Are you looking for stylish karate belts to enhance your look during martial arts training? Since karate is one of the most recognized forms of martial arts and is usually included in movies and television shows, more people have increasingly become aware of it. As of such, these belts are now emerging as fashion accessories to enhance their outfit on and off their karate class. Read on to find out more about karate belts and the meaning of the different colors.


different karate stylish belt colors

Meaning Of Karate Belts Colors

·        White

Since this color signifies purity, it is given to a novice who has no prior knowledge or training of karate.

·        Yellow

This color belt is given to someone who has control over his or her body and it follows the white. This color represents sunrise to show that the student’s efforts are starting to bear fruit.  At times, an orange colored belt will be given instead of the yellow belt when someone is making more progress while training at this level.

·        Green

Once someone is ready to master the advanced karate techniques, this person will get a green belt. The green color signifies plant growing as it flourishes from the ground.

·        Blue

This belt is given as a reminder that the student must continue to work hard. Basically, this is an encouragement for him or her to excel in training and reach to the color at the highest level. Often times, a purple color will be given as one of the stylish karate belts at this stage of training.

·        Brown

Sometimes this color belt will be awarded to a student who has created his or her own technique. However, brown or maybe red colored belt is often awarded when someone has mastered advanced techniques.

·        Black

stylish karate cotton black belts

Anyone with a black belt is regarded as a master because it signifies that this person has advanced expertise in this marital art form. This belt is awarded as the highest ranking in karate.

Now that you know what the different karate belt colors represent, you can work harder to earn the next higher belt up to black belt. Always remember that the different belts in karate are dyed in various colors to represent the skill level or progression in this sport. You should know that there are other parts of the uniform and accessories required for this sport, but the stylish karate belts are the most important.

How To Tie Karate Belt

If you are seriously considering karate as a sport, it is important to learn the best way to tie the belts. This is one of the first things that everyone has to master when they are learning this combat sport. For comfort during practice and aesthetic reasons, here is how you should tie the belt:

  1. The belt should not cross at the back.
  2. When you are learning how to tie karate belt, you should ensure that it rest over your hip bones and is tight enough to hold firm.
  3. The ends must be equal at all times with the knots going downwards.

Even though you might only be interested in stylish karate belts as fashion, still, it is important to know what the sport is all about, specifically, what the color the belt you are wearing represents.