Nowadays, there are literally hundreds, or if not, even thousands of shampoo brands that are available on the market. In fact, shelves after shelves of these products are being consumed by customers who want to take care of their hair for many different reasons.

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The use of shampoo became popular in the early 1860 where people became more aware of the uncomfortable feeling one would have after washing one’s head with ordinary soap. Thus, a solution was researched and adding other ingredients into the soap formula to add fragrance and shiny appearance on one’s head was finally introduced in the early 20th century. There are only a few shampoo brands at the time, but as you know, the early 20th century was filled with civil and international unrest and personal hygiene is not the main problem that needed solution. Just like today, people experiment with numerous possibilities of budget cutting and profit gaining on the shampoo industry, which then resulted to a number of hair shampoo brands that were actually proven to be dangerous for human hair.

The top shampoo brands nowadays are employing great marketing ideas to gain topmost position on the market today. As there are a few distinctive types of hair, the shampoo brands owners need to answer the demand of diverse consumers, by providing the best solution for their hair problems for different hair types.

This is good news for consumers, as there are now a specific type of shampoo for every type of hair and hair problem. Some shampoo brands even specialize in a particular hair problem such as dandruff or dry hair. Choosing the right shampoo for your consumption is vital for the health of your hair. You should really do some researches regarding the advantages that are offered by these differing shampoo brands before you decide which one to use as your shampoo.

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Over the years, several shampoos from the best shampoo brands list have been reevaluated as they contain several dangerous elements mixed inside their formula. Some ingredients like, methylisothiazoline, is said to be very dangerous to the nervous system. However, this chemical is still being used as an ingredient on some of the best-known shampoo brands in the world. Thus, being careful in choosing your shampoo brand is truly important, as you may be sensitive to some of the carcinogens used as ingredients on different brands of shampoo. This is why using herbal shampoo is probably more recommended, unless of course you are comfortable with the brand of shampoo that you are currently using.