Even if you have never seen any Sunbrella pillows, you should at least have heard of how good they really are. These pillows are quality products, which are internationally renowned for their design, style and durability. With recognition from all over the world, these pillows are definitely not your ordinary pillows as they have many impressive features.

outdoor sunbrella pillows

Sunbrella pillows come in various beautiful designs and sizes and are specially created for outdoor usage. The pillows are not just to be used for outdoors but they too can be used as normal pillows in the bedrooms or even as upholstery for boats. They are filled with polyester and made from 100% acrylic yard dyed. They also have special weatherproof foam, which enables them to withstand even rainy conditions! Thus, unlike other pillows, the design and colors will not fade easily.


They are also not easily dirtied even after being left outdoors for long periods of time. Even if there is some dust on them, with a gentle sweep or pat, all dust will be gone and they can be used again. They too can be air-dried. No doubt, Sunbrella pillows can be easily cleaned as they have strong stains resistance. The covers also can be simply washed by your washing machine.

Sunbrella even have long warranties covering their pillows, which goes to show that they are confident of the quality and sustainability of the pillows. Clearly, they are truly one class above others in the same industry.

colorful outdoor patio cushions

Sunbrella also offers a variety of handmade embroidered pillow covers. The covers of the embroidered pillows from Sunbrella are definitely fascinating and gorgeous which you will not be able to get anywhere else. They are indeed prefect to be used as decorative items in your bedrooms, living rooms and also outdoors. Some people even buy these as corporate gifts for their clients or as presents to family members and friends. With more than 45 years in the business, it is no wonder that Sunbrella is considered the best by many in the industry.

embroidered pillows from Sunbrella designs

If you possess an outdoor patio in your place, then you are in luck as Sunbrella provides some of the most eye-catching and captivating designs for outdoor patios cushions. These Sunbrella cushions are very easy to clean as well. Just rinse them in clean water and then leave them outdoors for them to dry. The best thing is that water does not get absorbed easily by the Sunbrella cushions.

elegance sunbrella cushions

In conclusion, if want to take your comfort to an entirely new level, Sunbrella pillows are definitely a must for you. Trust satisfied customers when they say that if you use any of Sunbrella products, you will find yourself not using other pillows and cushions of different brands anymore.