Ways To Prolong Your Air Conditioner’s Life Span

Naturally, you would want to know the different ways to prolong your air conditioner’s life span, because air conditioners are one of the major and expensive electrical appliances installed in any home. There are basically two types of air conditioners available, the split and window types. Both types of air conditioners need to be well maintained in order to increase their efficiency and life span.

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How To Prolong The Life Span Of Your Air Conditioner

1.)  Get an air conditioner according to your room size.

In order to get the best results from you air conditioner and increase the life span of these important and expensive electrical appliances, you need to choose it carefully. The size of the room is always vital while choosing your air conditioner. If you buy an undersized unit, it will need to work more, which results in the increase of electricity bill, and decrease the life span of the air conditioning unit.

2.)  Install a thermostat in your room.

Install thermostat in the rooms. Thermostat is always helpful in controlling your electricity consumption by using only as much air conditioner as it is needed to remain comfortable, and it is one of the most effective ways to prolong your air conditioner’s life span.

3.)  Check the ducts.

Check for leaky ducts. These ducts make your air conditioner work hard. You need to seal all the leakages before start using your air conditioner unit.

4.)  Install and maintain air filters.

One of the most common, yet effective ways to prolong your air conditioner’s life span is to keep your air filters neat and clean. It depends on the usage of your unit but at least checks and cleans these filters once in a month, and if needed replace those filters. Keep in mind that if the filters are dirty, your unit has to work hard and resultantly life span of your unit decreases.

5.)  Remove the air conditioner in winter.

If you have a window type air conditioner, you need to remove it in winter months, and store it safely in an indoor place. This is necessary to increase the life span of your air conditioner as harsh weather can damage important parts of your unit.

6.)  Have proper home insulation.

Insulation of your home is very important to get maximum performance from your air conditioner. Installing windows with double pane, and keep dark curtains and blinds drawn in daytime are few common ways to prolong your air conditioner’s life span. Therefore, it becomes unavoidable to invest in insulation of your house.

7.)  Install ceiling or wall fans.

In order to increase the efficiency and life span of your air conditioner unit, it is important that you should install ceiling fans. This will decrease the use of air conditioners and resultantly the life span of these expensive appliances increase manifold.

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The above mentioned ways to prolong your air conditioner’s life span were not only effective but as well as cost effective. Not only do air conditioning manufacturers and providers like Amana air conditioning recommend these, but also homeowners who have tried them as well. Knowing these tips on how to use their air conditioner units effectively will help you get maximum output from these units by using minimum electricity.

Easy Guide for DIY Air Conditioning Cleaning Tips

Every object has a certain life span till which time it can perform well. Wear and tear is a part of life so no one can ignore the necessity of cleaning and maintaining their machineries. Most people want to adopt the DIY methods of keeping their air conditioners in proper running conditions. The DIY air conditioning cleaning tips often help to maintain the air conditioners especially of the homes and cars as well.

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An air conditioner is made up of the following parts like filters, compressors, fins, motors, fans and the thermostat. Each unit has its own specific function. Many people ignore the fact that maintaining air conditioners at regular intervals and keeping them clean is the best way to increase the longevity and durability of the machine. Thinking about the maintenance costs they move back thereby increasing their replacements costs all the more. However, many people are following the DIY air conditioning cleaning tips to save on their expenses and maintain their air conditioning units.

Steps in Cleaning Air Conditioning Units

There are 7 steps in the DIY air conditioning cleaning tips. If they are followed diligently one will surely benefit from the process and save the extra expenses on energy bills and replacement costs. The DIY air conditioning cleaning tips are:

  • Air filters: The work of the air filters in an air conditioner is to keep out dust, germs and bacteria from entering the closed rooms. If they are choked, it will affect the machine and put pressure on the working system as a whole. Hence, it has to be checked often and cleaned. Reusable filters are available and if possible they should be replaced. The DIY air conditioner cleaning tips help to carry out the cleaning process without the help of any professionals.
  • Outside Compressors: The compressors that are fixed outside must have access to clean and direct airflow. Hindrances like vines and creepers that might obstruct the passage of direct airflow should be removed and pruned out to allow the compressor unit to work efficiently.
  • Fins: The thin metal lines called fins located on the outside of the unit have to be cleaned with a fin comb to avoid bending of the fins and to straighten them for efficient performance of the air conditioner.
  • Compressor: It is wise to check the compressor unit at least on a yearly basis more so after weather fluctuations or untold weather conditions. The level of the compressor affects the potentiality of the air conditioning unit to a large extent.
  • Compressor fan: The compressor fan can get affected by foreign objects, which may fall through the outside grill. It hinders the rotational movement of the fan. If there is the slightest bent in the fan belt it is wise to replace it.
  • Thermostat: The dirt and dust of the thermostat has to be cleaned by a soft brush after removing its cover. The contact points should also be taken care of well.
  • Lubricating the different parts of the air conditioning machine is very important and these DIY air conditioning cleaning tips help to keep the machines in great order for years.

