Samsara perfume is a highly praised earthy woody floral scent that was created in the year 1989 by the famous perfumer Jean Paul Guerlain of the House of Guerlain, a perfume house of great reputation in France. This perfume house had originally set its sights on the Indian market. However, due to increased competition at home from other great perfume houses, the house of Guerlain was forced to rethink its strategy. In the year 1989, Jean Paul Guerlain came out with Samsara perfume, the fragrance that helped them reclaim their place as a top perfumer.

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Knowing More About Samsara

Samsara Guerlain perfume has been praised for its richly sophisticated, sensual natural fragrance that combines the following but is not limited to:

  • Jasmine
  • Sandalwood
  • Vanilla
  • Tonka

Its name originates from a Sanskrit word that describes the continuous turning of the cycle of life and the circle of birth and rebirth. Despite its early creation date, the scent is still very popular even in modern times since many consider it a classic. Samsara perfume is limited since it is mostly considered a scent for an evening out with a laid back and relaxed mood.

This particular line of Samsara perfume may sell at different prices depending on the place of purchase, however, Samsara perfume prices have been quoted to rarely go over one hundred and twenty six dollars ($ 126) for a one hundred milliliter (100 ml) bottle. The lowest price one may hope to find for the same is about seventy five dollars. This is a relatively cheap Samsara perfume but still a classy and increasingly hard treasure.

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Competitor: Carolina Herrera

Despite their fame for being top perfumers, the House of Guerlain is facing more and more competition from new comers in the perfuming industry. One such competitor is the house of Carolina Herrera whose popularity with the public rivals that of Samsara perfume. Here are the facts about Carolina.

  • Carolina Herrera was born to a privileged family in Carcass, Venezuela.
  • She was immersed into the world of fashion from a young age when Carolina, her mother and grandmother would make regular trips to Paris.
  • Her first venture was a clothing line she started after the family moved to New York in 1980. The line was an instant success but she was unable to cope with the demand.

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In 1988 just before the House of Guerlain released their Samsara perfume, Carolina came out with her first fragrance named the Carolina Herrera Perfume. The company has gone on to create even more popular and successful scents working together with other famous perfumers. Most of her fragrances are highly rated and almost rival the Samsara perfume line not only in terms of popularity but also by the number of variations and new scent the company has produced. The Herrera’s extensive line of scent cover moods from relaxed to fun and fast paced. Some of Herrera’s perfumes include:
• Herrera for men
• Flore
• 212
• Herrera aqua
• 212 on ice
• Chic
• 212 VIP
• Sexy men
• Splash
• Splash for women
• 212 plash for women

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Both Carolina and Samsara perfumes are quality products in the market, which have become very popular. Depending on your preference, these perfumes will surely give off a scent that will catch other’s attention.