An excellent way of being active as a family is to get outside in the wintertime. During the winter season, children usually love to participate in a variety of snow sports and recreation activities such as downhill skiing, sledding, snowboarding and skating. However, when taking part in winter sports and recreation activities, there is always a risk of injury, especially for children. This risk of injury can only be reduced with the help of age appropriate activities, correct equipment, proper supervision and safe environments.

basic sledding equipment

Popular Snow Sports and Recreation

Following is a list of the top snow sports and recreation activities, as well as the necessary equipment and safety guidelines for each activity;

  • Sledding – Sledding is one of the most amusing winter recreation activities that can be enjoyed by the entire family. All that is needed is a sturdy sled and a snow-covered hill. Sledding is definitely fun, but there is always the risk of getting injured while sledding. The sled being used should have proper steering and brakes. It is vital to wear a helmet while sledding. It is recommended to sled down a hill that is not too steep. The safest way to sled is on Arctic Cat snowmobiles.
  • Ice skating -The Olympics has inspired a lot of families to take part in popular snow sports and recreation activities such as ice skating. Thin ice can be very hazardous, so it is always better to skate on maintained and monitored ice surfaces. When skating in a crowd it is recommended to take in the same direction. The skates being used should fit snugly and provide firm ankle support. Again, wearing a face mask, helmet, mouth guard and protective padding is necessary while skating.
  • Snowboarding and skiing – For many families, snowboarding and downhill skiing is among the popular winter snow sports and recreation activities. Reasonably priced snowboarding and skiing trips are arranged by many communities groups. Wearing safety equipment is most necessary while snowboarding and skiing. Along with protecting the head with a helmet, the eye must be protected too, by wearing goggles. When snowboarding or skiing, it is recommended to stick to slopes that can be handled without getting out of control.
  • Ice hockey – Apart from ice skating, ice hockey is also one of the snow sports and recreation activities that good skaters enjoy taking part in during the winter. Of course, following safety recommendations and wearing safety equipment is very important while playing ice hockey. Whether it is an actual or a practice game, some of the safety equipment that should be worn includes gloves, helmet, mouth guard and protective padding. The equipment should also fit properly. Contact with the other players and the boards should be avoided.

one of the most played on winter season

Winter is a wonderful season for many different reasons. The fact that it snows during the winter is one of the things that makes winter such an amazing season. Winter is when kids get to make snowmen; winter is the season during which Christmas arrives. However, best of all, winter is the season when people get to indulge in a myriad of snow sports and recreation activities.