Common Isolators Used In Devices Today

In the field of electricity and electronic components, an isolator is something that prevents any interaction between circuits or some other type of electrical component. When it comes to isolators, there are several different types with several kinds of uses in several industries. Here is some information on some of the common types of isolators used in electronic components, as well as other products, to let you know what they are and what they are used for.

Audio Isolators

Audio Isolators for You

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Audio isolators refer to some of the interrelated concepts that are used in different types of applications. It typically describes any kind of method of isolating, soundproofing or other type of procedure in audio or visual components.

High Quality Cable Isolators

This is usually needed when you want to control the acoustics in an environment and prevent noise from the outside or vibrations from getting inside. It is a concept used a lot in interior design of homes or businesses, especially in places that specialize in recording music in order to preserve the quality of the recording.

It can also be a product such as headphones that in turn isolate the person listening to the music so they can hear it better or an isolation cabinet that provides a sound barrier for recording or for things like hearing tests.

Electrical isolators

Satisfactory Electrical Isolators

Electric isolators are basically something that prevents electricity from getting somewhere. It may be a switch that is employed to isolate circuits from each other. Isolators like this could be used along with a circuit breaker system in which the isolators are opened after the circuit breaker opens a circuit and then closed prior to the circuit breaker closes it. This is used for when workers do maintenance on some electrical systems.

Ground Loop Isolators

Essential Ground Loop Isolator

A ground loop isolator stops interference from noise. Flag this photo

Ground loop isolators eliminate buzzing noises that a ground loop makes. This happens when several units of equipment are hooked together. Isolators keep the noise from happening and are connected by cable isolators. They are used in many kinds of car and home entertainment systems.

Battery Isolator

A battery isolator used when there are several batteries in use in a product and you want to keep the system from being incapacitated because one battery goes dead. They are used in things like trucks, planes, boats, and utility vehicles that commonly need several batteries as a backup source to run them.