5 Healthy Alternatives to Soft Drinks

Today, with the many carbonated drinks available in the market, it cannot be helped that plenty of kids prefer them and become attached to them. It is indeed a refreshing treat for many to take in these sweet sodas on a regular basis. Hence, it is up to you parents to shift them into healthier options. In particular, you can consider the 5 healthy alternatives to soft drinks discussed below.

Five Healthy Drinks for Children

Here are the 5 healthy alternatives to soft drinks and the benefits they can provide your children:

the best healthy alternatives to soft drinks

1.)  Tea:

Generally, tea is a considered a very healthy drink. It has lot so known benefits for the overall well-being of the human body and it contains no calories, too. Green tea, for instance, is also popular for giving protection against heart problems and diabetes. With regular intake, kids will surely benefit from tea in the long run. However, the taste may not be appealing to them. Thus, you can opt to give milk tea with minimal sugar. There are also some flavored tea options in the market nowadays.

2.)  Milk:

Of course, one of the 5 healthy alternatives to soft drinks includes milk as this is used to be a staple for babies, toddlers, and other youngsters. As your kids are growing up, you have to get them into the habit of drinking milk. After all, this drink supplies the body with protein, vitamin D, and calcium. Keep in mind also that you can always choose low-fat or skim milk to avoid added calories.

3.)  Concentrated Orange Juice:

For those with a sweet tooth, this is an ideal alternative. It still has that same sweet and refreshing taste, but healthier. It should, however, be diluted with water. At least it does not have the harmful contents of soft drinks, and can also provide your kids their regular dose of vitamin C. Nonetheless, it is best to downplay your intake of this beverage as too much can also lead to tooth cavities and weight gain.

4.) 100% Fruit and Vegetable Juice:

You can choose one or more fruits and/or vegetables for your healthy juices. There are readymade ones in the grocery or you can make your own. You can even use your b to turn them into shakes! These fruits and vegetables have a lot of healthy nutrients that can be wonderful for children. However, there is again a warning of too much intake that can still result in a huge amount of daily calories.

5.) Water:

Naturally, water is the best among these 5 healthy alternatives to soft drinks. It is not only fat-free and calorie-free, but it is vital in maintaining the good health of your kids’ bodies. Kids are very active and are always on the move, which is why it is important to constantly replace lost fluids. Train your children to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water everyday. You may suggest putting a dash of lime juice or lemon for some flavor.

water is the most recommended alternative drink to soft drinks

These 5 healthy alternatives to soft drinks will certainly help your kids grow up with stronger bodies and healthy lifestyles. This is important in keeping them away from sicknesses and having them live longer and happier.