to Basics Smoothie Maker Parts

In case of any repairs or replacements, Back to Basics smoothie maker parts are easily available in the market. These smoothie maker parts are genuine and can save your money on buying a brand new smoothie appliance.