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Herpes is a problem that affects seventy percent of the population. The painful sores are very contagious and safe sex should always be a top priority, along with regular tests. The home herpes test is beginning to become more popular for the discreetness of it. The ability to be able to test for herpes at home is something that is going to help contain herpes from spreading. With home herpes test, people can test themselves in the privacy of their homes and be aware. This will help cut down on the spread of herpes because people pass it around without ever knowing that they have it. Since it is a fact that one out of every four people you are in contact with have some form of Herpes then you must protect yourself and test regularly. Home herpes test are simple and convenient where you can do it in private.

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One can fine home herpes test sold online and can be easily accessible to everyone. The outbreaks of herpes have increased dramatically in the United States due to the rise in casual sex and the public’s opinion about sexuality. When you conduct an at home herpes test regularly you will know if you are at risk. The test can be performed in your home after you order the test online. You will not need a doctor to order it for you because you get the lab results from the company. The instructions will be with the test to make sure that you know how to do it properly. You send the sample you take off to the company and they do the proper tests to determine if you have the virus. Home herpes test provide the confidentiality you want and the accurate results you need. There is another solution for how to test for herpes at home, which is a little bit less expensive. You take the sample at your house and then take it to a lab somewhere nearby with the receipt and they will give you the results.

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Herpes is something that is always with you when you acquire it, being aware by performing home herpes test can help you protect others from contracting it from you. Even if there is no outbreak for months you can still spread the disease as a carrier. If you do not wish to go to a local doctor to be tested then opt for one of the home herpes blood test kits so that you can know and be prepared. Home herpes test are becoming more mainstream for the sexually active to keep themselves in the know about their bodies.

Herpes test

The herpes test is vital if you wish to verify whether you have been infected with the herpes virus and if you seem to show some symptoms of the disease. Herpes infection causes the formation of painful sores and depending upon the type of herpes virus attack, you get these painful blisters on various parts of your body. For instance, if you are a victim of herpes simplex virus type 1, then the attack is prone to occur in areas of throat or even nose and the generation sores in genital regions is also a threat. If the attack is a result of type 2 of the same virus, then the sores appear specifically in the genital areas.

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With the herpes test, you will be able to thoroughly diagnose and analyze your system and see if the level of impact the virus has had on your body. The herpes test results will give you a clearer picture of the kind of treatment you should adopt and also warn you in case of extreme threats. There are also some good at home herpes test that you can try out yourself but it is wiser that you consult an expert in the event of these kinds of disease for detailed diagnosis.

The herpes test is most frequently conducted for genital herpes testing and even the blood or urine can be utilized for the analysis. If you are looking for a brief overview of the different types of herpes test employed, it basically involves herpes viral culture, herpes viral antigen detection test and finally the antibodies test. There may also be other tests for the same although these are the most frequently done tests and most accurate one as well.

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In the viral culture test, the fluid from sore is collected and cultured and verified for the presence of genital herpes infection. Usually some are of the impression that this test is not accurate enough though because the test sees to reveal wrong results occasionally. In that case, the best option is to go for herpes antigen detection test. Here, the cells from the sore are analyzed under the microscope for the presence of any antibody that is supposed to cause the infection. The last test among the popular herpes test is the antibody test, which involves the testing of blood for the antibodies that are generated by our immune system on occasions of herpes infection to counter the infection.