Submersible pumps are special types of pumps that can be placed underwater to pump out undesired water from crawlspaces or basements. Some of these submersible pumps are designed to work while partially submerged whereas some are designed to work while fully submerged underwater.

Working Principle

Submersible pumps are usually powered by electric current. They can either run on direct or alternating current. Each of these pumps is designed with a hermetically-sealed motor that is protected inside a water-tight compartment that is filled with oil. The motor uses a special drive shaft which rotates an impeller, generating speed which in turn creates pressure for discharging unwanted water. The pump sucks up water through its bottom, redirecting the water to a septic pump, a sewer or to an outdoor drain.

heavy duty electric submersible pump

A Comparison

Submersible pumps have numerous advantages as compared to other types of pumps. Some of these benefits include:

  • Efficiency – As compared to external pumps, submersible pumps are definitely more efficient. As they are submerged underwater, they detect the water level faster and pump water with a surprising speed.
  • Safety – When it comes to safety, submersible pumps are very safe as compared to external pumps. They do not pose any danger as all the parts and components of the pumps are submerged under the water, far away from physical contact. External components have all their potentially dangerous components exposed. This makes them risky as children can accidentally hurt themselves by touching or playing with the valves, bushings and bearings.
  • Noise Level – Submersible pumps are less noisy as compared to external pumps. This is due to the fact that the sound produced by the pump’s motor is muffled by the sump pit walls. The motor of an external pit is outside the sump pit, producing a lot of noise that can be irritating to the ears.

safe and efficient mono submersible pumps

Buying Submersible Pumps

Due to the fact that there are different designs and styles of submersible pumps available in the stores today, you should be very careful before buying one. The following are useful tips that can guide you before you purchase.

  • Model – Submersible pumps come in two different models: the automatic model and manual model. The automatic model is the best type to buy. The best automatic pump models that you should go for are the Zoeller pumps.  Automatic models turn on automatically when the water level reaches a particular level, saving you the trouble of checking the basement for flooding. Manual models must be turned on in order to start pumping out water.
  • Price – Different stores sell submersible pumps at different prices. The usually cost between $70.00 and $250.00. Do your research and go to the most affordable store.
  • Material – Submersible pumps are made of different materials such as iron, poly-composite (plastic) and stainless steel. The best pumps to go for are those that are made of stainless steel as they are rust proof and very durable.

Having one of these submersible pumps at home or any business establishments  is very necessary, especially if you have a basement. Just ensure that you buy the right pump and you will not be worried about flooding.