The simplicity cribs were at first, the most popular variety of cribs in the market and have continued to grow in popularity ever since. They have a unique range of sturdy cribs that have all the basic features that any crib would require. The company faced a major setback in the recent past and that led to the simplicity crib recall after the CPSC found that some of these simplicity cribs pose a risk of serious injury or death mainly caused due to the entrapment or suffocation of infants and toddlers. Nonetheless, the simplicity Ellis cribs is still the favorite of several parents and is in great demand in the market.

simplicity cribs with drawers

If you are wondering what the reason for such a demand for this range of cribs is, you will have to try them out yourself. They are considered as a value for money product by the parents. This convertible five in one crib comes with some sophisticated features that make them a perfect choice for your child. The crib has some sleek features and showcases a combination of a crib, full sized bed, toddler bed and a love seat. When you are looking to invest on something that will prove to be useful for  a longer duration, this would be  a perfect choice as they serve multiple purposes and still have the same reasonable price as that of any other crib.

The simplicity cribs have always offered quality services and their products have always been a popular choice in the market. You might also want to check the simplicity cribs 4 in 1 which is another value for money product from the team. This has been in great demand and people have always chosen this over any other type of crib when they are looking for something economical and fit their budget.

simplicity baby crib recall

Usually, people love such value for money products and never hesitate to invest on them. This is one reason why the simplicity cribs have stayed for such long period in the market as the favorite of the public. Moreover, you also have the assurance of a quality service from the company that reassures you that your investments won’t go in vain. These cribs come in various colors and sizes and you can choose the one that you require from their large collection. Of course, make sure that you get the right one for your baby as this is a one time thing.