A strapless bra is the best choice of bra to put on with a strapless dress or top. They are the ideal solution for enhancement under strapless tops. According to bra designers, strapless bras are among the most challenging to design. There are different types that are designed to be worn under different colors and fabric of the top so as to conceal it.

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Types of Strapless Bra

Below are types of strapless bras;

  • Bandeau – This is a strapless bra made without an underwire; therefore, it does not provide support. They are designed almost the same way as a tube top with a light and stretchable material. They can simply be described as a scarf wrapped around the chest area and tied together in the middle of the breasts. They are mostly worn with casual wear.
  • Underwire – Under wires in a strapless bra is made in a way that it covers most of the breast area than bras with straps. This is to help provide support and to keep the bras up. When it is worn for a long time, a woman may have to keep tugging it into place .
  • Padded strapless bra – Padding make the breasts appear fuller and make the bra cup appear seamless. Padding is normally formed by sewing foam to the breast cup.
  • Strapless long line– This is a type of strapless bra that fits over the waist and down to the waist. It provides the breast with support and a shaping effect along the waist line. The cups of this bra may be padded or have an underwire. Strapless long line can be designed to be worn as a top with a variety of ornaments and colors.
  • Adhesive bras – These are strapless bras that are plain on the back and are best worn with dresses or tops with plunging backs. It is also called backless strapless bra. It uses light adhesive to fasten the bra over the breast. It provides very little support and is not advisable for large busted women. They are available in padded or non padded forms.

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Other Specific Variations

You can find a selection of plus size strapless bras designed in many shops that sale under garments. A plus size strapless bra has an under wire to provide support and so as to stay in place throughout the day. An invisible bra is an adhesive type that gives the breast a push up and enhancement without being noticed. They are called invisible because they are strapless and cannot be noticed very easily through clothing but they are there.

You can find the best strapless bra in your local clothes store or in online stores. It is better to look for bras according to your needs and not according to what is popular. Then at the end of the day you can call it your own the best strapless bra.