The air we breathe is extremely polluted, agreed. Pollution is probably the biggest threat we are facing these days. Air pollution leads to so many health issues and problems that all of them can’t even be listed here. All this is fact and everyone knows so. Yet, we play our part in aggravating the situation further. Fireplaces are quite important these days. But then, is it sensible to use fuel that releases smoke and pollutes further? The Solid Fuel Association has been trying to spread awareness about the benefits of solid fuel fires.

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One of the best and most advantageous solid fuels is wood. The Solid Fuel Association is firm about their findings that wood and coal together have a wide range of benefits. To start with, wood is eco-friendly. Yes, this bursts the myth of many who think it pollutes, right? It provides natural fires and benefits thus. Wood is a natural product obtained from trees and it is renewable. Wood contains carbon and when you burn it, this carbon is released out which either way has to reach the earth through the carbon cycle. So whether you burn it or just leave it on its own, it will release carbon. Burning of wood is like a step in the carbon cycle to release energy. However, if you leave wood to its fate, along with carbon, it will release methane gas which is dangerous to the environment. Burning of wood is hence a good thing. It helps the environment instead of polluting it, says the Solid Fuel Association.

The Solid Fuel Association also says that the wood and coal mixture when burnt benefits the health of a person. This is another surprising find but it is extremely right. Tor one, this burning mixture makes sure that air is spread evenly in all parts of the house. Circulation of air is extremely efficient in this case. Thus, condensation goes down to minimum. Also, spores and moulds that cause bronchial problems are eradicated completely. This is how wood and coal reduce risks of bronchial problems such as hay fever and the deadly asthma.

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The government of many countries is realizing this efficiency and the various benefits of wood and coal and supporting their use as solid fuels. Advice for smokeless fuels is being offered in many places now. The icing on the cake is that solid fuels are easy on the pocket. They are quite cheap and thus there is no economical stress either.