There are several safest gate types with special gate security tools installed on your gates for maximum home security. Unlike other manual lockers, these automatic gate openers operate with the use of a remote control. They are the best of Apollo gate openers installed with barrier, swing, and slide types of gates. As a homeowner, you do not need to go to your gate and push. This is because these openers are powered by electrical and mechanical energy.

Automatic Apollo Security Gates

With Apollo gates, you will get various automatic safest gate types. From the gradual improvement of past products, the technicians at Apollo ensure that the safest gate types provided to customers are of the best quality and at reasonable cost. Some of the safest gate types from these operators that you can totally rely on for top and maximum gate security are listed below.

the best safest gate types

  • Apollo BA12 Barrier Arm Operators

These are available from professional dealers in the market. They form part of top product in the list. These operators have a design that has the ability to hold or handle a barrier arm that goes up to sixteen feet in length.

  • Apollo 1500 Swing Gate Operators

These are simple to install on sliding gates. They also handle a barrier of up to 16 feet in length. They consist of a circuit board with an ON/OFF operator. In addition, they have monitor lights, a lock and siren box.

  • Residential And Commercial Slide Gate Operators

These also have OPEN/CLOSE limit switch Light Emitting Diodes, monitor lights, locks and siren lights. Their purpose is to provide strong and efficient security to both commercial and residential areas.

There are still many other safest gate types provided to all their esteemed customers. With Apollo gates, every customer has assured security, since their safest gate types meet the required standards, as tested by them, before installing them on your gates. In addition to that, they make sure that every part of their gates operates well without default.

cost effective Apollo gate openers

The Benefits You Will Enjoy From Apollo Gates 

1.) Top security and improved safety

With these openers, each household member is assured of top security. You do not need to use keys as people can easily make copies of the same. With the use of electronic means and a combination of security codes, it becomes simpler for you to maximize your security level.

2.) This is the best way to prevent gate related perils

When you are opening a door manually, you may accidentally hurt yourself. However, when you make use of these automated safest gate types, this is minimized. This is because you are making use of a remote control system to do the activity of closing and opening your gate.

3.) Cheap to buy

All the systems are of high quality and completely affordable. For every product you buy, you may even get a free shipment from them.