How To Find The Best Running Gear For Flat Feet

Finding the proper running gear is hard especially for the one third of the population of the world that has flat feet. Flat feet are a condition where a person lacks an arch between the big toe and heel. A person has to establish that he or she has flat feet before identifying the right shoes for running. This can be done using the footprint test by running on sand or by stepping on a paper with wet feet. A person with flat feet should have a footprint that lacks a gap between the toe and heel. This condition can also be diagnosed in a hospital by a physician. Foot experts can offer advice or tips to consider when looking for the best running shoes for flat feet.

Best Womens Running Gear

Over Pronator

People with flat feet are normally over pronator. This is a situation where feet roll inwards while running since the arch of the foot is always flat. Over pronating may also lead to severe injuries such as bunions and shin splints due to the excessive inward motion. Running gear for over pronator should provide sufficient arch support and make the foot more stable during walking to reduce the inward rolling motion. The best running shoes for flat feet have a high percentage of support indicated on the package specifications.

Special Features to Support Flat Footed Individuals

 Shoes that are fitted with motion control details provide unique support for the feet and also help in reducing over pronation for individuals with flat feet. They are designed to be rigid to reduce foot injury that may occur through inward rolling. Both the heel and the toe are properly cushioned to provide fitting running motion in such running gear. Finding the best running shoes for flat feet should provide sufficient motion control and allow proper circulation in the feet.

Finding The Best Running Shoes For Normal and Flat FeetOrthotic devices can be fitted into running gear to help correct over pronation by adjusting the positioning of the heel thereby reducing the exaggerated motion of the foot while walking or running. Orthotic devices may be uncomfortable for some people with flat feet although they are very helpful in creating an arch between the big toe and heel. A flat foot may get accustomed to the arch and develop a natural arch especially if the orthotic device is introduced just before adolescence and adult hood and if the device is used long enough. Shoes may be customized to match the needs of any individual by fitting prescribed orthotics.

 People with flat feet can visit sports stores and have the fitters watch their feet motion in order to prescribe the right running gear. It is advisable to have the selected shoes fitted for a person. This makes sure that they can walk and run properly with the shoes. The best running shoes for flat feet are supposed to be comfortable to the user and minimize the dangers of injury as much as possible. One can also have shoes that are custom made as to the recommendations of a professional physical trainer. This caters to the specific needs of a customer.

Qualities of the Best Running Shoes

Success is a journey not a destination hence as an athlete one has to select the best running shoes in the market. Fortunately there are over 20 brands of running shoes for both men and women available in all leading stores that stock sports kits. However in order to derive maximum benefits you have to consider a few factors so as to avoid wasting resources on some low quality products. Get value for the money by considering the following factors when selecting the best trail running shoes.

Getting The Best Running Shoes For Women

High Quality Material

Different running shoes vary significantly in terms of the material used in the design and manufacturer of the product. Research on the various products shows that shoes made from high quality materials are more durable as compared to those made using sub-standard materials. Be sure to inquire about the kind of material used to make the product before purchase so as to ensure that your get only the best running shoes. The most popular materials used to make the best running shoes for men include Vinyl, Polyurethane, Rubber and synthetic fabrics such as nylon. One of the benefits of selecting running shoes made from nylon is that they are very easy to clean and are less susceptible to severe weather conditions.


The best running shoes for women should have an inner cushioning material that effectively protects the feet from any injuries. The best running shoes are usually made using high quality material that has the capacity to effectively absorb a great deal of impact or force. This in turn helps to enhance and safeguard mobility of the joints and the feet.


An unstable shoe can cause detrimental damage to the feet especially joints. Only the best running shoes can offer enough stability that is required on the tracks. Its recommendable to carry out a background research on the various running shoes, a negative review from past clients should be treated as an early red flag. One of the features that determine stability of the shoe is the size of the heel. In most cases running shoes with a high heel are usually very unstable.

Asics Gel GT-2000 Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet  Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet

Well Fitting

Manufacturers have diversified the size of shoes produced so as to meet a diverse preferences and needs of customers. For example there are a number of best running shoes for flat feet that are very efficient and comfortable to use if you have flat feet. It’s advisable to select shoes that fit you well just like socks but one needs to be cautious not to select a shoe that is too tight. One can always check the size of the shoe before purchasing just to be sure so as to avoid any inconveniences later.


This is one of the most important aspects among the best running shoes. The selected shoe should be able to allow ample penetration of air so as to cool the feet and prevent accumulation of moisture inside. Most of the manufacturers have improved their products by using porous materials in the production. This in turn helps to prevent bacteria and yeast infections that may develop as a result of moist conditions inside the shoe.

It’s important to point out the fact that in most case the best running shoes can only be accessed from renowned suppliers who have a positive reputation of satisfying needs of clients at all times.

