Buying bulk ribbon is more economical when accomplishing large or multiple decorating projects, for gift wrapping, and for all other artistic crafts. Aside from the larger price discounts which can be availed of, buying wholesale ribbons will also have accessory benefits like guarantees against defects, damages, or perhaps, extra freebies. Ribbons are usually tailored from fabric materials and have colors or designs that radiate or standout giving a lovely accent to wherever they are used.

Common Types of Ribbons Sold in Bulk

Not all ribbons are sold in bulk. The specially made or scarce ones can only be offered on a retail basis. But the most essential and common types of ribbons like the following can be purchased on a wholesale basis.

where to buy bulk satin ribbon

  • Solid-colored satin ribbons. When the subjects of discussion are ribbons, people are more familiar with satin. Satin ribbons are shiny, have a smooth and soft surface, and are usually produced in bold primary colors. Bulk satin ribbon is usually marketed and offered per roll and they can vary in width depending on the requirements of the buyer.
  • Mesh ribbons. Another popular type of bulk ribbon demanded by artists and craftsmen are the mesh-type. Instead of a solid make, mesh ribbons are semi-transparent featuring minute holes or dots similar to a net.
  • Specialty or printed ribbons. Aside from the monotone colors, there are also ribbons which feature colorful prints like flowers, insects, dots, etc. Other print designs include stripes, checks, plaids, jacquards, or perhaps, text or numbers.
  • Textured ribbons. Textured ribbons provide a distinct style and design for conventionally known ribbons. Aside from the smooth and shiny surfaces, these ribbons feature unique textures similar to specialty fabrics. Some of the popular textures include velvet, ruffles, and the grosgrain ribbon bulk.

sophisticated Grosgrain ribbon bulk

  • Wired ribbons. To provide firmness for the ribbons when shaped, manufacturers have incorporated thin wires on the edges of most ribbon types mentioned above. Hence, there are now several styles of wired bulk ribbon that you can choose from.

Uses of Ribbons Sold in Bulk

Whether they are retail or wholesale ribbons, the uses and applications are just the same. Most of the time, it will only depend on the artistic or creative skills of the user. Ribbons are primarily used in decorations either at home, school, or during special occasions like birthdays, valentines, weddings, and others. They can be used to provide accent and highlight ordinary home items like pillowcases, lampshades, or tea towels. Ribbons are also widely used in creating costumes and other colorful outfits and gears. Flower-shaped ribbons can be adorned in headbands, tied in bookmarks, flower bouquets, etc. But perhaps, the most popular use of bulk ribbon is for gift wrapping and presentation.

Short Guide When You Buy Ribbon in Bulk

must buy ribbon in bulk

When searching and buying for wholesale ribbons, the following considerations should be noted.

  • Determine the particular type of ribbon your project requires. As the saying goes, it’s hard to look for a needle in a haystack. There are hundreds of styles and designs of ribbons sold in the market, thus, knowing the particular type, style, or design of the ribbon you need makes the search easier.
  • Buy extra rolls or yards. The last thing you would want to experience when finishing your craft or project is to fall short on your ribbon materials. Although you are buying bulk ribbon, it still pays if you make provisions for extra rolls or yards especially the rare or hard to find styles and designs.
  • Buy local. People usually buy ribbons based on current needs and do not usually intend to keep them on stock. Whether you are going to the shop personally or planning to buy over the Internet, buying from local suppliers is recommended.

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With the availability of numerous designs and styles for ribbons, finding the best one suitable for your project or endeavor is now easier. And for you to take advantage of a good deal, it is recommended to buy bulk ribbon.