Today, having a gem necklace is one of the fashionable things that you must have in order to bring a new look for any clothing styles, from just a plain white t-shirt to the silkiest dress. But this necklace is quite costly and will be more when you purchase more than one. You can find many alternatives if you do not wish to buy this expensive necklace. There are many ways to obtain it and one best way is to make your own. All you need is to buy the materials needed and follow some instructions in making it. Just make sure it fits to the outfit and especially to all events you are planning to attend.

Simply Unique Teardrop Ruby Necklace

How to Make your Own Gem Necklace

  • Choose your own necklace style and design. You can have the necklace with the materials such as pearls, gems and from turquoise stones and one best example is a ruby necklace made of ruby stone. There are many designs, which you can pick for what you want to have. You can also add some beads between the stones or gems to make the look nicer.
  • Measure the length of the gem necklace cord. You can decide the length of the cord or where the necklace will fall on your neck and cut it. If you cannot decide and still want to see the effect after the beads are already on it, you can cut the cord with longer length. You can have your desired measurement later.
  • You can string the clasp of the necklace on your string and then create the loop on the end part so the necklace clasp will hang freely on the loop you have made.


Discover The Easty Steps on Making Gem Necklace

  • If you want the string to be snug on the clasp, you can string the crimp bead. This is the string from the other side of necklace and the other loop. Just secure the crimp using pliers.
  • Now, string the gems of the necklace on the cord and just insert the beads that will space each gem according to what you like. Make this until you are happy with the length.
  • Lastly, slide the crimp on the string and the connecting clasp. Just make another loop and stringing the crimp again. Use pliers to put it on its place.


These are the instructions on how to make gem necklace, which you can follow easily. Enjoy while making your own personalized necklace.