The sheer number of sunscreen brands in the drugstores, malls, and online stores can overwhelm you. Choosing among them can be very confusing because you don’t know which the best is for you and which one will benefit you the most. Here are some of the best sunscreen brands enumerated for you in a sunscreen brands list to make your choice easier.

Finding The Best Sunscreen Brands

Top Sunscreen Brands List


  • Neutrogena: This is actually one of the best sunscreen brands available in the market today. It is a favorite of the experts too. The secret behind its success is the ingredient Helioplex that works against a large amount of the ultraviolet rays and protects you. This factor is not seen in most of the other sunscreen brands. UVA rays are actually more potent because they have the ability to penetrate into your skin. They can cause skin cancer and a number of aging signs. Another attraction of this brand is that the SPF level goes up to SPF100.
  • Aveeno: This brand offers a number of sunscreen products to offer and they are sure to fit your needs. The most popular line that Aveeno offers is Continuous Protection that has a SPF range right from SPF 30 to SPF 70. A good thing is that the brand offers sunscreen in spray bottles and thus, it can be applied easily in every area. Even though it takes a little while to dry out, once it does you will even forget you applied it.
  • Blue Lizard: This is an Australian product and strictly sticks to the rules placed by the Government. This trivia is important because skin cancer risks are the highest in Australia and that is the reason why for a sunscreen product to reach the market, it needs to pass stringent rules. Blue Lizard has both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which work to fight off UVA and UVB rays.
  • Alba Botanica: This is a vegetarian sunscreen and smells really good. The SPF 30 Green Tea sunscreen is a popular one. If you love the smell of lavender, you could buy the lavender scented SPF 30. However, the range is only from SPF 15 to 30. They also offer a SPF lip balm which is a boon.
  • Mission Skin Care: This is the athlete’s delight because it won’t melt when you are in the sun or cause any irritation. The brand offers sunscreens as well as lip balms which are really effective against the sun.
  • California Baby Sunscreen: This brand has designed sunscreen products especially for kids and infants, keeping in mind their fragile skin. Skin damage is progressive and can lead to a lot of problems in later life. Thus, taking care right from the start is advisable.


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Sunscreen brands to avoid are those that are not broad spectrum. They provide protection only against either UVA or UVB and that is really not effective. Hence, you must look for sunscreen brands that are broad spectrum and provide protection from both.