Tetherball Rules and Information for Players

Tetherball is a really unique game that can be played by two players. Originated from North America, it is a game where two players will fight on who will be able to wind the ball all the way around a metal pole first. Before you can play an enjoyable game of tetherball, make sure you have got all the equipment needed and you know the tetherball rules.

The Equipment

  • Stationary Pole
  • Ball
  • Rope

world class tetherball set, tetherball rules

The ball will be tied to the top of the pole, which is put in an upright position. To prevent cheating, the players must know about the tetherball rules. This is to make sure that the game will be unbiased and enjoyable for both players and also the spectators.

Tetherball Rules:

Rules of tetherball are not that hard to understand. This is why the game is playable by kids who are still young. However, there are official tetherball rule books that you can buy in bookstores if you really want to make sure that the rules you followed are correct.  The most common rule being implemented in tetherball games is that once a player serves, the other player can hit the ball immediately. This is actually a wrong rule because possession is the key to winning a tetherball game. However, it is forgiven in tetherball rules for kids. The official tetherball rules in the other hand said that once a player serves, both the server and the other player must wait for the ball to wrap the pole four times before the ball can be hit again by either player.

tetherball rules


To win a game of tetherball, you must wrap the ball all the way around the pole up to the point where there is no more rope left to wrap around. Once this has happened, the winning player is ahead one game to zero games. It is up to the players to decide how many games one must win in order to be the overall winner. With this in mind, a tetherball game can last as long as you want, as long as you’re keeping score. A tetherball match must be won by at least two games to one. This is so that the order of serves doesn’t play a factor in who wins due to the advantage of the receiver. A very common format of tetherball matches is to play until the first player wins seven games by a margin of two. That player will win the overall match.


Players must take it in turns to serve during each new game. The server throws the ball up in the air and hits it into the direction of the receiver. Once the ball has been served, the server can’t then hit the ball again until either the opponent touches the ball, or the ball has wrapped around the pole a minimum of four times. Once either of these two conditions has been met, both of the players can then hit the ball at any time when it is on their side.


Players are not allowed to touch either the rope or the pole at any point during a game. Crossing a line onto what is considered the opponent’s side is considered to be classed as “offside”. Throwing the ball is against the tetherball rules, and any strikes must bounce off the player’s hands or forearms. The ball should always be in motion and never pause or be “carried” by either of the players. Touching the ball with anything other than the forearms or the hands is against the tetherball rules. Players must only hit the ball once per each wrap around the pole. That is unless the ball touches the other player, or the pole itself.

The Penalties

Tetherball rules are also important to distinguish penalties and violations. Every intentional violation in a tetherball game will result in the loss of the player who did the infringement. These will be judged by the referee. Unintentional violations, on the other hand, will result in the game being stopped and the ball will be returned to the state before the violation occurred. This is usually not being implemented in tetherball rules for kids. However, if a player commits the unintentional violations three times consecutively, his or her opponent will win the game automatically.

In a nutshell, playing tetherball will be more entertaining when you know the tetherball rules. If you are planning to buy a tetherball set for your children to play, you can at least inform them about the tetherball rules first. This is to prevent your children from scratching each other because they did not follow the rules. Once again, teaching them the rules of tetherball will be easy as they are not as complicated as other major sports like basketball and soccer.

Tetherball Rules: Conclusion

We hope that this article has given you some great insight into the game of tetherball, as well as the tetherball rules. Have you ever played tetherball before? Do you have any stories about a tether ball match that you’ve played before? We would love to hear your thoughts and stories in the comments section below this article.

Discount Shoes Up For Grabs

If you’re in need of a new pair of shoes, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you may be considering purchasing discount shoes.  There are many places where you can find discount shoes, both online and in retail stores.  Deciding where to get your discount shoes is a matter of personal preference, and no matter what you choose, you’ll find plenty of great deals on the hottest styles and most comfortable brands.

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Best Places To Buy Discount Shoes

There are many places where you can look for discount shoes, and each has its own perks and drawbacks.  Take a look at the following list of places to purchase discount shoes for ideas of where you can get a great deal on your next pair of shoes.

