A display cabinet is a perfect house accessory for showcasing small household items such as china ware, trophies, curios, jewelry and other items such as baseballs, golf balls, swords, guns and caps. Display cabinets are best used when placed in a living room or any area of the house that everyone who comes in can see them.

aluminum wall display cabinet

Types and Styles

There are various types and styles of display cabinets that you can choose from to suit your taste. Some of the major styles include:

  • Cabinets with curved legs and curved sides for that classical look.
  • Cabinet with straight length legs and smooth sides for that modern look.

The types are distinct because various display cabinets are meant for various items.

  • Curio cabinets and corner cabinets are used for displaying glass or porcelain figurines.
  • Achievements cabinets are used for holding trophies, medals and flags.
  • Special display cabinets are used for holding items such as guns, swords, bats and so on.

There are also some specially made display cabinets such as football display case, which is made for a single football. This cabinet rests on a small cradle in the case and enclosed within glass walls.

Materials Used

Different materials are used in making different kinds of display cabinets.

  • Wood is the most common, which is mostly preferred for making the corner display cabinet since wood is stronger and will support the weight of the items above and within the cabinet.
  • Glass is another material used, especially if you want to make a lighted display cabinet. Glass reflects the light and illuminates the cabinet.

You can also have a cabinet made from the combination of both wood and glass to make a fine wall display cabinet, with wooden sides and glass shelves.

engaging glass display cabinet

Organizing Items in a Display Cabinet

However, the real task comes in when you want to organize the items in the display case and place them strategically to achieve a good look on your display cabinet. Nonetheless, with a few tips this should be easy.

  • Get the right theme for the cabinet which should match the room`s theme.
  • Avoid overcrowding your cabinet so that each piece plays its role.
  • Place the larger items in the center of the cabinet.
  • If you have metallic objects, you might want to use fabric to soften the look.
  • A mirror is important to create an impression of largeness and for reflection.
  • Also, make sure you pick a color that matches the general color of the room.

A display cabinet can be a good conversation starter if strategically placed in a room. For this reason it should be neat and beautiful, such that anyone who looks at it will be charmed and feel obliged to make good comments about it.