Running is a sport that draws diverse sentiments from many people for many different reasons. For professional runners, it means everything to them. But for whatever reason you might be running, one thing is of extreme importance and that is a pair of running shoes. Saucony shoes are one of the shoe brands that have gained much favor among runners, as being one of the best running shoes. Saucony shoes have different types and styles like the Saucony jazz shoes. However, the one that stands out is the Saucony Peregrine, which is the best type of Saucony running shoes.

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Features of Saucony Shoes

Below are the reasons why Saucony shoes, specifically the Peregrine, are a must have.

  • Affordability – Generally, most of the Saucony shoes are with a high price tag but don’t worry since there are a lot of Saucony shoes on sale. More people can now enjoy the comfort and pleasure of Saucony shoes. The Peregrine for example can be bought for as little as $90, which is far much cheaper than the other Saucony running shoes that came before it.
  • Lightness – Saucony shoes are light in weight and the lightest of them all is the Peregrine. This is with regard to the enhancements and advancements that have gone into making the Peregrine a shoe of choice for runners. Weighing at about 10 ounces, no other shoe comes lighter than this.
  • Durability – The exterior top part is made of leather with a synthetic mesh over it. Hence, it offers you adequate protection while still allowing your feet to breathe. The outer sole of the peregrine is lined with lugs and small ridges. These are for enhanced grip on rocky terrain and muddy environment. It is also made of tough carbon fiber and with a material such as this; durability should not be a matter of concern.
  • Flexibility – Unlike most running shoes, the Peregrine performs extremely well on the road as it does on hills and trails. No matter how much ground you cover in this shoe, you are guaranteed to have support and amazing comfort.
  • Comfort and Protection – The shoe is amazingly comfortable. The inner part of the shoe is lined with padding to offer comfort while on trails and long distances. Lite foam is used both on the heel and front part of the shoe for extra support and extreme lightness. Other than that, unlike ordinary running shoes, the Peregrine has added room at the toes so you can wiggle your toes a little bit, during a pit stop.

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If you cannot afford the price of new Saucony shoes, you can search the net for cheap saucony running shoes, and who knows what you might get. With all these features, Saucony shoes are indeed the ideal running shoes that every runner must have.