Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished athlete, the choice of a pair of running shoes is essential. Going by the running shoe reviews is good and will help you assess a certain brand. But when choosing shoes it is better to make a small research for yourself accompanied by the best running shoe reviews.

beneficial facts before buying a running shoes

The choice of a running shoe depends on three factors. The adequacy of these elements will choose the right shoe, and so to ensure your feet all the care and attention they need.

  1. The morphology of the runner (rather heavy, not light)
  2. The morphology of the feet (universal, supinator or pronator) 
  3. Using the boot (path, road, trail, long distance, competition …)

The experts who give running shoe reviews say that your foot supports at least three to five times the weight of the body with each stride. The choice of a running shoe or trail / running quality must ensure 100% effective cushioning to prevent discomfort and above potential injuries and this carried on all terrain, whether in flat, rocky, muddy and other surfaces, and in all environments as well.

Running shoe reviews also says to choose a size larger than your shoe size to maintain the comfort of race, even after several kilometres. Indeed, the runner’s foot expands during races. Your feet are the very first thing that should not be overlooked. Whether you are into running or hiking, one should know the appropriate footwear for such sports.

There are three different foot types according to most running shoe reviews. If you have feet that are naturally stable, as 50% of runners, then the best running shoes for your foot is universal, to acquire a perfect stability. If you have feet that are moving naturally towards the interior, as 40% of runners, then the best shoes for your foot is pronation. If you have feet that are moving naturally to the outside, like 10% of runners, then the best shoes are the models adapted to the supinator feet. However, given their rarity, you can also opt for a universal shoe for your feet.

perfect tips and advice before purchasing a running shoes

Another factor to consider when you are on the lookout for good running shoes is your weight. Check out running shoes for women reviews and men’s running shoe reviews. Based on your body mass the shoes types differ. In addition, you should focus on specific models such as over 80kg or any weight. These models have enough cushioning and durability to protect against shock. They also last longer.

You must also think about how far and often you run: the number of sessions per week, per session distance and total distance. Associated with your profile, it will allow you to make a choice.