Snorkeling is the act of swimming on or through a water body like the ocean while fully equipped with a diving mask called a snorkel which is shaped like a tube. However, there are several snorkeling safety tips which must be observed by a person who wants to go snorkeling.

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Tips and Pointers for Snorkeling

1. One of the very vital snorkeling safety tips is to ensure that the snorkel equipment is in good condition and one must be familiar with using it. This provides time to change or adjust the snorkeling equipment to prevent dangers of malfunction when one is already in the water.

2. Another safety tip is that one should not go for snorkeling alone but have a friend in case a mishap arises. The partners should both decide and agree on a plan about where and when they are getting in and out of the water and the parts that they are going to explore at a certain period of time. It is advisable that partners should enter and exit from sandy areas. It is important that they do not change their agreed plan while in the water, but they can make it shorter and safer. It is a rule to never turn your back on the ocean. Another one of snorkeling safety tips is that the partners should listen to advice from lifeguards and obey the posted warnings.

3. While in the water, it is very important to pay great attention to the currents, wave sets, winds, and hazards such as rocks. In case of a current, one is not supposed to panic and swim against the currents. Instead, one should swim diagonally across the current and towards the shore. Confronting the incoming waves should not be practiced through jumping over the waves. It is advisable to duck under incoming waves before they reach the person.

4. Drinking a lot of water is also one of the snorkeling safety tips that cater for your health. When in the ocean, one becomes dehydrated due to the salty water and the sun. Therefore it is good to drink a lot of water before snorkeling to prevent dehydration which may cause one to be tired and weak before getting back to the shore.

5. It is important to wear a snorkel vest while snorkeling. Snorkel vests are good to use for those who are not good swimmers or those swimming far from the shore. Snorkel vests are also good to retain the snorkeler’s energy. They ensure that one can stop and relax while in the water.

6. Applying sunscreen and wearing of UV-protection swimming goggles are snorkeling safety tips that a snorkeler should always have in mind to prevent the scorching sun from damaging your skin and eyes.

7. It is important that the snorkeler is cautious not to touch marine life for his own good and for the sea life. To overcome the stings that a snorkeler may encounter while snorkeling, one should apply products such as tobacco, white vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide which help in dissolving the spines and curing the stings.

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It is always recommended that snorkelers should be aware of the snorkeling safety tips and have proper snorkeling gears to be safe and assured of a fun snorkeling activity.