There are actually numerous DIY projects that you can engage with. One of the most popular DIY projects is making decorative banners or flags. Flags give a sense of identity whether it is for a sports team or for an individual person. The National Hockey League, National Basketball Association and other sports associations have flags that define them. Sports teams all have logos that are mostly used as designs for DIY flags. When it comes to flags though, there are varying designs for DIY flags. They also come in different shapes, sizes, colors and are made from various materials.

swallow tail style flag

Flag Shapes

Listed below are some of the flag shapes which are perfect for various designs for DIY flags.

  • Swallow tail
  • Swallow tail with tongue
  • Burgee
  • Pennants
  • Square
  • Double square
  • Pointed
  • Triangle

Materials Used for DIY Flags

Different fabrics can be used in making DIY flags. These fabrics are:

  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Cotton
  • Canvas
  • Paper

A flag can even be more unique if it is carved out from edible stuffs. This is considered to be one of the most unique designs for DIY flags.

Designs for DIY Flags

Simple designs for DIY flags can make an event livelier. Actually, designs for DIY flags are very numerous. It can range from just a plain colored flag to an over designed flag that has abstract, cartoon characters, sports logo among other designs. You can even add up glitters or ribbons on these flags. In the motor world, checkered flags are the most popular design. When one sees a checkered flag, racing is the first thing that comes in mind. Checkered flags are very easy to make. The easiest way to make these flags is to use a square paper and a black paint or marker. Using the paint or marker, create alternate small boxes of white and black color on the paper. Once done, obtain a stick or pole and glue the paper on it. The checkered flag is then finished.

swallow tail style flag

The designs for DIY flags will mostly be based on the occasion. For birthdays, you can cut out a flag and draw on it balloons or gifts or write each of the letter of HAPPY BIRTHDAY per flag. Then you can hang them at the party area. You can make pennants and write sayings on them. You can then hang them on classroom walls as decorations bearing inspirational messages. You can also make little flags and attach it in toothpicks and put it in cupcakes. The flags could have a drawing on it that resembles or signify something or someone.

DIY projects like these flags are more fun and cost effective. Furthermore, you can customize them to fit your personal taste. Create your own DIY flags and make them as decorations for you to save money and to bring out the artist in you!