  • Outlet Centers:

Outlet centers are gaining popularity amongst a growing demographic of shoppers.  Open air, mall style outlet centers offer visitors a chance to get great deals while enjoying fresh air and specialty shops.  Many shoe manufacturers that don’t have their own retail stores have outlet stores to sell discontinued, out of season, or flawed shoes that they couldn’t find homes for in regular retail stores.  Outlet centers are a great place to find discount designer shoes for a fraction of the regular price.  Just be ready to wear last seasons style, or shop out-of-season to get the best deals.

  • The Clearance Section:

If you don’t live near an outlet center, you can still find plenty of deals on discount shoes at the clearance section of your favorite shoe store.  Many large mall shoe stores have multiple racks or entire rooms full of clearance shoes that have been marked down.  If you want the best selection, shop at the end of the season to get deals on shoes the store is clearing out to make room for new varieties.  The clearance section is a great place to find discount running shoes from top name manufacturers.

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  • The Internet:

Finally, there is the internet.  The internet is a great place to find discount shoes online.  Shopping online makes it easy to quickly locate the best deals on the shoes you want.  You can find deals on specific brands of shoes like Nine West or elegant Sofft shoes for women.  There are many great deals available online, but unfortunately, you don’t get to try the shoes on before you buy them.  Look for retailers that offer free returns if you’re planning on purchasing discount shoes online.

There are plenty of places you can find great discount shoes.  Depending on what you’re looking for, you can shop in store or online and find the best deals on your next pair of shoes.  Finding a great deal is easy, and once you pay less than half the retail price for a pair of shoes, you’ll never purchase footwear at full price again!

A Guide to Womens Shoes

There are many different styles of womens shoes on the market that are designed for different uses.  Navigating the world of womens shoes can be difficult, especially if you’re looking for a gift for a loved one and you don’t know where to begin.  The following guide will help you understand the different types of womens shoes and their uses.


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Your Options for Womens Shoes


  • Womens Basketball Shoes:

Womens basketball shoes are sturdy, lace up shoes that look like sneakers.  They are designed for intense physical activities, such as playing basketball. They usually include shock absorbing soles, and special venting technology to keep feet cool and dry.  When you look for a pair of womens basketball shoes, look for a shoe with plenty of support underneath, and a supportive, but not obstructive ankle area.  There should be plenty of tread on the bottom of the shoe, and it’s best if the bottom is not significantly wider than the top to avoid tripping.

  • Womens Running Shoes:

Womens running shoes are lightweight and flexible.  They offer a slightly cushioned sole, and a shock absorbing heel.  You’ll notice that most womens running shoes are cut low, to allow for maximum range of motion.  The big thing you need to look for if choosing running shoes for someone else is the proper width. You can find your loved ones width printed on other pairs of shoes.  A W on the tag on the tongue of the shoe indicates a wide width.  It’s important to get the correct width of shoe for maximum comfort.  Not all brands of womens shoes come in different widths, so make a mental note of the general width of her feet before you try to buy running shoes for her.


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  • Cheap Womens Shoes:

If the woman you’re buying shoes for isn’t going to use them for a specific activity, you can get something that looks nice, but isn’t necessarily the best quality.  Cheap womens shoes are a great way to add to the special woman in your life’s shoe collection without breaking the bank.  Shoes she will only wear once or twice don’t need to be the highest quality.  If you’re treating her to a night out on the town and surprising her with a new outfit and shoes to match, you can get away with buying a cheaper pair of shoes because she will likely only wear them once or twice then stash them in the closet.  You can find cheap womens shoes at mass merchandisers, or discount shoe stores.

  • Specialty Shoes:

Finally, there are the specialty shoes.  Trendy Sofft shoes for women would be considered specialty shoes, as well as Jimmy Choo’s or Ugg Boots.  In terms of gift giving, specialty womens shoes are the most impressive and also the most expensive type of gift you could give, but it would certainly be well received!

