There are various shower doors that are available in the market and this explains the varying styles of shower door parts. These doors are mainly used to provide privacy while in the showers. They are made from various materials such as glass, aluminum and wood. These door parts are necessary for the installation, use and shower door repairs. For frameless shower doors, there are frameless shower door parts specially made for use on these doors.

authentic stainless steel shower door hinges

Main Parts

When buying or installing a shower door, it is advisable to know the various shower door parts and their functions, which are necessary in order to have a complete door finish. These main parts are:

  • Door hinges – Hinges are a must use on non-sliding shower doors. The hinges are used to hold the door in position and allow for its mobility through swinging. They are made of stainless steel as it is corrosion resistant. They are attached on the door using screws or nails.
  • Rollers – These are for sliding doors. Without these rollers, the doors will fail to slide. They are mainly made of plastic and have grooves where the door slides across.
  • Glass clamps – Glass clamps are a must when your shower door is made of glass as they function to hold the glass panels together and in place.
  • Shower thresholds and locks – They are used to secure the shower door. It stops one from opening the door from the outside thus ensuring privacy.
  • Door sweep – This shower door part is placed at the bottom of the door. They prevent water from spilling from inside the shower to the outside.
  • Shower door handles – These come in varying designs depending on the shower door you have. The handles are placed on both the inner and outer part of the door. They are for opening and closing of the shower door. The shower door handle parts are made of plastic, stainless steel and glass.

corrosion resistant shower door handle

Other shower door parts include:

  • Towel accessories – These include the towel bars for hanging the towel and hand holders, which one can hold while showering to avoid slips.
  • Catch – This functions to hold the shower door in place when it is opened preventing it from either sliding back or swinging back.
  • Bumper – A bumper is mainly used with sliding doors as they provide the path, which the door follows when opening and closing.
  • Door frame – Door frame supports the shower door. Frameless shower doors do not have a door frame.

The best place to get shower door repair parts at affordable prices are online stores. When purchasing shower door parts, take into consideration the type of shower door you have, cost of the accessories and material used in making the accessories.