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Scooter Tires Care and Maintenance | Content Injection

Scooter tires serve several important roles in a scooter other than allowing the two-wheeled vehicle to move. The tires carry substantial amount of weight, which at times are far greater than ordinary motorcycles, and the design of the tires will also have its corresponding effect on motorcycle handling.

Proper Maintenance of Motor Scooter Tires

To prevent constant replacement and premature wearing, tearing, or damage of the tires, proper maintenance is required to be undertaken and observed on a regular basis. Among the basic tire maintaining measures include the following:

sturdy scooter tires

  • Regular inspection of the treads

Treads are the foremost indicator of the roadworthiness of not only scooter tires, but the tires of all other vehicles as well. Treads are the hardest rubber part of the tires that are exposed and come in contact with the ground or road. The treads provide grip and traction, therefore, considerable thickness of treads are always required; otherwise, you may already need to browse among the numerous scooter tires for sale for replacements.

  • Checking for tire cracks and stuck foreign objects

 sturdy scooter tires for sale

Due to the pressure, workload, and constant shocks that the tires are exposed to, potential damages like cracks and heavy scratches may be experienced. Most of the time, foreign objects like metals, nails, small stones or rocks might be stuck in between treads. When unnoticed and not removed, these foreign objects may bring greater damage to the tires.

  • Maintaining the right tire pressure

The proper tire pressure or inflation is also an important consideration when it comes to maintaining tires. Too much air is bad and under-inflation is also not ideal. Over-inflated scooter tires means the rubber is well stretched and may easily be damaged when a foreign object is hit while the scooter is running. When the tires are already full of pressure, they may no longer withstand the additional pressure of the rider or road shocks and may just explode.

sturdy motor scooter tires

Under-inflated tires, on the other hand, may cause internal damages not only to the tire but some other parts within the scooter wheel itself, for example, the wheel interiors. To determine the correct amount of air pressure, you may refer to the scooter manual or the labeled instructions that comes with it when the scooter tires were bought.

  • Choosing the proper cleaning agents

The natural tendency of most individuals is to wash the tires with plain soap and water. This is not a recommended practice. Certain chemicals from any other soaps or detergents may react to the tire rubber and speed up its wearing and tearing. To be safe, it is always recommended to consult the tire manufacturer’s cleaning instructions or manual.

When the Tires of Your Scooter Should Be Replaced

Perhaps, the remaining concern of every scooter owner will have to be the indicators as to when the scooter tires should be replaced. These indicators may be one or a combination of the following instances:

  • When the tire treads have been fully worn out rendering the tires no longer roadworthy or safe:

This indicator always concerns the rider’s safety.

  • When the tires have already reached their maximum usability duration or expirations:

sturdy electric scooter tires

Just like any other products or goods, rubber tires have their recommended usable time before the tires become brittle and susceptible to major damages.

  • When the tires get large cuts, punctures, and substantial damages

  • When they no longer suit your scooter according to your driving or preference

  • When you already notice any other unexplained tire irregularities or problems

Shopping for tire replacements is relatively simple since there are several shops and stores specializing in the sale of scooter and motorcycle tires. The same goes true even for the newly designed and unique electric scooter tires. You just have to check your options and consider them carefully.