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A number of manufacturers offer high performance air conditioning machines and among them the Amana air conditioning is quite popular. It performs well and is perfect for the price paid for it. Users of the Amana air conditioning are highly satisfied with its performance, durability and regard it as a great money saver.

Types of Air Conditioning Units

If you live in places with hot or humid climates, air conditioning units are essential appliances you should have. It gives contentment since it allows you to adjust the temperature at a desired level and gives you the relaxing feeling that you always wanted during the hot days. These systems can be used for commercial or residential spaces and are widely used among millions of people who like cool air in the summer heat or those who live in the tropics.

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Different Types of Air Conditioning Units

There are so many types of air conditioning units that have the same basic purpose but are called differently. Some of the popular air conditioning units sold online or locally are the following:

  • Window-Mounted Air Conditioner – This is typically installed on windows and walls of buildings or homes. This is the oldest type of air conditioning units. This is common in homes because it has a good cooling system for small areas.  Window types have a back end protruding outside the wall where the compressor and cooling fan are located.

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  • Split-Type Air Conditioner – These wall air conditioning units have two mechanisms: one part, the air handling unit, is located within the room like in walls and floors and the other part, the condensing unit, is located outside the building or home.  The very good thing with this is that it is capable to cool an entire building with a number of rooms. Among all types of air conditioning, it is commonly used commercially for its proficiency and efficiency.  It is also known as ducted air conditioning units.
  • Ductless Air Conditioner – This is used in places with no available ducts.  Similar with split type air conditioning, this type also has two components. It is widely used in places that are very spacious.
  • Portable Air Conditioner – It is otherwise known as mobile air conditioning which is the most compact and ideal for mobility and traveling. No mounting is necessary for this type and it can be transported easily. Most portable air conditioners cool a room size of up to 300-400 square feet.
  • Central Air ConditionerCentral air conditioning units are usually used in movie theaters, commercial buildings, shopping malls and any other spacious areas that require heavy cooling.
  • Package Air Conditioner – It is designed to cool very large areas.  It is called as “package” since all the parts are packed or compacted as one.  It is mounted on the wall and works effectively with no sounds. It is considered as the best type of air conditioning units.
  • Roof Top Air Conditioner – It is mounted on the roof and capable of cooling areas with high levels of temperature.

Popular Brands of Air Conditioning Units

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The names listed below are common air conditioning units for home and office use. The differences of air conditioning units prices among units with the same dimensions are most often due to extra features.

For the Home

  • Frigidaire Appliances
  • Amana Air Conditioning Units
  • Kelvinator Commercial
  • LG Electronics
  • Carrier
  • Coleman Air Conditioning

For the Office

  • Westinghouse
  • Goodman Manufacturing
  • Hitachi
  • MovinCool
  • Fujitsu
  • Toshiba

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Nevertheless, the best brands vary among various consumers by geographical region. This would mean that the best brands in the United States might not be the same in India or in Brazil.

Air conditioning units are used all over the world but of different types. The best air conditioner for your office or home hugely depends on the size and construction of the area, budget, and required features for an excellent cooling system.

Advantages of Using a Portable Air Conditioner

The unpredictable changes of weather conditions can be a reason for severe health problems.  A common instance is when the rainy season turns out to be a hot, sunny one after all.  Also, the summer heat sometimes turns out to be extreme and thus people need an air conditioning system to cool off. Moreover, a portable air conditioner can be used to cool certain parts of the home or office space easily and efficiently.

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Portable air conditioners are movable, thus, they do not need to be installed. They can relieve the agony of enduring extreme heat when using a stand fan is not enough. Its portable air cooling machine provides a modular cooling system without being bulky like a standard a/c.

Advantages of Portable Air Conditioners

Like any other appliance found in your room, using a portable air conditioner also has rewards and limitations. Here are some of the advantages that you could get with portable air conditioners.

  • The fact that it is portable means that it can cool a certain space now and cool another area later. This is advantageous for situations such as an undersized central air conditioning system that does not cool the whole house especially the rooms upstairs; a really hot room with which a standard a/c cannot provide sufficient cooling; and an empty room transformed into a work room or a library.

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  • Unlike window-mounted air conditioners, a portable air conditioner will save you some money from installation costs.
  • It is not bulky and takes only a small space in a certain area. A portable air conditioner can be placed by the wall or in a center of a room; its placement depends on personal preferences.

Some Disadvantages

  • Portable air conditioners are quite noisy since the air cooling components are all inside the appliance, unlike window-mounted types where most of the machine’s components are placed outside. However, this is mostly noticed in older models.
  • They cost more than standard air conditioners in terms of purchasing and operating.