There are many types of womens shoes to choose from.  Designers come out with new styles and fashions each season and womens shoes trends change with the seasons.  If you’re uncomfortable choosing shoes, or don’t know the size of the woman you’re looking at shoes for, don’t be afraid to give her a gift certificate so she can pick her own!

Getting the Right Running Shoes

If you’re in the market for your next pair of running shoes, do your homework before spending big bucks on a new pair. Finding the best running shoes for your lifestyle is important if you want to protect your ankles and legs from injury. From mens water shoes to barefoot running shoes, there are a lot of options out there.

Finding The Perfect Running Shoes

Knowing Your Foot Type

The type of feet you have has a lot to do with the running shoes you should choose. Most salespeople should know how to figure out what type of foot you have and find the perfect running shoes for you. If you want to figure out your foot type on your own, look at the shape your footprint leaves in sand.

There are three main types of feet:

  • Flat Feet:

Flat feet don’t have any arch. Your foot will be completely flat, from your toes to your heel. With the sand print test, your footprint will be a blog, without any curve from your toe to your heel.

  • High Arches:

High arches are pretty self explanatory. With the footprint test, the middle part of your foot will look super skinny.

  • Normal Feet:

A normal pair of feet will have a slight arch. With the footprint test, the inward curve of your arch shouldn’t be more than 3/4 of an inch.

Amazing Brooks Running Shoes for Her

Shopping for Your Foot Type

The type of feet you have will determine the type of running shoes you should buy.

  • For Flat Feet:

People whose feet are flat often find their feet rolling inwards while running. You’ll need a shoe that keeps you stable. Look for shoes that have motion control. You may want to insert orthotics into your sneakers, too.

  • For High Arches:

People whose feet have high arches often find their feet rolling their outwards while running. Opt for sneakers with a soft midsole to absorb shock. Look for running shoes that say “flexible” or “cushioned” in the description.

  • Normal Feet:

There are a wide variety of shoes made for people with normal feet. Just don’t choose any that are specifically designed to combat a foot problem.

Running Shoes User Reviews

Find user reviews for any type of running shoes you’re interested in. For example, if you want a pair of Brooks running shoes, head over to the website and see what shoppers are saying. Pay attention to repetitive comments, both positive and negative. Chances are that if several people are having the same experience, you will too.

Mens Water Shoes – Built For Extreme Water Sports

Mens water shoes are outdoor shoes suitable for wet conditions; whether it be for hiking, fishing or undertaking other water sports. With specialized exercise clothing, like these shoes, it is best to buy quality over versions of cheap shoes. Consider it an investment in your comfort and safety. Well-made mens water shoes will also last so much longer than cheaper versions, and may even come with a guarantee.

Vibram Mens Water Shoes Size 15

The large range of mens water shoes is somewhat mind-boggling. The different water shoe styles reflect varying suitability for a variety of water sports and related activities. When you are doing your research before buying this type of shoe, consider what outdoor activities you are most likely to need them for. Do you kayak? White-water raft? Or are the water shoes for wearing when you are at the beach, on holidays? Outdoor, water-based activities that definitely benefit from wearing mens water shoes which include the following popular activities below.

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Activities Ideal For Mens Water Shoes

  • Fishing on rocks, or at the beach
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking / bushwalking
  • Rafting
  • Boating
  • Beachcombing

Regardless of the extremely large range available for purchase, the best mens water shoes will always give you the performance and function you are looking for which should be more than just being waterproof. The following qualities below should be experienced in any footwear claiming to be a pair of mens water shoes.

Choosing The Best Mens Water Shoes

Features Mens Water Shoes Must Have

  • Keep feet dry and comfortable
  • Provide exceptional grip (for instance: when walking over wet rocks or other slippery surfaces) to prevent slipping
  • Have a sole designed to keep you steady on your feet, no matter what the surface
  • Be made from durable, quality materials
  • Support and cushion the feet
  • Keep feet safe from cuts and scrapes, on rocks, mussels and other sharp items
  • Be adequately flexible and versatile in different water environments
  • Dry off quickly after exposure to water, including ports to let water run out speedily and efficiently
  • Have a breathable design
  • Be quick and easy to pull on, and easy to take off afterwards. This is a fine line; the design must allow for a very comfortable and snug fit, whilst allowing enough room to permit the foot to escape effortlessly, as needed


Trendy Merrel Mens Water Shoes Size 14

The starting price of a high-quality pair of mens water shoes seems to be around the $70 mark compare to most running shoes which is cheaper. Realistically, though, you may pay something more like $150 on average – unless you hunt down some good discounts and sales. You may ask yourself if they are worth the initial outlay; but if you regularly partake in wet outdoor activities, the answer is surely a resounding “Yes”.

