Any sports fan who is a close follower of the NCAA is sure to be interested in having sports clothing to wear throughout the next season. Fans of SEC football in general—and those looking for LSU gear in particular—are sure to be even more dedicated to getting quality sports team clothing. The Tigers have had enough high profile success that getting sports team clothing in Baton Rouge is getting to be very popular. Luckily, there are a number of sports clothing brands that cater to this niche of dedicated fans who want to support the LSU Tigers.

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Major Brands That Provide Sports Clothing

For some small schools, it is very difficult to find either quality sports clothing or any clothing at all that represents the team. However, LSU has agreements with a number of large, reputable companies to provide quality clothing to fans of the Tigers. For instance, both Nike and Adidas offer lines of LSU specific spirit wear in a variety of styles. Nike was the first to offer the iconic “Geaux Tigers” cotton shirt, which has become a fan favorite in the LSU student section. Of course, Nike also provides sports clothing for the rare occasions when an SEC football game has a colder atmosphere. For instance, they also offer a full-zip LSU track suit, guaranteed to fight off the chill of a November outing.

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Specific Jerseys for Schools

While general sports team clothing is always an excellent way to show support, some fans like to go the extra mile by bearing an LSU replica jersey on the sidelines. Luckily, any online outlet that provides LSU spirit wear is sure to have these kinds of jerseys in a number of shapes, sizes, and color combinations. The most popular variation is the classic purple LSU jersey, with gold trim and white lettering. It is hard to walk through an LSU home game without bumping into a number of fans with this jersey style in the stands. Of course, the alternate white jersey is also available for a measure of variety. Finally, fans looking for an alternative look will love the unique all-gold replica LSU jersey. While many jerseys tend to be quite large and cater towards a male audience, female fans will be happy to know that Nike produces jerseys cut specially for women.

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Sports Clothing for Casual Wear

Any fan will love to have their team’s colors on at a big football game; however, some will also want to take their support to everyday life with comfortable casual wear. Luckily for the dedicated fan, sports clothing is not the only venue for LSU gear. A number of more unique and versatile LSU products are also available, such as:

  • Outfits for infant children of LSU fans
  • Hats commemorating the recent championship visits of the Tigers football team
  • Replica LSU baseball jerseys for casual use
  • Adidas LSU sweat suits for everyday lounging

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Clearly, there are more options than just traditional college sports clothing when it comes to LSU spirit wear. Any Baton Rouge resident or longtime Tigers fan will be happy to know that major clothing manufacturers have provided them LSU gear for almost any situation.