The Best Portable Air Conditioners

These portable air conditioners are among the best as rated by consumers from many online appliance retailers.

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  • Amana Ai98768 – It has 7,000 BTUs to cool a room size of 10 feet x 16 feet. This Amana air conditioning system uses a continuous air sweep and multidirectional airflow for better room cooling. It also has three cooling speeds and has a remote control for easy access. This remote control, however, is always needed to operate the machine as it has no buttons on the appliance itself.
  • Whynter ARC-13S – At a dimension of about 2 square feet, this portable air conditioner can be perfectly hidden in plain view. It has 12,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units) to cool about 420 square feet of space and can double as a dehumidifier. It is not lightweight at 80 pounds but its integrated handle makes its portability even more convenient.
  • MobilComfort KY-80Portable air conditioner reviews rate this product with 4.7 out of 5 stars. It is the slimmest and most compact portable a/c reviewed by consumers that it is able to fit nicely in tight spaces. This cheap portable air conditioner has 8,000 BTUs to cool a 125-square foot room and can be used as a dehumidifier. Some consumers however complained that the condenser tank easily fills up and overflows so periodic emptying is needed.

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Other common brands of portable air conditioners that also provide a convenient cooling system are the following:

  • LG
  • Frigidaire
  • Danby
  • NewAir
  • Soleus

If you want to instantly cool a hot room but do not want to install mounted types, a portable air conditioner may be your best friend. When choosing a portable a/c, always check out the specifications and other product details first so that you won’t waste money on features you do not actually need.

Exceptional Product Line Of Amana Air Conditioning

Since 1934, Amana has been producing innovative and reliable heating and cooling solutions. What started as a small operation in Amana, Iowa, has grown to become a global leader in its industry. From innovative designs, such as the MillionAire heat exchanger, to first class services, including the Lifetime Unit Replacement Warranties and Asure extended service plans, Amana air conditioning offers outstanding performance and reliability. This is easy to see with the endless amount of Amana air conditioning reviews available on the Internet.

Best of Amana Air Conditioning

With a wide selection of climate control equipment and accessories available, Amana air conditioning has everything you need to keep your home or business comfortable throughout the year.

Amana Product Lines

  • Air Conditioners
  • Heat Pumps
  • Gas Furnaces
  • Packaged Units
  • Air Quality Controls
  • Air  Handlers
  • Thermostats and Controls
  • Packaged Terminal Units

From small units for an apartment or small home to massive units designed to keep offices and warehouses comfortable, Amana heating and air conditioning is ready to help you with your climate control needs. Should you ever need repairs that are not covered by warranties or the Asure extended care plan, Amana air conditioning parts are easily found online and at local appliance repair stores.

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Two of Amana’s most popular products are air conditioners and heat pumps. With multiple styles and lines from which to choose, finding the perfect unit for your needs is simple.

Popular Amana Air Conditioning Units

Amana Premium Series ASXC18 and ASCX16

Both of these models offer exceptional energy efficiency and state of the art technology to keep you comfortable all year round. ComfortNet Communications System compatibility makes these air conditioners easy to integrate into existing climate control systems. High-density foam insulation reduces the noise output to provide quiet, powerful performance. R-410A refrigerant keeps your house cool without damaging the environment.

Amana Premium Series ASX14 and ASX13

The units feature the same build quality and design as the ASXC series. The only thing missing is ComfortNet Communications System compatibility. With a SEER rating up to 15, these units can provide substantial savings over your existing older unit.

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Amana Distinctions Series SSX16 and SSX14

With optimized intake designs, advanced auto-defrost capabilities and SEER ratings up to 16, these Amana air conditioning units set the standard for excellence. A limited lifetime warranty on the pump and 10 year warranty on parts and labor help to ensure this air conditioner will be keeping your home or business cool for years to come.

Amana Distinctions Series GSX13

This small unit packs an astounding amount of cooling power. With its affordable cost, it can keep you and your family cool without breaking the bank. Louvered intakes and exhausts keep the unit quiet while a 10 year parts limited warranty ensures easy, no-hassle use.

Useful Tips

Choosing the ideal system for your needs is based largely on your climate. These tips can help you find the best system:

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  • Hot climates: Choosing a dedicated air conditioner is ideal in climates that require little heating. These units allow you to stay frosty cool in the warm weather and save energy during the mild cooler months when additional cooling is not required.
  • Temperate climates: A heat pump is ideal in temperate climates. It can provide exceptional heating and cooling in temperatures ranging from 32 degrees Fahrenheit up to over 100 degrees.
  • Cold Climates: Accenting either of the above systems with a gas furnace is ideal in harsh, cold climates. The extra heat produced by the furnace is an efficient way to keep your home toasty and comfortable.

By taking advantage of Amana air conditioning units, you and your family will surely enjoy the passing of the seasons in relative comfort. It is truly a world class product that enhances people’s way of life.