Buying a pair of mens water shoes will not only increase your ease of mobility and provide wonderful protection for your feet, they will give you the confidence to focus on the activity at hand, and enjoy the great outdoors more fully. The price of mens water shoesis a small price to pay when you consider the bigger picture; such as the cost of potential health care after slipping, or cutting your feet on sharp rocks when not wearing them.

Size-wise, mens water shoes made by most brands, including Teva, Bodyglove and Vibram, tend to start at size 4. If you have a larger foot, it is possible to purchase mens water shoes size 14 and larger online. Some brands even go up tomens water shoes size 15(in some cases, up to size 17) including Keen and Adidas.

Running Preparation Tips

Life has become very hectic in the modern world and so every individual strives to stay fit and healthy by performing certain exercises. Running is indeed a wonderful exercise for overall fitness. There are many people who take up running as a profession for which they need to follow the running preparation tips vigilantly.

Dean Karnazes running

How to Get Started

Before taking the first step, it is important to go through the running preparation tips that state clearly what a person, especially a beginner, should do to be the best. There are two aspects to fitness- aerobic fitness and neuromuscular fitness.

The advice given in the tips enables a runner to do the perfect aerobic and muscular exercises that result in efficiency in performance while maintaining good health. The running preparation tips state:

  • Aerobic exercises focus on the generation of larger amounts of energy with oxygen that is taken directly from nature. The routine emphasizes on a gradual and steady process of increasing the running pace and duration.
  • Beginners, who are mostly energetic and wish to run for longer hours and length, should concentrate on their posture of running also.
  • For experienced runners, running preparation tips lead them to advanced types of fitness and endurance workouts.


Neuromuscular Exercise

The main aim of neuromuscular exercises is to produce extra stride power of a higher level. These exercises are performed in an energy-efficient way. According to the running preparation tips, for a solid foundation of neuromuscular fitness one should go for the very fast and very short methods that include speed intervals, fatlike intervals and steep hill sprints.

Balanced Diet

Besides adhering to the fitness regimen, the diet of a runner needs special care. A balanced diet that has the adequate amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron and specially sodium not only maintains a good health but is absolutely necessary for peak performance. Here is a basic chart:

  • Carbohydrates– 60 to 65% of total calorie consumed.
  • Protein– 15% to 20% of total calorie intake that means .5gm to .75gms per pound of body weight.
  • Fats– Low fat diet is recommended mostly. Omega 3 fat is however vital for a good healthy body.
  • Vitamins– Vitamin C, E and A help to neutralize the free radicals as they act as anti-oxidants and prevent cell damage.
  • Minerals like calcium and iron are indispensable for the body. While calcium takes care of the bones and prevents fractures, iron supplies oxygen to the blood to keep one energetic and strong.
  • Sodium and electrolytes– Runners sweat profusely thereby losing sodium that is an important component of the body. These are mostly replaced by balanced diets. Yet if one has a craving for salty food, it can be taken as an indication of the body’s need for sodium.


Knowing The Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet

Running preparation tips lay stress on proper running shoes also. The structures of the feet are not always of the right type. Those who have flat feet face many problems while running if they do not wear the best running shoes for flat feet. The motion control shoes and stability shoes are considered to be the best running shoes for flat feet available from Asics Gel Evolution, Nike Zoom Structure and others. These special shoes offer plenty of arches and a stable foot support for the perfect performance.

For aspirant runners it is really very important to follow the running preparation tips to reach their goal and to prevent unnecessary setback that may happen along the way.