Anyone can just purchase cowboy clothes. However, in order to look like a new age real cowboy, it is important that you purchase only from the top brands of cowboy clothes. There are a lot of brands in the market; hence, it is important to learn a few tricks that you can use when shopping for cowboy clothes.

inexpensive adiktd cowboy shirt

Shopping Tips to Complete a Cowboy Look

A wide range of cowboy clothes and accessories exist for you to choose from. It is important to ensure that the clothes you get are the best quality and at the best price range. There are local stores that offer cowboy clothes but to purchase easily, you can opt for online stores.

  • The cowboy shirt you go for should be a western shirt wear. Cinch shirts are ideal since they are great in pulling the cowboy look and they also last longer.
  • The fit of the jeans is also a factor to look at. It is better to get loosely fitting jeans because it is easier to move in these. Very tight jeans are also ideal if you are sure that you can move well in them. Always ensure that you try out different clothes for proper fitting.
  • You need to ensure that the belt is made from leather. The buckle should at least be made from brass or silver.
  • The hat should also be properly crafted to withstand all weather conditions and also to last longer.
  • Always go for boots that fit your style and taste. It is only advisable to buy boots from online stores if you are sure that they will fit you properly. The other factor you need to look at is the height of the heel of the boots. Ensure that the heel is of the right height for you to walk comfortably.

Top Brands of Cowboy Clothes

If you want the best cowboy clothes and accessories, here are the top brands that offer quality cowboy clothes and accessories.

  • Adiktd – This brand offers both expensive and inexpensive but quality cotton jeans and tops. The low doe jeans that look good with women are at $83.95. High zipperell jeans sell at $34.99 and look great for both men and women.
  • Ariat – The cowboy boots this brand offer are real comfort for the feet because of their cushion support system. They actually reduce stress and fatigue on the feet. This brand is among the top choice of equestrians. Ariat shirts, coats and accessories are also comfortable and functional.
  • Cinch – Based on customer’s reviews, they loved the long sleeves of Cinch shirts and their prints. These shirts are not only available for men but also toddlers and teens. The price range is usually at $22.00 to $58.95.
  • Bailey – A wide range of cowboy hats with unique and stylish designs are one of the strong features of this brand. The designs include straw cowboy hat, pecan felt hat and kid’s colt felt hat. The price ranges from as low as $38.95 to as high as $149.95.

high quality bailey cowboy hat

There are still more top brands of cowboy clothes and accessories in the market. Do some research and check your local stores or online stores for the best and quality products. With the wide availability of these items, you will not fail to get the best items that will definitely make you feel like a real cowboy.