The origin of fireplaces as a means of providing heat and light can be traced back to medieval times when people brought the concept of a bonfire home by building it in the interiors of the house. Most countries that experience cold, chilly winters developed the tradition of having solid fuel fireplaces built into different parts of the house. Although most homes today rely on other sources of heat like central heating, electric heating fireplaces, and gas fireplaces, there are still a few homeowners who prefer the traditional solid fuel fireplaces.

solid ashling fuel fireplace

Solid fuel fireplaces use different sources of energy that may be firewood, coal, dung, peat, etc. These sources of energy are generally non renewable and are thus fast being replaced by other modernistic fireplace designs that do not need to use solid fuels. However, the charm of solid fuel fireplaces still continues to hold the collective imaginations of many people. The decision to install a solid fuel fireplace in the house may be a choice made nostalgically or as a necessary design element. People who have built a home that has a Victorian theme choose to go for solid fuel fireplaces because of their old world look that cannot be recreated by installing contemporary fireplaces.

modern solid fuel fireplace

Solid fuel fireplaces generally present a higher degree of risk to the users when compared to other kinds of fireplace designs. So, it is important to keep certain factors in mind during their installation process. Some of them are mentioned below.

While building or installing solid fuel fireplaces, it is important to be mindful of the amount of wood or other fuel source being used. There are specialized solid fuel kits available in the market, which helps achieve optimum usage by burning a minimum amount of fuel. This is a much better option than having to scout for firewood in the nearby woods as this may lead to environmental damage.

modern fireplace design

There are certain fumes that are emitted when a solid fuel fireplace is lighted up. This makes it necessary to ensure that the area where it is built it not a confined space where the gases may get clustered together. There needs to be an adequate amount of open area in front of the fireplace to ensure that the gases are distributed over a wider area.

contemporary fresh fireplace

The room where the fireplace is installed should be aired on a frequent basis and should not be kept enclosed at all times. This will help ensure that carbon monoxide is not collected in the space and a proper recycling of the air is done. The windows and doors can be opened every morning so that the stale area can escape and fresh air can take its place.