Celebrating Christmas is not complete without the traditional Christmas tree beside the fireplace teeming with gifts underneath. You can skip having a warm and cozy fireplace if you don’t experience cold winters but the Christmas tree must be there. The Christmas tree have a very interesting history wherein it was associated to many things in the past from Adam and Eve to warding off evil spirits and illness. Moreover, it remains to symbolize peace, joy and happiness. Everybody wants to have the Christmas cheer during the holidays be it your home or your office.

The kind of tree used as an indoor Christmas tree is usually a pine or fir. That isn’t a problem if you have a large enough living room and a readily available pine or fir tree nearby. If that proves to be a problem, you can also opt for an equally celebrative but smaller tabletop Christmas tree! These are ideal for those who have smaller spaces at home. Placed one in your office desk or the study table in your cramped dorm room, more decor creates a better festive atmosphere. One can go with either a live or create an artificial tabletop Christmas tree you can be proud of.

simple home design tabletop christmas tree

Advantages of Going Small

There are many situations why one would prefer having a smaller Christmas tree. Whether you have a small place or you simply don’t want to setup a huge and bulky Christmas tree, these are good options in adding that Christmas cheer. See the advantages of these miniature Christmas trees below.

  • These are cheaper than regular artificial Christmas trees. You can also find rare vintage ones which are considered collectibles and can be expensive.
  • Compact and mobile, these are usually about a foot high. Larger ones reach two to three feet. With that, there are more options in placing them in spaces.
  • There are more options available in these smaller Christmas trees. A live tabletop christmas tree would also be available. Artificial ones include prelit, led lighted or a tabletop ceramic Christmas tree that looks like figurines.

Such characteristics would really be considered when you are on a tight budget and space. Christmas decor doesn’t have to be big and expensive, even smaller ones can give you and your family the same experience.

mini bauble artificial christmas tree silver very

Have Fun and Make One

If you can’t buy one, simply make one! Tag your kids along and have fun in creating personalized Christmas decor. Below are some simple ideas in making your own small Christmas tree.

Stacked Paper Christmas Tree

Gather some colorful pieces of paper either from old magazines or colored art paper. Thicker pages are more advisable. You will also need a strong base and a stick to act as the trunk. Don’t forget a pair of scissors and glue as well. Follow the simple instructions below:

  • Cut art paper of choice in different sizes. Diameter must be increasing from small to large. Shape can be round, square or irregular.
  • Erect the stick in the middle of your chosen base. Base can be a piece of wood or cardboard heavy and wide enough to stand.
  • Apply glue on the stick and insert the cut art paper one by one. Make sure you start with the largest first and the smallest ones on top to make it look like a Christmas tree.
  • Cut three star shaped art paper of the same sizes. Clue them in a way that it will look like a 3-dimentional shape. Add it on top of the stacked paper Christmas tree to complete the look.

lovely white ceramic mini christmas tree

Perforated Christmas Cones

Get a thick paper cardboard either colored or plain. If you can get a cone paper mache, that will work as well. You will also need a pair of scissors, glue, electric drill, paint for color and lighting.

  • First, you need to make a cone. If you already have a cone paper mache you can skip this step. In using the cardboard, simply have one end overlap the other end and glue them together.
  • Drill random holes of different sizes in the cone using the electric drill.
  • Paint the cone exterior with a fresh paint.
  • Add lighting inside the cone. Avoid using candles because the enclosure will act like an oven and burn the candles faster where it can also start a fire. 12v LED lighting would be the best option.

absolutely awesome tabletop christmas tree decoration

Make small Christmas trees for tabletops in different sizes. Place them in desks or any kind of table you want to be decorated. Bigger doesn’t always mean better in Christmas decorations, small tabletop Christmas trees can also give the same Christmas cheer. Enjoy the holidays without spending too much, go with these ideas this coming Christmas.