Saddle bar stools offer a new take on a classic design. By combining the posture benefits of saddle sitting with a traditional bar stool, you get a bar stool that is not only exceptionally comfortable during extended use, but will also stand up to years of regular use without showing its age. While they are most commonly constructed using wood, there are stools available in a variety of materials.

Stylized Saddle Bar Stool

Characteristics of Saddle Bar Stools

  • Thin profile and elongated design: While traditional bar stools are often squared and symmetrical, saddle style bar stools are most often rectangular or oval. Instead of sitting on the stool with your legs in front of you, like a traditional stool, saddle bar stools are made to be sat on in a saddle-like position.
  • Lower average height: With the design of these stools, height is limited compared to conventional bar stools. However, they still provide more than enough height for most people to sit comfortably at a standard bar.
  • Increased Stability: With a longer form than traditional bar stools, saddle seat bar stools provide increased stability. Because the legs are further apart, the center of gravity is lowered on the stool. This creates a platform less likely to tilt. Anyone who has sat on a bar stool has experienced the disconcerting nature of an unstable barstool. Saddle bar stools virtually eliminate this issue.
  • Easy Maintenance: With their wood composition, upkeep on saddle bar stools is simple. Just a light buffing with a soft rag and furniture polish will keep them looking great for years. If your bar stool features a padded top, such as horse saddle bar stools, additional care might be needed for the other materials on the stool.

Westernized Horse saddle bar stools

While these stools might be different from the traditional design, saddle bar stools offer a wide range of benefits. This has led to a major increase in popularity of these unique seats. With the rise in reputation comes an increased selection of styles, materials and choices. This makes finding the perfect set of saddle bar stools for your home or business easier than ever.

Tips To Consider When Choosing Stools

typical saddle style bar stools

  • Coordinate materials – If you have a traditional wooden bar top, consider wooden bar stools in a similar stain and wood grain. This will tie together the appearance and create a stunning look. For other materials, such as granite or quartz, choose a stool made from synthetic materials, such as aluminum or steel to create a contrasting and effective look.
  • Choosing a padding style – Traditionally, saddle bar stools were 100-percent wood. However, you might want added padding and comfort on your bar stools. The most common solution is a natural or synthetic leather topper. Choose a color that complements the materials of the bar for the greatest visual appeal. For wooden bars, black or brown pads are ideal. For natural stone bars, shades of white or gray can tie the look together nicely.
  • Always consider height – Bar stools should fit cleanly under the bar top while provide ample height for comfortable sitting. When it comes to choosing the ideal height for your saddle bar stools, the average person should be able to sit at the bar with their elbows at right angles. This promotes proper posture and comfort during extended sittings. Whether you are entertaining friends by the pool or giving customers a great place to watch the game, comfort is always of utmost importance.


What was originally a seating accompaniment for cowboys is now replicated as a stool to be enjoyed in kitchen counters or in pubs. Saddle bar stools, whether simple or ornate, carry similar functions with their predecessor—comfort, stability, and utmost support.