The manufactured produce that you sleep on is what is termed as a mattress. There are different types of mattress in the market these days. Selecting the right mattress for your sleeping needs is essential.  It is postulated that several disorders constantly reported in hospitals such as back pains are brought about by the type of mattresses used.  Here are different kinds of mattresses available to select from. In case of problem, you could involve an expert for guidance. It is worth than buying a wrong mattress.

pillowtop innerspring mattress

Kinds of Mattress

  • Innerspring mattress

The innerspring mattress is made up of two distinct layers. It has a layer of springs together with a layer of soft material or cushion. The springs provide a place for you to position the spine while the cushion gives you comfort. Of all the types of mattress, the innerspring mattress will serve you for quite a long time. It also has an area where you can place an electric mattress pad that keeps your entire bed warm throughout the night.

  • Latex mattress

There are two categories of mattress under the latex type: the natural and the man-made type. The natural latex ones are made from non-synthetic substances unlike the artificial mattress, which is associated with synthetic materials. The former are comfortable and durable compared to the later. One thing in common about these mattresses is that they have elastic material that enhances comfort while you sleep. Regarding price, latex types of mattress are way cost effective than the innerspring mattress.

  • Air mattress

Another group of mattress is the air mattress. It is constructed the same way as the innerspring mattress. The only difference is that instead of the springs, it contains space filled with air. The air in between the mattress enables the mattress to move all by itself and you do not require adjusting it every now and them. Air types of mattress are thin in comparison with latex mattresses.

cushy air bed mattress

  • Memory form mattress

This mattress resembles the latex mattress as it has latex material. All the same, the latex is kind of viscous. These types of mattress are thinner than the latex mattress.  For durability purpose, you are required to change the position of the mattress after every fortnight. If you are planning to buy the memory form mattress, budget for an electric mattress pad too, it will warm your bed before you sleep.

You spend at least a quarter of your day on your bed. Consequently, you should sleep on a friendly mattress that will not leave you with pains all over the body. Because of the many types of mattress, you have to select wisely the type that fits your sleeping needs and live a healthy life.