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Six Wonderful Alternatives to Business Cards | Content Injection

Sometimes, people have so many business cards given to them that these are merely stacked somewhere in the dark corner of a drawer or perhaps at the bottom part of a bag. Oftentimes, these cards are seen as trash if the particular business or the design itself does not appeal to the receiver. Hence, there is a great need to consider wonderful alternatives to business cards to draw more attention to them and to make individuals want to hold on to them.

Cool Business Card Holder for Men

Effective Business Card Substitutes

There are plenty of wonderful alternatives to business cards that you can make use of today, depending on your budget and nature of business. Here are some of them:

  • Info Cards:

Instead of just printing names and contact details on a business card, it would be good to turn it into an info card, which you feel your target market will consider vital. For instance, if you are selling weight loss products, you can include recipes for low calorie meals or tips on how to lose weight faster. Of course, you will still put in the contact info, but this will not be the main attraction.

  • Discount Cards:

It is natural for people to want to take advantage of discounts! Thus, if you hand over a discount card instead of a regular business card, chances are, this will be kept (and even used!) and not thrown into the waste basket. What’s more, you can still fit them inside your business card holder for men.

  • Loyalty Cards:

Imagine flicking out a loyalty card from your stylish and elegant business card holders for men to give to someone whom you conversed with at a gathering. This has greater impact than a regular business card. It heightens curiosity, and will surely encourage holders to try out your products and to keep buying in order to get more stamps or stickers and thus claim the freebies or prizes.

Six Wonderful Alternatives to Business Cards

  • Audio-Video CDs:

You can also opt for CDs with recorded audio or video files, or both. You can also include galleries of pictures. For example, if you are promoting photography services, this is a great way for people to see samples of your work immediately rather than having to visit the website indicated in your business card. You may also include slide shows of your photos along with a voice-over explaining the unique features of your business.

  • Bookmarks:

Why not try print out tiny bookmarks that provide quotes, jokes, or details related to your business? Since these are more functional than business cards, they are more likely to be kept by people. Indeed, using bookmarks is one of the wonderful alternatives to business cards, without needing to get rid of your business card holder.

  • Small Gifts and Freebies:

Giving out actual samples of your product is a winning alternative. A free trial is a great way to lure in customers. For instance, if you are selling healthy coffee, you can pack the powder in tiny plastics with attractive stickers that bear your logo and contact info.

These six wonderful alternatives to business cards are certainly fantastic ways to grab a potential client’s attention and to make sure that he does not throw away your contact details.