The table top fridge is identical to a regular fridge and will work in the same way. It will function in the same manner to store food items in a cool setting while slowing down the rate of deterioration. This delay will be attained by reducing the speed at which bacteria will reproduce. However, the main difference would be the size of the portable table top fridge. Just as the name suggests, this fridge would be small enough to hold on a table or other similar surfaces at home.

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Quite often, people will purchase this kind of fridge because it is more desirable for certain situation than the regular version. The size is actually about one half of the standard fridge, which makes it more suited for people with confined living areas. An individual can get this fridge if they are living in a small apartment or a bedsit with less space to store household appliances. By using a smaller sized fridge this will give more room to store other necessities.

One more reason to get a table top fridge is when less food and drinks have to be kept in a cool environment. The perishable food items with a shorter shelf life will need this fridge unit. Popular items such as vegetables, fruits, poultry and various other fresh foods are generally stored in a fridge.

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If someone have limited items which require cool storage, it is best to consider a cheap table top mini fridge. Of course, there is no need to get a larger one if you don’t have enough items to full it. Quite often individuals living by themselves or as a couple will opt for these table top models. This appliance is also ideal for a company with a small number of employees, because very little or no cooking will take place in those environments.

This kind of appliance could provide extra storage space to act as a supplement for the regular fridge. With this table top unit at home, there will be enough storage space particularly if the space in the regular normal fridge can’t be utilized to its full extent.

A final reason for getting a table top fridge would be the cost. When you want a regular fridge with good quality, this could be expensive and the cost of the smaller fridge will be substantially less. This will be a good way to save some money and stay within budget, if you are just taking the step to go out on your own.