You think that you have bed bugs but yet you are not 100% sure. There are few things to know about bed bugs that can help you understand that they are the cause for your discomfort in your bed. The main thing to understand is that they like to prey on people while they are asleep. Usually they come out at dawn. So, if you want to catch them in the act you need to wake at dawn and check your bed with a flashlight. If there are some you will easily spot them. However, sometimes you don’t need to wake up a dawn in order to tell for sure that you are dealing with bed bugs. You can simply look for them clustered in a tight spot somewhere which should be easy if you have a white colored mattress. Hence, one might be wondering how to kill bed bug without staining the mattress or without touching them.


Spotting and Killing Bed Bugs

Once you got a confirmation that you know for sure that bed bugs are what you to deal with you need to learn how to kill bed bugs. Even though that there plenty of how to kill bed bug tutorials and how to kill bed bug videos on the internet the truth is that you don’t need to watch all of them in order to get rid of bed bugs.

If you are not interested in spending some money on bed bugs you can try and get rid of them on your own. The first thing to do is to take all of the sheets and covers of the bed and put them in the washing machine. You need to set the temperature at 120° F. Once you do that you need to vacuum the entire house as thoroughly as possible. Once you are finished you need to dispose the content into a sealed bag. The next step is to find a steam cleaner for the floor. That should finish them if some have survived the other cleaning. This is something that has proven to be very effective for many homes. On the other hand if this doesn’t work you need to get insecticides. These days there are very effective ones that should do the job nicely. These days there are some bug killer formulas that are 100% natural, pet and child safe and can eliminate all the bed bugs.

effective tips on how to kill bed bug

Even though that there are more ways how to kill bed bug the ones mentioned here should help you to do so and at the same time they won’t cost you too much while doing so. Follow some of the guidance on how to get rid of this little troublemakers and you won’t need to call professionals to do the job instead of you. You can also go with mattress covers for bed bugs which you can use in your infested mattress and suffocate the bed bugs to death. It will not let any bed bug in or out of the mattress and any bed bug inside the mattress will die after a few days of starvation.