Stella perfume is a set of fragrances that have been created by the well-known celebrity Stella McCartney. Stella McCartney is renowned for not only being the daughter of the musical legend Paul McCartney but is also as a fashion designer to be reckoned with. Her dream debut in the fashion world took everyone by storm as she gained rapid success and achieved a number of fans following in no time at all. With this grand success, she diversified into producing Stella perfume under her own brand name that, too, gained massive popularity due to a fragrance that is unlike any other found in the market.

glittering sheer stella perfume

Stella perfume fragrances first hit the market fairly recently in the year 2008. Although she is not that familiar with the perfume business, Stella McCartney has fast established herself as a perfume designer to be reckoned with in no time at all. Stella perfume is very nominally priced and costs much less than those that belong to the high-end brands. The best thing about these perfumes is that they smell just like a perfume that is very highly priced. So, one can purchase and use a perfume that makes her smell very high street without having to shell out huge bucks for it. It gives one a classy smell that can be worn on any occasion.

splendid perfue of sheer stella

Most Stella perfume come with a subtle fragrance that is a treat to the senses. A whiff of Stella perfume is likely to be remembered by the user for a lifetime. The smell of peonies, roses and other natural elements are combined to provide a soft fragrant experience to the user. Stella perfume also makes a great gift for one’s friends and family. Stella perfume gift sets can be wrapped up and presented that may contain a combination of two or more fragrances in them. These can easily be purchased online or from the nearest retail store. A person wearing these perfumes will not need to put on another whiff throughout the day as these fragrances have a long term stay on the body. The smell of the perfumes tends to be different and unique for every wearer as it blends in with the natural scent of the body to provide a different fragrance for every user.

sheer stella's ideal gift for any occassion

These perfumes have a refreshing and youthful vibe to them and are appropriately packaged in bright colored bottles. The most recent addition to Stella’s line of perfumes is the Sheer Stella Perfume. This fragrance has been launched in the year 2009. It includes an eclectic mix of the scent of roses that is the signature for every Stella perfume along with hints of amber, lemon and green apple. It is essentially a summer fragrance and is available in 100 ml containers. It is basically an innovative twist to the original fragrances by Stella that have been launched previously and consists of a charismatic scent. The bottle too showcases the natural elements of summer and is pink tinged. One will be able to pick it up anywhere on the online market.

glittering sheer stella perfume