Inflatables have a very long history as they have been around since 1959 when designer John Scurlock made the first one; by accident. While watching his employees jump on inflatable tennis court covers the idea gained momentum and before long he had developed the first inflatable company called “Spacewalks” with the first inflatable of the same name. Today there are inflatables for sale in nearly every department you walk into plus you can find shops that specifically sell inflatables.

affordable commercial inflatables for sale

Now, 33 years after their conception you can find party inflatables for sale, commercial inflatables for sale and used inflatables for sale in a wide variety of shapes, styles and designs and for every occasion you can think of.

How It Works

In the beginning, inflatables were inflated with the use of a fan to circulate the air inside the bubble along with another fan outside to inflate the base. Today, most inflatables are inflated by using an outside air blower. For the smaller inflatables, you can also use a reversed vacuum cleaner or even a hair dryer set on the cool setting. If you are renting an inflatable the people you rent from will bring a blower to inflate your inflatable and if you are buying your own inflatable most places include a blower with your purchase.

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Common Designs

Since the first bubble type inflatable house, you can find inflatables for sale in a wide variety of designs and purposes including:

  • Jumpers
  • Combo Units
  • Bouncers
  • Slides
  • Moonwalks
  • Water Slides
  • Bounce Houses

Any one of which can be structured to use for a fundraiser, party for both adults and children alike. You can find them at the park, children’s birthday parties, indoor play centers and at the fair. You can also find inflatables for sale as interactive games, indoor jump houses, obstacle courses, inflatable movie screens and even advertising balloons and arches or Disney inflatables and inflatable pirate ship.

looking for used inflatables for sale

Types Available

As far as party inflatables for sale you can get the ff:

  • Jolly Jumpers
  • Party Jumpers
  • Spacewalks
  • Moon Bouncers

For commercial inflatables for sale you can get advertising balloons and arches. You will find used inflatables for sale in every variety, style and design available. You can also find inflatables for sale that are made of flame retardant materials, childproof safety netting and all are made of the best, Lead-Free 18 oz. PVC materials as this goes along with the highest industry standard for safety, which is what you want when looking for inflatables for sale. Your holiday season will never be the same when you find party inflatables for sale to dress up your yard for a Christmas party with Christmas yard inflatables and an inflatable Santa Claus.

bouncy inflatables for sale

If you are on a tight budget, you can either get used inflatables or find them on sale in the wholesale market. You may even try going to on line auction sites or just Google used inflatables for sale to come up with many places to buy your inflatables. Another option you have if on a tight budget is to rent an inflatable.