Most of the compact florescent light bulbs (CFL) there are today are energy saving. This means that they are more expensive to purchase than ordinary bulbs due to their ability to use up to 75% less energy. A good and common example of the compact florescent bulbs is the spiral bulbs, popularly known as curly bulbs, and sometimes even twisty bulbs.

light gu10 spiral shape energy saving bulb

A Brief History

The spiral bulbs, which are a type of CFL bulbs, were invented towards the end of the 1890s, and they were specially designed to replace the incandescent lamp. This invention was by a man called Peter Cooper Hewitt and it was a greatly valued one. This was because the light these bulbs produced was used in photographic studios as well as in industries. An improvement to Peter Cooper’s invention was the three dimensional spiral bulb invented in the year 1976 by Edward Hammer. This bulb was handier and was able to save energy more effectively as compared to its predecessors.

Helping to Alleviate Global Warming

Another kind of bulb that had been able to guarantee energy resourcefulness to its users is the GU24 bulb. In the market, this bulb is popularly referred to as the GU24 lamp and it is readily available in distributer stalls all over. The invention of these bulbs has gone a long way in reducing energy costs. This is because it has been proven to conserve energy and it is common knowledge that it is the excessive consumption of energy that mainly leads to global warming.

sparsam less energy consumption spiral bulb

Why The Spiral Shape

Many people tend to wonder why the spiral bulbs maintain that spiral shape in all of their designs. Well the spiral shape enables these bulbs to fit into the space that the incandescent bulb occupies, thus being able to effectively replace the incandescent bulb that is being avoided today since it does not save energy. Since it is tubes that are used in the spiral bulbs, these tubes need to be folded in such a way that they fit into the space allocated to them. The spiral shape also serves to reduce the length of the florescent light fixture, which is known to be longer than your ordinary light bulb.

The bulbs are used for all kinds of indoor lighting, and are rarely ever used for outdoor lighting due to harsh weather. Spiral bulbs are able to last up to ten times longer than the incandescent bulbs, and up to today, they are still the most popular design of the compact florescent light bulb.