Why Trail Running Shoes Stand Above the Rest

Trail running shoes are flat and studier to enable you take on unbeaten tracks, whether in the woods, stony or rough tracks where ordinary running shoes may be of little help. The shoes are typically flat with a wide outsole for optimum balance on less even surfaces that are likely to cause ankle rolls. Waterproof trail running shoes protects your feet against dew or any other kind of wetness. As a result, you will be on a position to cover long distances without worrying about diseases such as trench foot especially if you regularly jog along wet and murky tracks.

Mens Brooks Cascadia  Trail Running Shoes

What Keeps Trail Running Shoes Top of the Shelf?

Women and mens trail running shoes are widely celebrated alike, owing to numerous ground breaking features that the come with. These features are continuously improved to help you step up your running bio-dynamics and get the best out of your track workouts. Some of these features include:

  • Moderate heel width to offer higher maneuverability
  • Minimal sole thickness that contributes towards trail running shoes’ feet weight reduction capabilities aimed at eliminating muscle fatigue to enable you cover longer distances comfortably
  • A wider toe box for increased comfort levels
  • Best trail running shoes have lower heel cuffs
  • Trail track shoes are also known to be the best running shoes for flat feet people because they are fitted with motion control design aspects to guard against foot ache after a long jog.

Trail Running Shoes Models Available

Choosing the best trail running shoes depends on your track activities and the type of terrain you pick for your running exercises. The hybrid models are for instance handy for people who jog along trails that are technical as their design allows you to glide over obstacles and unbalanced tracks. Top hybrid models on the other hand are designed to handle less complex trails. This category of trail running shoes befit beginners taking on simple tracks whereas conventional models are suitable for runners whose paths include mountainous areas. Conventional models have rugged outsoles to protect you from sharp protruding rocks. Their lugs and tread’s spacing is beneficial in crossing muddy planes and rivers without worrying about traction hence most waterproof trail running shoes fall under this category.

Columbia Waterproof Trail Running Shoes

Uses of Trail Running Shoes

Other than feet protection and attaining the right speed using pre-fitted mechanisms, you can use these shoes to prevent joint and other medical complications runners often experience. This includes build up lactic acid that causes pain within the muscles. Though the shoes cannot completely eliminate the accumulation of the acid that causes muscle cramps, they reduce its formation significantly owing to their lightweight features that reduce the amount of weight on your feet. The soles have higher density to increase your level of stability of the track hence making them significant in avoiding mishaps on slippery and gravel filled paths.

This makes trail running shoes the best companion for runners who want the most out of their track endeavors using shoes that provide a balance between sports shoes’ technology, elegance and safety. Ends

Getting the Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

There are many shoes out there but not all are best running shoes for flat feet. If you are flat footed, you have to know the following information. This will help you get the best running shoes to suit your condition.

Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 15 Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet

What is a flat foot?

A flat footed-person is somebody whose feet haven’t developed the arch or the gap in the sole. The arch of the foot is made up by the tarsal and metatarsal bones further supported by the tendons and ligaments. This part is very important because it allows the feet to hold a person’s body weight while standing, walking, and running with the least weight.  This type of deformity is either developed or in-born.

There are people whose flat-foot is due to congenital bone malformation. If detected earlier, corrective measures can be introduced and the arch could still be developed. However, there are acquired flat-feet deformities. It can be due to improper walking or running habits and other activities that hurt the feet.

Daily running and walking exposes the feet to hard surface while bearing the entire weight of the body. Without any knowledge about proper walking techniques, this day to day routine can damage the feet.  The gravity induced pressure of walking can multiply the body weight each foot has to carry for three to four times. As this happens, the muscles of the feet particularly the arch deteriorates.

Asics Gel Gt-2170 Best Athletic Shoes For Flat Feet

Can a flat footed person still run?

While having a flat-foot can hamper some activities, there have been ways to reduce its effects. With the help of well-designed shoes for flat-footed persons, walking and running are possible. People with flat feet have to be extra careful in choosing the best running shoes.

  • The best running shoes for flat feet should have proven stability. Stability simply means the shoe helps with over pronation. The best athletic shoes for flat feet are those that have can adequately stabilize the imbalance of bones and muscles in the feet.


Best brands

    • Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 15
    • Asics Gel GT-2170
    • Mizuno Wave Inspire 8
    • Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12
    • Nike Lunarglide+3


Nike Free Run+ Cushioned Running Shoes

  • The best running shoes for flat feet should have proper support. Support is a primary need for flat foot runners. The shoe should indicate that it provides added support for running.
  • The best running shoes for flat feet should have motion control. Motion Control is the most necessary stabilizer for over pronators. It adds stability and strengthens it. Top brands and models include:
    • Brooks Trance 11
    • New Balance 1226.
    • Asics Evolution 6.


Vibram Barefoot Running Shoes

Barefoot running with flatfeet?

There are camps of runners saying that barefoot running can improve flat-feet a lot. Some have recorded dramatic changes while others said the change took years to happen. What’s best is to consult first with your doctor before doing anything.

