Interesting and Important Aluminum Facts

Aluminum is very widely used across the world. The uses are plentiful and its applications can be seen in food, packaging, transportation, electricity and other industries as well as at home. The metal stand 13th in the periodic table and its symbol is Aluminum. It comes from the Latin word “alumen” which means alum. Its melting point is 660.37oC and its boiling point is 2467oC. However, all these are common aluminum facts and you probably know already thanks to your high school Chemistry class. Hence, Listed below are some aluminum facts that you may find interesting, fascinating and important.

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Aluminum Facts You Ought To Know

  • Aluminum is the most commonly found metal in the Earth’s crust by far. It composes 8% of the total Earth’s crust.
  • 21 million tons of this metal are made each year and the bauxite mainly comes from New Guinea.
  • Aluminum is a shiny, silver colored metal but when exposed to air for, it becomes white. It however does not corrode easily.
  • You can never find Aluminum in its pure form naturally. It is always present in combination with various other chemicals and forms minerals.
  • Bauxite is the major source of this metal. It is a soft ore.
  • One of the very interesting aluminum facts that probably not many know of is that 50% of the soft drink cans made in the USA are manufactured from recycled Aluminum.
  • Long ago, Alum powder derived from Aluminum compounds were used in dyeing agents.
  • Aluminum is extremely light. In fact, it is among the lightest metals. When compared to steel, its weight is only one third but it is not as strong as steel. Hence, it can be made stronger when combined with stronger metals which forms aluminum alloys.
  • Aluminum oxide gives rise to corundum, which is a very hard mineral, on crystallization. This mineral is used in the sharpening of knives.

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  • Aluminum is not only light in weight; it is also durable and malleable. It is an extremely strong metal too and that is why it is used in manufacturing parts of airplanes too. It can be rolled, extruded or cast into numerous different shapes.
  • Aluminum is a great conductor of electricity and heat.
  • When Aluminum is polished, you get a material that shows the highest reflective property. The reflectivity it shows is even greater than a mirror glass.
  • The fact that it does not corrode makes it an important material for packaging food items.
  • Aluminum can be recycled a number of times without worrying about loss of properties.
  • Aluminum has been known to be hazardous to health too. Intake of Aluminum can cause Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

There are many such aluminum facts that make the metal highly important today. It has many different properties and imaging the world without the use of this metal is almost impossible.