Go barefoot running with the best protection. Choose barefoot running shoes that are comfortable, durable, provides enough support, stability and motion control. It’s also best to look for cushioned running shoes for either normal or barefoot running. Try looking at the features of Nike Free 5.0 or the Nike Free Run+. And for extreme trail running, check out the most trendy trail running shoes online.


Popular Styles of Water Bottles

Bottled water is becoming all the rage these days. It is quite surprising that despite tap water being deemed safe for 99% of the population in the western world, more and more people are opting for bottled water. Although safety has been listed as an issue, the majority state they prefer the taste whereas others simply stated that they just like the way it’s packaged.

There are various styles of water bottles on the market today. With the increase in the demand for bottled water, companies are actively competing to get as much market share as possible. One of the main weapons used by companies is packaging innovation. Innovations from the shape of the bottle to the colour of the bottle, from the type of material used to the size of the bottle, from recyclable to re-usable. All types of innovations have come about.

mizu colored stainless-steel water bottle

Types of water bottles

  • Water bottle shapes have been designed to be aesthetically pleasing such as some ‘twisty’ styled bottles, functional such as sports bottles or ‘space’ efficient to give the impression that there is more in the bottle than there actually is.

Colour of water bottles

  • Colour has also been used as part of the style to enhance the appearance and hence increase the sales of certain brands.
  • Additionally it is claimed that specific colours can cause physiological changes i.e. yellow makes people thirsty and red makes them hungry.

Materials used to make water bottles

  • When it comes to the actual materials that are used to make water bottles, a number of materials have been used. They range from glass, different types of plastics, laminated cardboard and aluminum.
  • For a long time plastics have been the material of choice however due to environmental concerns surrounding plastics, aluminum water bottles are seeing a rise.
  • In fact, the majority of vending machines now store more aluminum cans than plastic bottles.

hydro flask 18oz wide mouth sports bottle

Other classifications

Water bottle styles can also be separated into wide mouth bottles, ‘lifestyle’ bottles and ‘sports’ bottles.

  • Wide mouth bottles: These are usually aluminum and have a wide enough mouth to allow ice to be dropped in. They tend to be really robust and can be washed and reused.
  • Lifestyle bottles: These kinds tend to be designed for specific personalities to their own specific tastes. The tend to be fairly pricey and are designed to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. They incorporate technologies such as those used in vacuum flasks and other cutting edge technologies that allow things such as the prevention of residue settling at the bottom of the flask.
  • Sports water bottles: These bottles’ main feature is their lightweightness. They can be clipped on the athletes, on to bikes etc.

Some Creative Ways to Recycle Water Bottles

Recycling is one of the issues that the contemporary world is most concerned about. It is really an important issue both for the general public and the economy. In recent years, recycling has become a major issue in scientific research in various fields, as many studies have been suggesting that people are consuming the natural resources too fast to sustain a healthy balance in nature. As a result, it seems that they are living for just today and the future generation would have to pay for it. And, that’s the main point that makes recycling so important.

creative ways to recycle water bottles

The Uses for Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are widely used for beverage(including water) distribution at the consumer level. The usage of plastic water bottles is higher than the other types such as aluminum water bottles mainly because of its lightweight characteristic and low production cost. However, once you’re done with using these plastic bottles, you end up throwing it away.

But, why don’t you recycle and reuse them? it is always possible to show your creativity with almost anything. What is needed to do this is just a bit of imagination. Let me tell you about some ideas.

Tips in Recycling/Reusing Plastic Bottles

  • Make a unique dress: You can easily make a unique dress just using plastic bottles. To do this, make shapes of your chosen cutting from plastic bottles and stick those in your dress just like people use to embroider shapes with cotton or silk threads. You can also use threads to sew it with the dress even though it’s not among the easiest tasks.
  • Make a raft: Another creative way to recycle plastic bottles is to make a raft. You will need a lot of bottles for it. And, it is very simple to do. Just tie the bottles together using a wooden bar or something. You can also paint it using different colors to make it attractive.
  • Make canisters/containers: You can also cut the water bottles at the middle and use as the substitute of tubs made by metal or earth while making your own herb garden at your balcony or rooftop.
  • Science projects/materials: It is also possible to use water bottles to demonstrate simple science projects to kids such as how plants grow from the seeds, or how water and oil get mixed initially after a shake and then get separated again very quickly. Such simple science projects can help your kids to understand science easily in one hand and to make creative use of plastic water bottles on the other.

make a recycle to your favorite water bottles

One of the most important benefits in using recycled plastic is energy conservation; compared to the energy consumed in plastic production from raw materials, production of new plastic products from recycled materials saves up to one third of energy. There are a lot more, but, probably the most important issue in recycling plastic bottles is the environmental issue. Emissions of greenhouse gases can significantly be reduced by using recycled plastic bottles. Thus, recycling water bottles is beneficial to both the user and the whole world. Make it a daily life practice. Remember, if you’re recycling anything you’re making a huge contribution in saving Mother earth, not just for you but for your children’s children, too.